Kai/Vaughn's Family (Reference Sheet)

Demeanor: Vanessa is a tad playful with those whose company she enjoys. Smooth in her words and movements, she speaks with a notable confidence and precision.

Nature: More cunning than she cares to let on, Vanessa is a confident and driven woman. She lacks a few more inhibitions than the average joe, but it hasn't come to bite her yet.

Apperance: Vanessa is an almost eerie pale and lean woman with narrow, dark green eyes and layered dark hair that falls just past her shoulders. Standing at about 5'5- she often wears knee-length dresses with a dark shawl when not working. Her hands are calloused and her arms are scarred from many an accident while working in her youth. On the back of her hand is a snowflake tattoo.

Notable Info:

  • Vaness is Kai/Vaughn's twin sister and is one of the families twin heirs.
    • Child of Ashford and Diana Collins
  • She is Married to Jackson Collins
  • Vanessa is a thaumatugist


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