5:34 PM <TheRaven> Will heads down to the briefing room
5:34 PM <%madness_> Jo reports to the briefing room!
5:35 PM <Alivi> Izumi makes her way to the briefing room, seeing Jo there she goes over to be near him.
5:40 PM <@Balthazaar> Inside is the head of internal affairs. He's tall and in a suit and his face is obscured by shadow. "Agents. I'll be brief. An entity we believe is a very powerful witch has abducted a member of your team, and taken them deep inside the woods. Following the disappearance of the security team we sent to extract agent Rus, it has been decided to send you in. The security team has left a line…
5:40 PM <@Balthazaar> …of orange cord to mark their way into the inner forest, which has been determined to be heavily anomalous. Do you have any questions?"
5:41 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah rubs her face. "Do we know anything about the nature of this being's powers, any way to cut them off, or are we blind?"
5:41 PM <Alivi> Izumi raises her hand. "So this is the same forest that I and some others go into the other night?"
5:42 PM <@Balthazaar> "It is, Izumi."h He looks to Nesmah. "We believe it is capable of mimicry, standard witchcraft, and some reality bending abilities."
5:42 PM <TheRaven> "…god dammit. Alright, this might get ugly."
5:43 PM <Alivi> Izumi exhales and looks over at Jo. "Maybe… but I think it should be ok… the cord might help."
5:43 PM <TheSpookanist> "I see. Well, no reason to put it off."
5:44 PM <%madness_> "Sounds fantastic." Jo looks to Izumi unconsciously at the mention of reality bending, but smiles to reassure her. "Hope the security team's alright too."
5:45 PM <TheRaven> "Do we know if there's a way to contact the outside once we're in? I doubt the cord is still where it should be."
5:46 PM <@Balthazaar> "We did recieve the occasional radio message, but it wouldn't be wise to rely on them."
5:46 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah checks her pistol and swaps its magazines, sliding some loose rounds into the unused one.
5:47 PM <TheRaven> "Jo, head down to the armory and pull a couple flare guns and ammo, just in case. Everyone else, grab your gear."
5:48 PM <Alivi> Izumi nods "I'll go stock up on some extra things just in case…"
5:48 PM <%madness_> "On it." He heads off to collect said flare guns and ammo!
5:48 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah rises and heads out to the exit nearest the forest.
5:48 PM <Alivi> Izumi goes to medical to go get some last minute stuff
5:49 PM → Smaugnolia joined (efil.laer.ni.eid.uoy.adanaC|eiDuoYfI#efil.laer.ni.eid.uoy.adanaC|eiDuoYfI)
5:49 PM <Magnobile> Hazel nods, and headsnoff to get hwr medical bag
5:49 PM ⇐ @Balthazaar quit (~PI.DDF9ECB3.7E674D0A.904A5394|alliztahc#PI.DDF9ECB3.7E674D0A.904A5394|alliztahc) Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 49.0.2/20161019084923]
5:50 PM <Magnobile> She keeps her sidearm on her at all times. She seeks any available body armor as well
5:52 PM <Alivi> Izumi eventually makes her way to the exit to meet up with the rest of the team
5:53 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel does ASWELL
5:54 PM → @Balthazaar (opped) joined
5:54 PM <Smaugnolia> (8:50:00 PM) Magnobile: Hazel nods, and headsnoff to get hwr medical bag
5:54 PM <Smaugnolia> (8:50:01 PM) Balthazaar left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 49.0.2/20161019084923]).
5:54 PM <Smaugnolia> (8:50:12 PM) Magnobile: She keeps her sidearm on her at all times. She seeks any available body armor as well
5:54 PM <Smaugnolia> (8:52:56 PM) Alivi: Izumi eventually makes her way to the exit to meet up with the rest of the team
5:54 PM <Smaugnolia> (8:53:10 PM) Smaugnolia: Hazel does ASWELL
5:54 PM <@Balthazaar> The forest looms, looking fairly normal, if a bit foggy
5:58 PM <%madness_> Jo hands out flare guns to people before they head out!
5:58 PM <Smaugnolia> "…THis looks…"
5:58 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Bad." is the screaming still there
5:58 PM <Alivi> Izumi sighs and picks at her bag's strap. She receives the flare gun and puts it in her bag. "[Thank you.]"
5:58 PM <@Balthazaar> Just the occasional wimper
5:59 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel takes hers
5:59 PM <Smaugnolia> "…."
5:59 PM <Smaugnolia> "Sabina is in trouble."
5:59 PM <Alivi> "She's been in trouble."
5:59 PM <TheRaven> Will grabs a flare gun and sticks it in a belt pouch. He's got the MG, more ammo than any reasonable person would carry, and the greatsword
5:59 PM ↔ Magnobile nipped out
6:05 PM <@Balthazaar> Orange cord leads the way insidethe woods
6:05 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Well… let's head out."
6:05 PM <TheSpookanist> "Well, not any point to waiting. I'll be ahead and to the side, see if I can get the jump on this witch. Hope she bleeds like the rest of us." Nesmah starts walking unless there's an objection.
6:06 PM <%madness_> Jo's got his own gear, taking point unless someone else does.
6:06 PM <Smaugnolia> "…I've encountered her before."
6:06 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Will might have enough weapons."
6:06 PM <TheSpookanist> Well, Nesmah's scouting forward, if that counts as taking point.
6:06 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Maybe."
6:07 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel moves behind her
6:07 PM <TheRaven> Will brings up the rear.
6:08 PM <Alivi> Izumi just follows the group
6:08 PM <Alivi> In front of will since he is in the back
6:09 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4 Sneaking
6:09 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Sneaking: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
6:10 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel stays back if Nesmah is trying to be sneaky
6:11 PM <@Balthazaar> After a while you reach a stream with a bit shallow enough to cross. on the other sides, the woods are mostly pine and very, very thick. There's a stack of stones with peoples hair stuck between the stones, and a small sign nailed to a tree.
6:11 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah reads the sign… from a safe distance.
6:12 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Pine."
6:12 PM <%madness_> Jo tries to read the sign as well, across from the stream.
6:12 PM <Alivi> Is it the same sign as before?
6:13 PM <TheRaven> "…that's not good."
6:14 PM <@Balthazaar> yup
6:14 PM <Alivi> She gets out her notebook and opens it to the page where she wrote the message down before.
6:14 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Has this pine forest always been here…?"
6:14 PM <Alivi> "…still same so that's good… right? I can't read it."
6:15 PM <@Balthazaar> The sign reads: nici o intrare după căderea nopții
6:15 PM <Alivi> "Ah no before forest was very different ."
6:15 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Did you bring that to Favour…?"
6:15 PM <Smaugnolia> "What language is it…?"
6:15 PM <Alivi> "What?"
6:15 PM <TheSpookanist> Ah well. Can Nesmah jump over the stream without treading inside it? As a just in case.
6:16 PM <Smaugnolia> "…The site's linguistics and translation specialist."
6:16 PM <Alivi> "…no."
6:16 PM <@Balthazaar> If she leaps quite far
6:16 PM <Alivi> "I gave copy to other person to look at but never hear back."
6:16 PM <@Balthazaar> agility to do it, Nassie
6:17 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Hhhuh."
6:17 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+8 Who? Tagging Roof Rat.
6:17 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Who? Tagging Roof Rat.: 9 (4df+8=0, +, +, -)
6:17 PM <@Balthazaar> Nessmah clears the creek!
6:17 PM <Smaugnolia> "…That was possibly a poor move."
6:17 PM <@Balthazaar> As she does, there's snapping, thumping sounds from deeper in the forest, the orange cord shifting slightly
6:18 PM <%madness_> Jo looks to others, shrugs, and heads on forward to trudge through the creek.
6:18 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah continues on quietly, not like they have a choice in the matter.
6:18 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel… attempts to cross
6:20 PM <TheRaven> Will follows
6:20 PM <Alivi> Izumi crosses the river.
6:20 PM <Alivi> Creek thing
6:22 PM <@Balthazaar> who was last?
6:22 PM <TheRaven> Will
6:23 PM <@Balthazaar> Will, pdef
6:26 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 wat
6:26 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: wat: 8 (4df+6=0, +, 0, +)
6:26 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5
6:26 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 5 (4df+5=+, 0, 0, -)
6:26 PM <@Balthazaar> Nothing happens
6:28 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah sneaks on ahead through the trees beside the path.
6:28 PM ⇐ Prior quit (ciaf.mud.ru|gnihgual#ciaf.mud.ru|gnihgual) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
6:29 PM <Smaugnolia> They head DEEPER IN
6:29 PM ⇐ Positronium quit (emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol#emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol) Ping timeout
6:29 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks back to see if the path is still clear
6:29 PM <@Balthazaar> As you head in, you can hear crashing sounds from within the woods, all around you
6:30 PM <@Balthazaar> It seems to be, Izumi
6:30 PM <TheRaven> "I've got a bad feeling about this."
6:30 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah carries on, keeping low with soft steps.
6:31 PM <@Balthazaar> perc all
6:31 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4
6:31 PM <Alivi> 4df+3
6:31 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: 7 (4df+4=+, 0, +, +)
6:31 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 1 (4df+3=+, -, -, -)
6:31 PM <Smaugnolia> "You don't say…"
6:31 PM <%madness_> 4df+4 PERC
6:31 PM <Glacon> madness_: PERC: 5 (4df+4=0, -, +, +)
6:32 PM ⇐ Wixelt quit (koorc.a.ton.si|74798diu#koorc.a.ton.si|74798diu) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
6:32 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+3
6:32 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: 3 (4df+3=+, +, -, -)
6:33 PM <TheRaven> 4df+3 Eye open, if that counts for anything
6:33 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: Eye open, if that counts for anything: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
6:34 PM <@Balthazaar> Izumi, you notice that it's dark
6:35 PM <@Balthazaar> The rest of you hear a strange growling sound from within the woods to your left
6:35 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel jumps, looking
6:35 PM <TheSpookanist> Well, this may or may not directly concern Nesmah, who is one with the trees.
6:36 PM <Smaugnolia> she draws her sidearm
6:36 PM <TheRaven> "Hear that?" Will turns to face it
6:36 PM <Alivi> Izumi notices Hazel and goes to take out her weapon figuring she noticed something
6:36 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah will be able to see faint movement from that way too, something hunched close to the ground
6:36 PM <Alivi> "…hear what?"
6:36 PM <%madness_> Jo turns his head in that direction drawing his pistol. "Growling."
6:37 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah draws her knife and tries to get behind the… whatever.
6:37 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Monster."
6:38 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks at the direction everyone is turning their attention to.
6:38 PM <@Balthazaar> It moves like it's eating somethin
6:39 PM <TheSpookanist> Well, Nesmah tries to creep up on it.
6:39 PM <TheRaven> "Don't piss it off."
6:41 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, as you get closer, you can see it's a filthy person, long matted hair, covered in dirt and dried blood. they're hunched over a human arm, gnawing on it. The tattered clothes look like a Foundation security uniform, or at least what remains of one
6:42 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah backs away and rejoins the group to whisper. "One of ours. Gone cannibal. Probably not salvageable. Just keep quiet and try to get past."
6:42 PM <Smaugnolia> "Roger that."
6:43 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel keeps moving!
6:43 PM <TheRaven> "Wendigo, probably. Let's go."
6:43 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah slips back into the cover of the forest and curves around behind the former guard, avoiding a conflict.
6:44 PM <Alivi> "[wendigo?]"
6:44 PM <@Balthazaar> The sounds of his eating fade quickly, as the dense trees muffle sound quite well
6:44 PM <@Balthazaar> As you go, there are quite a few more rock piles about
6:44 PM <Smaugnolia> "…What are these for. Ritual sites?"
6:45 PM <TheRaven> "Might be." Any thaumic signature on them?
6:45 PM <@Balthazaar> A pronounced one, Will
6:45 PM <@Balthazaar> Nothing you've seen before though. a sort of oily blue/black magical signature
6:46 PM <%madness_> "Wonder what kind of rituals. [Uh, person who becomes a monster after eating someone else.]"
6:46 PM <Alivi> "…" Izumi just stares at jo and sighs this is… wow
6:48 PM <TheRaven> "…yeah, those are definitely nothing good. Getting a really weird thamic reading on them."
6:49 PM <@Balthazaar> The same signiture is in the air and the ground and the trees, but especially concentrated in those cairns
6:49 PM → Positronium joined (emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol#emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol)
6:49 PM <Alivi> "So… magic… and cannibals."
6:50 PM <Smaugnolia> "…If…."
6:50 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Time is moving slowwer here."
6:50 PM <@Balthazaar> as you round another bend, you notice a group of children seated in a circle around a cage made of bones, with a consec guard inside, contorted into painful shapes by the confines of the cage.
6:51 PM <Smaugnolia> "Or… faster."
6:51 PM <Smaugnolia> "…More time passes here than outside…"
6:51 PM <Smaugnolia> "…"
6:51 PM <@Balthazaar> The children all turn t face you, grinning
6:52 PM <TheRaven> "…" Will stares back. "Fuck that, keep moving."
6:52 PM <Smaugnolia> "…"
6:52 PM <Smaugnolia> hazel nods in agreement
6:52 PM <Alivi> "Wait we aren't going to help?"
6:52 PM <Smaugnolia> "…the best way to help is to put a stop to all of this."
6:53 PM <%madness_> ".. what if they start chasing us? Plus, we can't just leave him.. Might be too late." Jo looks over to the guard.
6:53 PM <Alivi> "…right…"
6:53 PM <@Balthazaar> In an instant, the children are all replaced by 9 standing stones, each topped with a small skull with a burning candle inside
6:53 PM <Alivi> Izumi blinks . Is the man still there?
6:54 PM <@Balthazaar> In the middle, the guard is suspended in the air by 9 vines growing out of their chest, tethering them to the stones. she hangs like this, gasping and shivering
6:54 PM <@Balthazaar> If you look closely you can see the vines growing beneath her skin
6:55 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks at will and jo
6:56 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Let's….
6:56 PM <@Balthazaar> perc all
6:56 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Attempt a rescue."
6:56 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+3
6:56 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
6:56 PM <Alivi> "We can't just leave."
6:56 PM <Alivi> 4df+3
6:56 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
6:57 PM <%madness_> 4df+4 hm?
6:57 PM <Glacon> madness_: hm?: 3 (4df+4=+, -, 0, -)
6:57 PM <TheRaven> 4df+3 wut
6:57 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: wut: 1 (4df+3=0, -, -, 0)
6:57 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4
6:57 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, +)
6:58 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah an Izumi notice a tall, heavily built yet lanky figure drop from a tree and start towards the group. it seems to be followed by many crows, and has a crows head
6:59 PM <Alivi> Izumi notices the figure, "…guys."
6:59 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah hides behind a tree and waves to get the group's attention before indicating in the direction of the inbound entity, then returns to crouching through the foliage at an angle where she can flank the thing if it attacks.
6:59 PM <TheSpookanist> Sneakily.
7:00 PM <TheRaven> "Oh not this motherfucker again…"
7:00 PM <Alivi> "Again?"
7:00 PM <@Balthazaar> It caws and charges
7:01 PM <@Balthazaar> it's hands replaced with long saw bladed weapons
7:01 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel pulls up her sidearm
7:01 PM <Smaugnolia> attempts to do a BLAM
7:01 PM <TheRaven> "…that's new."
7:01 PM <@Balthazaar> .choose Will, hazel, izumi, jo, nesmah
7:01 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: nesmah
7:02 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, a crow seems to notice you, and the figure rounds on you. It caws loudly and attacks
7:02 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+6 CAW
7:02 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: CAW: 6 (4df+6=0, +, 0, -)
7:03 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+5 Oh goodie.
7:03 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Oh goodie.: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
7:03 PM <@Balthazaar> Attack is doge
7:03 PM <@Balthazaar> dodged
7:03 PM <@Balthazaar> You'r turns
7:03 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+1 BLAM
7:03 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: BLAM: 2 (4df+1=+, +, 0, -)
7:03 PM <TheSpookanist> At the very least Nesmah inconveniences the thing by making it trudge into the undergrowth. She takes some spiteful solace in this.
7:03 PM <Alivi> Izumi takes out her weapon and tries to remember what jo taught her
7:03 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+8 Nesmah retreats into the forest, out of sight.
7:03 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Nesmah retreats into the forest, out of sight.: 9 (4df+8=+, +, -, 0)
7:04 PM <Alivi> 4df+4 shooting at the thing
7:04 PM <Glacon> Alivi: shooting at the thing: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, 0)
7:04 PM <%madness_> 4df+4 jo tries to remember what he already knows lol
7:04 PM <Glacon> madness_: jo tries to remember what he already knows lol: 4 (4df+4=+, -, 0, 0)
7:04 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
7:04 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 7 (4df+5=+, +, -, +)
7:04 PM <TheRaven> 4df+8 Will opens up with a short burst
7:04 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: Will opens up with a short burst: 10 (4df+8=+, +, -, +)
7:06 PM <@Balthazaar> It caws in pain, feathers and black blood poofing out of the wounds
7:10 PM ⇐ %Talonair quit (ria.eht.ni.lat|570111diu#ria.eht.ni.lat|570111diu) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
7:13 PM <@Balthazaar> It caws loudly, flinging a big blade at will
7:13 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+6 slicystabby
7:13 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: slicystabby: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
7:13 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 pdef
7:13 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: pdef: 7 (4df+6=0, +, +, -)
7:17 PM <@Balthazaar> The attack is slowed by wills metal arm!
7:19 PM <@Balthazaar> actions?
7:19 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+1 MOAR BLAM
7:19 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: MOAR BLAM: -1 (4df+1=0, -, 0, -)
7:19 PM <TheSpookanist> Can Nesmah try and get up high for a bonus to melee perhaps? Or are the trees too bare?
7:19 PM <Smaugnolia> less blam ;-;
7:19 PM <Alivi> Izumi is going to try and fire again
7:20 PM <Alivi> 4df+4 again
7:20 PM <Glacon> Alivi: again: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, -, +)
7:21 PM <%madness_> 4df+7 Popping in a fresh mag to dump into the the creature!
7:21 PM <Glacon> madness_: Popping in a fresh mag to dump into the the creature!: 7 (4df+7=-, +, +, -)
7:21 PM <TheRaven> 4df+8 Will keeps on it with the MG. Melee with this form seems…inadvisable.
7:21 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: Will keeps on it with the MG. Melee with this form seems…inadvisable.: 8 (4df+8=+, 0, -, 0)
7:22 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah can!
7:23 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+8 Tagging this spec for the second time in my life
7:23 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Tagging this spec for the second time in my life: 9 (4df+8=0, +, 0, 0)
7:23 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
7:23 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 3 (4df+5=0, -, 0, -)
7:23 PM <@Balthazaar> Between Will and Neshah, the bullets rip it apart
7:23 PM <@Balthazaar> It's /everywhere/
7:24 PM <@Balthazaar> Hazel seems to have shot one of the rock piles
7:24 PM <@Balthazaar> which is now also bleeding
7:25 PM <Smaugnolia> "…DO those Cairns contain human heads."
7:25 PM <Alivi> "We can check."
7:26 PM <@Balthazaar> It slowly rises after Wills machine gun fire, still kicing
7:26 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+9 WELL NOW
7:26 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: WELL NOW: 11 (4df+9=0, +, 0, +)
7:27 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Keep firing."
7:27 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+2
7:27 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
7:27 PM <Smaugnolia> 1*
7:27 PM <Smaugnolia> not 2
7:27 PM <Smaugnolia> 1
7:27 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah drops from the trees and plunges a knife into the thing's back. Quite possibly right through its spine given that roll.
7:28 PM <@Balthazaar> Indeed! Right through the spine!
7:28 PM <@Balthazaar> It falls with a squawk
7:28 PM <@Balthazaar> Disintegrating into feathers
7:29 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah extracts her knife from the pile and stands, dusting herself off. "Right. Let's keep moving."
7:29 PM <TheRaven> "…nicely done."
7:29 PM <%madness_> Jo whistles. "Nice."
7:30 PM <Alivi> "Wow…"
7:30 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks back- is the security girl still there/alive?
7:30 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah blinks at the others. "What?"
7:31 PM <@Balthazaar> She's gone, and the trees look different there
7:31 PM <Alivi> How different
7:33 PM <@Balthazaar> completely
7:34 PM <Alivi> Like back to normal different more sinister different?
7:34 PM <@Balthazaar> Where there was a clearing with a standing stone circle, there's now more trees with fog
7:34 PM <Alivi> Izumi bites her lip and looks at nesmeh "only one way to go I guess."
7:34 PM <@Balthazaar> you can see orange cord crisscrossing through there crazily, like a huge orange tangleweb
7:35 PM <TheSpookanist> "Yeah. No time to waste." Nesmah nudges the feathers with the toe of her boot before returning to creeping through the undergrowth.
7:35 PM <%madness_> "Yep." Jo reloads and stalks along.
7:36 PM <Alivi> Izumi follows
7:36 PM <TheRaven> Will keeps moving. "Always wondered when that thing would show up again."
7:36 PM <Smaugnolia> "…THe raven thing?
7:37 PM <TheRaven> "Yeah, ran into it a while ago."
7:38 PM <Smaugnolia> "In here..?"
7:39 PM <TheRaven> "Nah, when we were still out of Site-19, it was at a school in…Massachusetts? Where we found Cait."
7:39 PM <@Balthazaar> You all hear a sabina-like muffled cry from up ahead
7:40 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4 Nesmah sneaks closer.
7:40 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Nesmah sneaks closer.: 3 (4df+4=-, -, 0, +)
7:41 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, advancing ahead, you find a stream, on the otherside there is a rock pile with peoples hair in it, and a sign nailed to a tree
7:41 PM <TheSpookanist> oh good
7:41 PM <TheSpookanist> What does the sign say this time?
7:42 PM <@Balthazaar> The same as last time!
7:42 PM <@Balthazaar> The rest of you reach this spot too
7:43 PM <Alivi> "… can we take apart the rocks?"
7:43 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel follows along! she looks in the direction of the cry
7:43 PM <Alivi> Izumi looks to the group
7:43 PM <Smaugnolia> "…I do not know if that is a good idea."
7:43 PM <@Balthazaar> It starts to rain heavily
7:43 PM <Alivi> "But we are back where we started."
7:43 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah, seeing as last time no one got eaten by river monsters, wades through the water.
7:43 PM <Alivi> "Maybe worth a try."
7:43 PM <@Balthazaar> The wind blowing the trees about, and thunder booming
7:44 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, agility
7:44 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+5 !
7:44 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: !: 4 (4df+5=-, 0, 0, 0)
7:45 PM <@Balthazaar> You feel a sharp pain in your foot, as though you just stepped on something very sharp
7:46 PM <TheSpookanist> Oh good still. She winces and removes her boot, looking down at the river bed.
7:47 PM <@Balthazaar> the water is rough, not letting you see through
7:47 PM <@Balthazaar> you foot is bleeding badly though
7:47 PM <Alivi> Can Izumi see the blood?
7:47 PM <Smaugnolia> Haaazel grimaces
7:48 PM <Smaugnolia> "Nesmah… Ashore."
7:48 PM <Smaugnolia> She slings her bag off her back!
7:48 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah takes a step back. "Hmm." She slides off her boot.
7:48 PM <@Balthazaar> She can!
7:48 PM <Alivi> Apparently so- "Ah…" she looks over at Hazel and pauses before not saying anything.
7:49 PM <Alivi> Deciding*
7:50 PM <Smaugnolia> "Now."
7:50 PM <@Balthazaar> A tide of cockroaches and black sludge flows from upstream, bringing with it a loud insect sound and a smell of ozone
7:50 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel looks
7:50 PM <Smaugnolia> staring
7:50 PM <Smaugnolia> "Nesmah… /ashore/."
7:50 PM <TheRaven> "…we really don't want to be here."
7:51 PM <@Balthazaar> The wind and rain are getting worse
7:51 PM <Alivi> "We might want to head back."
7:51 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah is on land! Unless the bleeding happened further into the stream.
7:51 PM <TheSpookanist> In which case she just went back a bit farther. Can she see the cause of the bleeding?
7:51 PM <@Balthazaar> the tide sweeps pat. It seems this is what the river is made of now
7:51 PM <Alivi> Izumi goes to help Nesmah to sit down and takes a look at the wound
7:52 PM <@Balthazaar> The cause of the bleeding appears to be the wound in your foot, Nesmah
7:52 PM <@Balthazaar> There seems to be a plant stem and roots dangling from this wound too
7:52 PM <TheSpookanist> … Okay, but what is it? Cut, puncture, what?
7:52 PM <@Balthazaar> puncture
7:52 PM <TheSpookanist> See this is why I ask. "Hmm. Does anyone have a lighter?"
7:53 PM <Smaugnolia> HAzel moves forward
7:53 PM <Alivi> "I… it's raining it might not work…"
7:53 PM <Smaugnolia> she opens up her bag
7:53 PM <Smaugnolia> "I can treat it… somebody keep the rain off me."
7:53 PM <Alivi> Izumi gets out her items and can she see if she can safely remove it?
7:54 PM <TheSpookanist> "Izumi. Hazel. Could /someone/ pull the plant out of my foot before it shows anomalous properties and kills me."
7:54 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel gets out tweezers and tools
7:54 PM <Smaugnolia> and starts REMOVING the MATERIAL
7:54 PM <Alivi> "I'm trying I can't just yank it out -"
7:54 PM <Alivi> She stares at hazel and gets up moving back
7:55 PM <@Balthazaar> It hurts coming out, and so far a foot of vine has been pulled out
7:55 PM <TheRaven> "That's…shit."
7:55 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah breathes a bit heavier.
7:55 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel stares
7:55 PM <Alivi> Izumi watches and frowns. She is thinking of the internal affects of that
7:55 PM <Smaugnolia> she looks at Izumi, offers her tools
7:55 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Help me please."
7:56 PM <@Balthazaar> It seems to move a little of it's own accord
7:56 PM <Alivi> Izumi has her own and she looks at hazel and nods she still doesn't seem too happy but sets to work safely extracting it without letting Nesmah bleed to death
7:57 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah is grateful for this! And trying to contain a bubbling panic. "L… Lighter… Anyone?"
7:57 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, mdef
7:57 PM <Smaugnolia> "We have to remove whatever this is, Nesmah…"
7:57 PM <Alivi> "Not a good idea nesmeh…"
7:57 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4
7:57 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
7:57 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+4 vine
7:57 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: vine: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
7:57 PM <Smaugnolia> "Cautarizing the wound at this point might seal it inside…"
7:57 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, you can feel it coming out. You think
7:58 PM <TheSpookanist> "Keep. /Pulling/. Then." She grits her teeth.
7:58 PM <Smaugnolia> she KEEPS EXTRACTING it
7:58 PM <@Balthazaar> By now three feet are out and it's lookng very thin
7:59 PM <Alivi> Izumi does her best to keep things clear of blood and
7:59 PM <Alivi> All that "damnit…"
7:59 PM <TheRaven> "What the fuck."
7:59 PM <@Balthazaar> roll medical for the last pull
8:00 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel nods to Izumi
8:00 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+4 Hazel is best at dentistry
8:00 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Hazel is best at dentistry: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
8:00 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+3
8:00 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
8:00 PM <@Balthazaar> The vine is extracted fully
8:01 PM <@Balthazaar> The end looks a lot like an acorn
8:01 PM <Alivi> 4df+6
8:01 PM <Glacon> Alivi: 3 (4df+6=0, -, -, -)
8:01 PM <@Balthazaar> It bursts open releasing dozens of tiny, sandlike seeds once it pops out
8:01 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah's hands dig into the dirt. "Bandages… please…"
8:01 PM <TheSpookanist> "Okay."
8:01 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah takes her spare boot and smashes the seedlings.
8:01 PM <TheSpookanist> Repeatedly.
8:02 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel tosses it aside!
8:02 PM <Smaugnolia> into the woods
8:02 PM <Smaugnolia> she starts disinfencting and bandaging the foot
8:04 PM <Smaugnolia> she puts bandages and a foot wrap to help with the pain."
8:07 PM <Smaugnolia> -"
8:09 PM <@Balthazaar> As this happens, there's a loud crack from the river as a long, heavily scarred and hairy arm bursts through the writhing surface of insects, followed by a bowed head and shoulders with thin, muddy scraggly hair on its head, looking down and rising unnaturally. The things skin is a pale yellowed colourm heavily scared as though it healed from bein /eaten/. I looks over at the group, revealin…
8:09 PM <@Balthazaar> …it's missing noe, eyelids and cheekcm with just a solid two rows of teeth in its mouth, one normal, the other rusty steel. Its eues are huge, wide and balefully staring, and its arms and legs seem out of proportion. It wears what looks like a tattered cloak made of leather strips. It grins and laughs in a horrible, femaleish voice.
8:10 PM <Smaugnolia> does Hazel recognize it?
8:11 PM <@Balthazaar> Yes
8:11 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel bristles
8:11 PM <Smaugnolia> "…K-kill it!"
8:11 PM <TheSpookanist> Huh.
8:11 PM <@Balthazaar> When it laughs, the spot on her arm where it previously grabbed her burns
8:11 PM <TheSpookanist> Is it in stabbing range?
8:11 PM <@Balthazaar> No
8:11 PM <TheRaven> "What the /fuck/ is that?!" Will unslings the greatsword
8:11 PM <@Balthazaar> In the middle of the river
8:11 PM <Smaugnolia> she grimaces, rushing to slap the wrap finished as she scoots back
8:11 PM <Smaugnolia> "THAT'S IT! THE WITCH!"
8:11 PM <Smaugnolia> she grabs her arm
8:12 PM <TheRaven> Redact sword
8:12 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 Will opens fire!
8:12 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: Will opens fire!: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
8:12 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah draws her Colt and fires .45 ACP at the witch's eyeballs. Not that it matters, because
8:12 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+1
8:12 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: 3 (4df+1=0, +, 0, +)
8:12 PM <@Balthazaar> It raises its arms, and there's a violent boom as lightning hits the trees abut you, knocking them down right where you stand
8:12 PM <@Balthazaar> Agility
8:12 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+2 Hazel screams and scrambles
8:12 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+5 Okay okay OKAY
8:12 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Hazel screams and scrambles: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
8:12 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Okay okay OKAY: 1 (4df+5=-, -, -, -)
8:14 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmah, pdef
8:15 PM <TheRaven> 4df+3 pls
8:15 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: pls: 1 (4df+3=0, -, 0, -)
8:15 PM <@Balthazaar> Will as well
8:16 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 slightly better
8:16 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: slightly better: 9 (4df+6=0, +, +, +)
8:18 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+3
8:18 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: 1 (4df+3=0, -, 0, -)
8:19 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+6
8:19 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, -, +)
8:21 PM <@Balthazaar> The tree crashes down on will and Nesmah. Will is unhurt, but it's hit Nesmah in the head pretty bad and she's bleeding from a gash. -2.5 phealth. Hazel and Jo are fine, but Izumi is nowhere to be seen
8:21 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel draws her sidearm
8:21 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah yells out and lifts the tree a bit, scrambling out from under it.
8:22 PM <Smaugnolia> and starts trying to kill the witch with her horrible lack of ability
8:22 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+1 Aaaaaaaaa
8:22 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Aaaaaaaaa: 3 (4df+1=0, +, +, 0)
8:22 PM <@Balthazaar> You're on the other side of a veritable wall of trees
8:23 PM <TheRaven> Everyone?
8:23 PM ⇐ LadyKatie quit (moc.duolccri.dnomhcir.4AD3CFED-CRInys|707131diu#moc.duolccri.dnomhcir.4AD3CFED-CRInys|707131diu) Quit: Connection closed for inactivity
8:23 PM <Smaugnolia> Oh
8:23 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel scrambles towards Nesmah and tries to leverage the tree off her!
8:24 PM <@Balthazaar> All but Izumi
8:24 PM <@Balthazaar> There is a light in the distance
8:24 PM <TheSpookanist> Can Nesmah get out from under the tree?
8:24 PM <@Balthazaar> she can
8:25 PM <TheSpookanist> She scrambles up, swearing in her native tongue and trying to dig through the pile of wood.
8:25 PM <TheSpookanist> "Izumi?!"
8:26 PM <@Balthazaar> you all hear Izumis voice calling from towards the light
8:27 PM <TheSpookanist> "Fucking… hell…" Nesmah limps toward the light, trying to conceal herself again.
8:27 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4 Sneak
8:27 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Sneak: 5 (4df+4=-, +, +, 0)
8:28 PM <TheRaven> Will drops to one knee, suspecting this might be a trap. "Careful. I'll cover you."
8:29 PM <TheSpookanist> "I know…"
8:29 PM <@Balthazaar> Up ahead is a rickety old house, some trees leaning on it
8:30 PM <@Balthazaar> It has a wall of rock piles topped with small, child sized skulls
8:30 PM <Smaugnolia> Is it the house that Hazel remembers?
8:30 PM <@Balthazaar> Yes
8:30 PM <Smaugnolia> "…I've been here before."
8:30 PM <@Balthazaar> there's light coming from the windows
8:30 PM <Smaugnolia> "THis is her house… she brought me here."
8:31 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabinas muffled sobbing comes from inside
8:31 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah slips closer, keeping pressure on her leg.
8:31 PM ⇐ Positronium quit (emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol#emit.fo.edistuo.ecalp.eht|tsol) Quit: Leaving
8:33 PM <@Balthazaar> There is no door
8:33 PM <@Balthazaar> just a hole in the front
8:33 PM <TheRaven> "Hold."
8:33 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah pauses in the brush.
8:33 PM <TheRaven> Will reloads the MG, and slings it, drawing the greatsword. There's dark magic afoot here.
8:35 PM <TheSpookanist> Well, Nesmah heads in when Will starts moving again, using the concealment as best she can.
8:37 PM <@Balthazaar> Inside, the paint peels from the walls, the wood rots. dolls and knives and axes hang from strings along the ceiling, and teeth lay scattered all over the floor, mixed with the bones
8:37 PM <TheRaven> "Come on out, ugly!"
8:37 PM <@Balthazaar> the door that wasn't there before slams shut behind you
8:38 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel moves behind will… if she can see the teeth, she looks for any that are each cut into four parts…
8:38 PM <Smaugnolia> molars, adult molars, possibly malformed, each cut in four parts
8:38 PM <@Balthazaar> All seem whole
8:38 PM <@Balthazaar> some from children
8:39 PM <@Balthazaar> a security agent is nailed to the ceiling of the next room with human femurs
8:40 PM <TheRaven> Any sign of life?
8:40 PM <TheRaven> Will also opens the Eye, just in case of surprises.
8:40 PM <@Balthazaar> The fact that he's sobbing
8:41 PM <@Balthazaar> Will, it's like looking at the sun
8:41 PM <@Balthazaar> Everything here is magical
8:41 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+4 Looking for witches or Sabinas
8:41 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Looking for witches or Sabinas: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
8:42 PM <TheSpookanist> yep
8:42 PM <@Balthazaar> His stomach is cut open, and his intestines hang out. They're nailed to the wall like a decoration
8:42 PM <TheRaven> "Christ, the thaum signature in here is off the scale."
8:43 PM <@Balthazaar> there's a hole in the floor up ahead, showing a dark, muddy basement
8:43 PM <@Balthazaar> There's a lot of bones down there
8:43 PM <Smaugnolia> "…If we put a stop to this…"
8:43 PM <Smaugnolia> "Then…" she sighs
8:43 PM <Smaugnolia> "Hopefully this will all go away…"
8:44 PM <TheRaven> Will leads the way, sword in hand.
8:44 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel follows behind him
8:45 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah creeps behind in the shadows, trying to go unseen. Hopefully.
8:45 PM <@Balthazaar> "Hello, young man…" comes the same voice as before, the witch peers around the corner, her fingers wrapping around the doorjam. at a height of 8 ft, peering around the corner with a smile
8:45 PM <@Balthazaar> It's not a nice smile
8:46 PM <TheRaven> "God damn, you're uglier than Sabina said."
8:48 PM <@Balthazaar> She laughs, running back around the corner
8:48 PM <@Balthazaar> It's very dark
8:50 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah grumbles and limps forward, behind Will.
8:53 PM <@Balthazaar> The corner leads into an open room with a fireplace burning merrily and looking spotless as a whole. Dozens of dolls hang from the roof from fish hooksin their backs
8:53 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch stands in the corner, facing away from you all
8:54 PM <@Balthazaar> "wwwwwhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy do youuuuuuu come hereeeeee?" she growls, her voice sounding like the bough of a tree bending under great force
8:54 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel looks to WIll for instruction
8:54 PM <TheRaven> "To get Sabina back and kick your ugly ass."
8:55 PM <@Balthazaar> It turns. "you would come here for a mangy pet?" It laughs horribly
8:56 PM <Smaugnolia> "…No…"
8:57 PM <@Balthazaar> you notice many people are lining the walls, staring at you wih hollow eyes. they all look starved, with moss growing on most of themm, exposed ribcages, missing limbs and eyes. They should all be dead. Just watching
8:58 PM <@Balthazaar> "and how do you plan on doing that?"
8:58 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch seems amused, toying with one of the dolls
8:58 PM <%madness_> Jo is now back and looks incredibly.. stern. He tries to remained unfazed by the wall of corpses. "Give them back and maybe we'll discuss that part." Can he roll INTIMID?
9:01 PM <@Balthazaar> He can try
9:02 PM <%madness_> 4df+4 RAAAH INTIMID
9:02 PM <Glacon> madness_: RAAAH INTIMID: 4 (4df+4=+, +, -, -)
9:02 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+6 mdef
9:02 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: mdef: 7 (4df+6=+, +, 0, -)
9:02 PM <@Balthazaar> It seems unfased
9:03 PM <Smaugnolia> "…Why did you come here?"
9:03 PM <@Balthazaar> toying with a doll that looks a lot like sabina, with broken chunks of tooth in the mouth and everything
9:03 PM <Smaugnolia> "…I see you're putting that medical waste to use…"
9:04 PM <@Balthazaar> "To come back to the physical world, of course, stupid little whore." It snarls, advancing. "And now you'll stay here with me…" It grins, suddenly grabbing a sharpened tree trunk and hurling it over with tremendous force, shattering at their feet
9:04 PM <Smaugnolia> she shakes
9:05 PM <Smaugnolia> "…We will not…"
9:05 PM <@Balthazaar> "Come then, gnats. See if you can do what you came to do."
9:05 PM <Smaugnolia> she shrugs
9:05 PM <Smaugnolia> "All we came to do was to retrieve the members of our team… and get you to leave."
9:05 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 Will takes a good swing with the sword (assuming anti-magic properties apply, -1 if not)
9:05 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: Will takes a good swing with the sword (assuming anti-magic properties apply, -1 if not): 8 (4df+6=+, +, -, +)
9:05 PM <Smaugnolia> o
9:06 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch tries to grab Hazel
9:06 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
9:06 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, -)
9:06 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah comes out of left field to back Will up, knife plunging toward the witch's side.
9:06 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+6 Done with your shit, lady.
9:06 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Done with your shit, lady.: 5 (4df+6=-, +, 0, -)
9:06 PM <@Balthazaar> Will lips the witches arm off, and it /howls/
9:06 PM <Smaugnolia> I assume that means she isn't grabbing Hazel
9:06 PM <@Balthazaar> Nesmahs knife burns her hand as she stabs, but seems to do the job1
9:06 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel pulls out her sidearm. any bonuses for point blank range?
9:07 PM <@Balthazaar> No
9:07 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+1 lol okay
9:07 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: lol okay: 0 (4df+1=-, -, +, 0)
9:07 PM <@Balthazaar> "What is /that/!? WHAT IS THAT WEAPON!?"
9:07 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch is backpeddling hastily
9:08 PM <TheRaven> "Oh, now /this/ is a special thing I picked up a while back. Guess you don't like it, huh?" He spins the sword and takes a combat stance.
9:08 PM <TheSpookanist> And Nesmah advances all the same. She'll stab the witch again if she can.
9:10 PM <@Balthazaar> roll it!
9:10 PM <@Balthazaar> Will perc
9:10 PM <%madness_> Jo takes out a Foundation issue knife and goes to attack!
9:11 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+6 "Go."
9:11 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: "Go.": 8 (4df+6=+, +, +, -)
9:11 PM <TheRaven> 4df+3
9:11 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
9:11 PM <%madness_> 4df+6 if lower than six, automiss
9:11 PM <Glacon> madness_: if lower than six, automiss: 9 (4df+6=+, +, +, 0)
9:12 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+6 pdef
9:12 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 5 (4df+6=0, -, 0, 0)
9:12 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+1 Hazel just got a gun lol
9:12 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Hazel just got a gun lol: 2 (4df+1=0, -, +, +)
9:12 PM <%madness_> WELL that's an eleven MEL in actuality since that's his spec.
9:12 PM <@Balthazaar> the witch shrieks as a knife takes her eye out, and another pierces her ribs
9:12 PM <@Balthazaar> The knives burn hot as they do
9:12 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch snarls
9:13 PM <@Balthazaar> Will notices her hand is creeping towards him like a spider
9:13 PM <@Balthazaar> the witch stomps her foot, the walls and floor shaking violently as wooden spikes burst from the walls and floor
9:13 PM <@Balthazaar> everyone, agility
9:14 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+5 Pls don't.
9:14 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: Pls don't.: 2 (4df+5=-, -, 0, -)
9:14 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+2 Hazel is the worst at all things
9:14 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Hazel is the worst at all things: 4 (4df+2=+, -, +, +)
9:14 PM <%madness_> 4df+6 (+4 if chasing or against multiple enemies)
9:14 PM <Glacon> madness_: (+4 if chasing or against multiple enemies): 5 (4df+6=-, 0, -, +)
9:15 PM <TheRaven> 4df+3 agi is baaaad
9:15 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: agi is baaaad: 1 (4df+3=0, 0, -, -)
9:15 PM <@Balthazaar> pdef all but Jo
9:16 PM <Smaugnolia> 4df+3 Hazel literally has horrid stats in everything how did this happen
9:16 PM <Glacon> Smaugnolia: Hazel literally has horrid stats in everything how did this happen: 4 (4df+3=0, +, +, -)
9:16 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+3 bleh
9:16 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: bleh: 3 (4df+3=0, -, +, 0)
9:16 PM <TheRaven> 4dF+6 pls
9:16 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: pls: 3 (4dF+6=0, -, -, -)
9:17 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+4
9:17 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
9:18 PM <@Balthazaar> the spikes hurt, but don't do damage
9:19 PM <@Balthazaar> "Get /OUT/."
9:19 PM <Smaugnolia> "You're on our base, and have taken our people!"
9:19 PM <@Balthazaar> her hand seems to be growing back
9:19 PM <Smaugnolia> …did she drop the doll?
9:19 PM <@Balthazaar> yup
9:20 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel goes to grab it up!
9:20 PM <TheSpookanist> 4df+6 More stabbing if possible! "The only way you're leaving here is in a coffin."
9:20 PM <Glacon> TheSpookanist: More stabbing if possible! "The only way you're leaving here is in a coffin.": 3 (4df+6=-, 0, -, -)
9:20 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch rushes at Will, claws poisted to stab
9:20 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5 pdef
9:20 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: pdef: 5 (4df+5=0, -, 0, +)
9:20 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6
9:20 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, -, 0)
9:20 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+7 she tries to stab him in the throat
9:20 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: she tries to stab him in the throat: 8 (4df+7=+, -, 0, +)
9:21 PM <TheRaven> wait what
9:22 PM <@Balthazaar> the witch it trying to stab will with its claws
9:24 PM <@Balthazaar> Will stabs the witch!
9:24 PM <@Balthazaar> It shrieks again, enraged
9:24 PM <Smaugnolia> Does Hazel get the doll?
9:25 PM <@Balthazaar> yup
9:25 PM <TheRaven> 4df+6 actually pdef now
9:25 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: actually pdef now: 7 (4df+6=+, +, 0, -)
9:25 PM <Smaugnolia> She looks it over, any RUNES or MARKINGS that can be disrupted?
9:25 PM <%madness_> 4df+6 Jo tries to stab the witch as well, since the fray is an all out melee!
9:25 PM <Glacon> madness_: Jo tries to stab the witch as well, since the fray is an all out melee!: 4 (4df+6=-, +, -, -)
9:25 PM <%madness_> It automisses!
9:25 PM <@Balthazaar> Will, the witch scratches your face and throat, but not too bad. -.5 health
9:26 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch hobbles back, hurt by Wills sword
9:26 PM <@Balthazaar> the regrowing hand having shrivelled up and gone black. "What /is/ that!?"
9:28 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah moves around behind her. "Will, aim for the neck?"
9:28 PM <@Balthazaar> Hazel, the doll seems to have had the buttons that are its eyes pulled off, sitting on the floor
9:28 PM <Smaugnolia> shestares
9:28 PM <Smaugnolia> and scoops those up
9:28 PM <TheRaven> 4df+8 "The thing that's going to end you." He pulls some Dark Souls-grade shit and goes for the decapitation!
9:28 PM <Glacon> TheRaven: "The thing that's going to end you." He pulls some Dark Souls-grade shit and goes for the decapitation!: 9 (4df+8=+, 0, -, +)
9:28 PM <@Balthazaar> 4df+5
9:28 PM <Glacon> Balthazaar: 6 (4df+5=0, -, +, +)
9:29 PM <Smaugnolia> she quickly retrieves some sutures from her bag and starts trying to reattach the eyes!
9:29 PM <Smaugnolia> who knows! maybe voodoo torture magic works in reverse for healing too!
9:29 PM <@Balthazaar> he manages to half decapitate the witch!
9:29 PM <@Balthazaar> It screams in rage and pain.
9:30 PM <@Balthazaar> One eye is reattaches
9:30 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel goes for the other!
9:30 PM <Smaugnolia> quick as she can!
9:30 PM <@Balthazaar> It's fiddy, but does back on
9:31 PM <@Balthazaar> The witch stands, lumbering towards Will.
9:31 PM <Smaugnolia> she starts suturing closed any other lacerations on the doll
9:31 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah kicks out the knees of the body and tries to make sure it /stays/ down. By stabbing it in the organs. Is… there a need to roll when it's already decapitated?
9:31 PM <TheRaven> "Come and get it!"
9:31 PM <@Balthazaar> nope
9:32 PM <Smaugnolia> while the magic is still theoretically active… she keeps hoping this will help her, wherever she is
9:32 PM <@Balthazaar> It falls and is finished by Nesmah!
9:33 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah stumbles back and takes a rag from her pack to clean her knife. "Will, if you could…" She gestures to the body since he has the magimurder sword.
9:33 PM <%madness_> Jo wipes his knife on his sleeve and he frantically searches around for any sign of Izumi.
9:33 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel keeps putting the doll back together
9:33 PM <Smaugnolia> she's busying herself
9:33 PM <Smaugnolia> she's not sure if this is actually doing anything but it might
9:33 PM <TheRaven> He cleaves off the head with a final swing
9:33 PM <@Balthazaar> The head rolls
9:35 PM <TheRaven> "Sabina? Are you here?"
9:35 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah wipes her brow and keeps her knife out, putting pressure on her leg again and starting to look around the hut for anyone who's not… dead.
9:35 PM <TheSpookanist> Or basically dead.
9:35 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel looks around, "…I have the doll."
9:35 PM <%madness_> Jo peers at the head in case it retains any hint of life remaining in the eye still in its socket. "Izumi?"
9:35 PM <Smaugnolia> she stows it
9:35 PM <Alivi> "[please] someone help me!"
9:35 PM <@Balthazaar> They're all gone
9:35 PM <@Balthazaar> Vanished
9:36 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel follows Izumi's voice!
9:36 PM <%madness_> Jo rushes towards the sound of Izumi's voice!
9:36 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah as well.
9:37 PM <@Balthazaar> She's in the next room, arms tied behind her back, bent over a metal trough with congealed blood inside, beside a dead body with a cut throat in the same position
9:37 PM <TheRaven> Will stays with the witch. He's not convinced she's dead. "Call if you need help."
9:37 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel runs up and starts untying her!
9:37 PM <Smaugnolia> she stares at the body and the trough… christ
9:37 PM <TheSpookanist> "Yeah… Yeah. Izumi, you okay?" Since Jo is presumably freeing her Nesmah gets her radio out.
9:38 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabinas crying comes from the basement you passed on the way in
9:38 PM <Smaugnolia> "Izumi… are you alright?"
9:39 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah tries to radio back to base as she limps toward the basement. «Witch is dead, for now. Anyone read?»
9:39 PM <%madness_> Jo is totally freeing her, cutting the ropes and immediately hugging the air out of her. But only if she seems free of wounds and all.
9:39 PM <@Balthazaar> Cuts and scrapes
9:40 PM <@Balthazaar> nothing too bad
9:40 PM <Alivi> Izumi nods looking definitely worse for the wear. She winces a bit cuz bruises. "I'm fine….just tired."
9:40 PM <Alivi> She sounds it
9:40 PM <Smaugnolia> "Let's get you out of here…"
9:40 PM <Smaugnolia> hazel rushes to where Sabina is
9:40 PM <@Balthazaar> The basement is basically a mudy pit, water covering the entire floor
9:40 PM <Smaugnolia> "Sabina? Are you down there?"
9:40 PM <Smaugnolia> "It's Hazel."
9:41 PM ⇐ Aphex_ quit (~null@B2A0A02D:24AD7657:F65405BA:IP) Connection reset by peer
9:41 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina is in there, suspended from the ceiling by a rope around her wrists, toes just barely touching the floor. She's crying and dressed in the remains of a tattered burlap sack. Her mouth is bleeding, and her hair is matted and soaked in mud. "Don't hurt me anymore…"
9:42 PM <@Balthazaar> "Th-thank you for returning my eyes…" she whimpers
9:42 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel tries to climb down!
9:42 PM <Smaugnolia> "…I did that."
9:42 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah briefly considers how much trenchfoot she's about to get as she wades over to Sabina.
9:42 PM <Smaugnolia> "Not her. It's Hazel… you'll be okay. we need to get out of here."
9:42 PM <@Balthazaar> Seeming like she thinks she's talking to the witch. She has a collar around her neck and a rope tied to that
9:42 PM <TheSpookanist> Can she cut Sabina free?
9:43 PM <@Balthazaar> She can!
9:43 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel helps get the collar off while Nesmah cuts the ropes
9:44 PM <@Balthazaar> she collapses, whimpering and clinging to Nesmah
9:44 PM <@Balthazaar> «Return to the site asap. We believe we can see the house you're in.»
9:44 PM <@Balthazaar> Comes the voice from the radio
9:44 PM <Smaugnolia> «Roger that. We've retrieved Sabina.»
9:45 PM <@Balthazaar> The way home is clear
9:45 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah supports her with an arm, tucking away her knife and heading up the stairs. "Come on. We're going back."
9:45 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel supports her too
9:45 PM <@Balthazaar> Sabina nods numbly, clinging and slowly moving along with her
9:45 PM <%madness_> ".. [I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I..]" Jo mumbles about apologies to Izumi, feeling guilty and will help her along if she allows him to.
9:45 PM <@Balthazaar> The way back is clear now
9:46 PM <@Balthazaar> The witches corpse sitting there on the floor
9:46 PM <@Balthazaar> evil radiating from it, even now
9:46 PM <Alivi> She will allow him to help her "[why?]" she asks confused
9:46 PM <Smaugnolia> Hazel helps her ALONG
9:47 PM <TheSpookanist> «Christ. We're going to need a lot of security and cleanup here. Witch died once before, don't trust her to stay dead now."
9:47 PM <TheSpookanist> »*
9:47 PM <%madness_> "[We lost you for a little bit there, I just.. I can't believe I let that happen…]"
9:48 PM <TheRaven> Will remembers something Sabina told him! "Gimme a hand getting this bitch back to the site, I think we might need what's left of her." He goes to drag the dead witch
9:48 PM <@Balthazaar> Witch is drag
9:48 PM <Alivi> "A…" Izumi looks at him confused "[what do you mean a little bit??]"
9:48 PM <@Balthazaar> When you all return, those of you injured are put into medical, the body is locked away in containment
9:49 PM <%madness_> "[Okay, a few hours is a long, I'm sorry, I just..]" Jo shuts himself up, shaking his head as he helps Will
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9:49 PM <TheSpookanist> Nesmah's back in medical after being set out two days ago. Welp.

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