Inactive Characters
GMs move characters here if they've been inactive for a week (roughly) when checked. There is no penalty to being moved here, and if the character is played, all you need to do to return them to the Inactive list is ask a GM.
Character Name Player Brief Description Status
Isaac Murphy Roget Catholic Priest Chaplain Inactive
Henry Anson Riemann [REDACTED] Inactive
Rupert A. Huxley III "R.H." lurkd Field Agent Inactive
Theodore Burnhard padri Lunatic Inactive
Ash Symmes Riemann Unwilling Employee Inactive
Luke Ward Pixeltasim/PixelWarrior Special Forces Linguist Inactive
Marty Beller Roget Shy Guard Inactive
Reed Wambles Vivax Legal Consultant Inactive
Maj. Natalya Zolnerowich Daedalus Soviet Sniper Inactive
Timothy Paterson Bunton Happy Chaplain Inactive
Anthony Hartley Bunton Nice Guy Inactive
Naota Reuchi ProcyonLotor Physician/Veterinarian Inactive
Kristie Volkova ShotgunFiend Cladenstine Operative Inactive
Danik Vishnevsky Devereaux Fatherly Surgeon Inactive
Isaac Di Giovanni Jabonicus Mob Informant Inactive
Jay Roslen thomasroslen Treasure Hunter Inactive
Ryan Richardson Prior Excorcist Inactive
Harley Newclear Proto_Lost Self-Styled Detective Inactive
Frances Evergreen Proto_Lost Medic/Doctor Inactive
Luna Forest Balthazaar Anomanurse Inactive
Dr. Nathan Rosenberg Nanoro Brain Surgeon Inactive
Maccabee Rafa TesKin Lawman Inactive
Peter Fischer RecursiveRecursion Snarky troll hunter Nurse Inactive
Quincy Sage RecursiveRecursion Researcher Inactive
Jack Richards Complete_Zero Cocky Thief Active
Wolfgang Bowman thomasroslen Security Officer Active
Rupert Handler LemurLord Arrogant Author Active
Guy Thompson Wogglebug Mechanic Active
Franklin Taylor Roget Foundation Accountant Active
Hendrick Van Zyl ProcyonLotor Hunter/Survivalist Active
Martin Schmidt GameFreak Computer Engineer Active
Cassandra Avaldi EldritchCyanide Linguist/Jumpy Human Active
Alim Fakhoury TesKin Scholar/Assassin Active
Stephen O'Farrell TesKin Miracle Child * Inactive
Dr. Harold "Hal" Garr snorlison Cognitohazard Specialist Inactive
Spruce snorlison Devout ex-CotB cultist, precognitive Inactive
Ethan Liang weizhong Ex-Soldier/Medic Inactive
Dr. Leonardo D. Palladino ShotgunFiend Multi-Role Doctor Inactive
Sam Creighton Photosynthetic Botanist Inactive
Raj McCain TesKin Tracker Inactive
Dr. Vincent Lehman Complete_Zero Dimensional Physicist Inactive
Bjoern Kreigson TesKin Werebear Inactive
Jean Maitre TesKin Doctor/Sneaky Breeky Inactive
Clyde and Martha Bell padri Security/Intelligence Inactive *
Sir Gregory Posonby Talonair Explorer and Monster Hunter Inactive
James T Flint Dr.Hood Shotgunner Inactive
Chloe Metaxas Lily Monster Hunter Inactive
Danielle Levine gumbal1 French Industrial Spy Active
Seymour Whitman gumbal1 Cursed Field Medic Active *
Elektra Karahalios Scantron Workhorse Active *
Larry Eppson Scantron Saboteur Active
Charles Lapointe GreenWolf Mercenary/Assassin Inactive
Favour Clement Dexaoops Translator Active
Samuel Shen madness_ Driver/Mechanic Inactive
Samuel Shen madness_ Mechanic/Driver/Pilot Hard
Cin Medesco VP Mobility and Biotech R&D Soft
De'Von Anderson Ricky Veterinarian Soft
Jackson Trick GreenWolf Card Sharp/Gambler Hard
Pandora Valentina Jabonicus Environmental Recon Soft
Piper Weylen Jessica_T Support Squaddie Hard
Leonardo Palladino ShotgunFiend Physician Soft
Dimitri Smith Cypher7850 Former Soldier Soft
Mickey Potchkee dragonwielder Security iniactive
Clarence Buchanan Lily "Scientist" Inactive
Victor Parish* OldPryor Mortician of Memories Soft
Harris Southey TeslaTornado Mechanic Hard
Rivka Yarkoni* gumbal1 Nurse and Analyst Soft
Kaneonuskatew Complete_Zero Agent of Fear Soft
Aaron Wendt SteelyEyedFellow Bleary-Eyed Botanist Soft
Walter Bouchard Soulless Shy Researcher Inactive
Eileen Macnamerick Quinlan Hunter/Combat Engineer Soft
Noël Doucette ChristianB Paranormal Historian Soft
Wolfgang Bowman TomRos Tactician/Soldier Soft
Wiley Davitt RecursiveRecursion Mastermind Soft
Lloyd McCune TomRos Investigator Soft
Gabriel Dee RecursiveRecursion Anomalist Soft
Nesmah Tantawi TheSpookanist Infiltrator Inactive
Beverly Wilson LumineInfinitus Tracker Hard
Ellen "W" Willow Pieanator Ethicist Soft
Vieno Takala TheSpookanist Sissi Soldier Hard
Clotilde Boure* TheSpookanist Socialite Tailor Hard
Juliet Munday* Fae Magic Librarian Soft
Nikolai Niko Volkov BobaFettuccine Soldier Soft
Beckett Langford Positronium Neurologist Soft
Cyrus Black Justin_D Security Operation Agent Soft
Dr. Hazel Filbert Smaugnolia Site Dentist Hard
Xiu Zhuanmei Soulless Courtian Sniper Hard
Edith Moreau Lily Sabouteur Inactive
Karin Landvik* TheSpookanist Researcher and Enforcer Soft
Eric Williams ghostbrookes Anthropologist Soft
Cassidy Carpenter RosyBud Engineer/Architect Soft
Christoph Holaday GentlemanRaptor CQB Specialist Soft
Jessie Kelly Lumine Field Medic Soft
Massimiliano Merzallo Crocetti* Hankolijo Mafia gunner/Blood expert Soft
Moritz Schulman Tabookodak Biochemist Soft
Robin Ether Hankolijo Bruiser Soft
Dr. William Jackson Dr_Hancock Field Medic Soft
Juliette Parker Soulless Old, Scarred Survivor Soft
Dominik Kissel Seraphim Astronomer/Computer Engineer Soft
Donovan Styles Glorpman Engineer Soft
Elizabeth Cartwright Cheesefestivities Stenographer Soft
Elliot Wilson Wixelt Dream Scientist Hard
Owen Cohen Usaciozuva Sharpshooter Soft
Ryan Taklor Chicken Security Agent Soft
Sabina Rus Balthazaar Cursed Agent Hard
Ade Heathfield AidenEldritch Superstitious Cryptographer Hard
Anah Addison* Fae Explorer Hard
Quinn Harrison CrowCorvus Field Medic Soft
Muirenn Devlin* Fae Inhuman Zoologist Soft
Markus Ackermann* Balthazaar Occultist soldier Hard
Kisann Bailey SpookyBee Babe-Shaped Artillery Inactive
Professor Joseph Lanning DSJ Translator Hard
Olga Sapkowski Balthazaar Holocaust surviving Assassin Hard
Naoki Shimano madness_ Security/Enforcer Soft
ACoHo-3E* DSJ Security, Aquatic Ops Hard
Jonas Schindler Aphex_ Socialite/Intelligence Hard
Clarence "Buck" Forbes tretter Anart expert/Agent Hard
Dagobert Mühlacker Ravensong Parapsychologist/Occult Scholar Soft
Damien Groth GoldN4 Researcher Hard
Erik Mackenzie GraemeCracker Medic/Veterinarian Soft
Dr. Giles Mathys Nioki Forensic Pathologist Hard
Ivan Gonzalez Zorad Biologist/Field Medic Soft
James Grant DesperadoZod Operative/Agent Soft
Jean Maitre TesKin Doctor/Sneaky Breeky Soft
Katherine Dixon Alivi Security/Sharpshooter Soft
Michael Castellano DrMagnus Translator Soft
Monkey A Random Day Hitman Monk Hard
Nesmah Tantawi TheSpookanist Former Rebel Commando Hard
Nicolaas van Buskirk Fae Giant Hunter Hard
Nikolai "Niko" Volkov BobaFettuccine Stern Russian Sniper Hard
Randall Clymer* DrSavage Virologist Hard
Professor Sophia Lyons* Daedalus Theoretical Thaumatology Researcher Soft
Thomas Murakami Lazar Combat Surgeon Soft
Andrea Ricci Uasciozuva Infiltration and Retrieval Specialist Hard
Samuel Walker Wogglebug Containment Specialist Hard
Chuck Jefferson Lily Explorer Hard
Eleanor Mayfield Knyght Sniper, Infiltrator Hard
Irene Carver Knyght Interrogator/Pointman Soft
Eve-Forty-Four-Irestead Knyght Anomalous Hunter/Tracker Soft
Lacey Sturbanks Prior General Agent Hard
Dinah Geraldine Clemence tretter Counselor/Therapist Soft
Simeon Lykaios weizhong Con Artist and Pickpocket Soft
Sophia Matsumoto RosyBud EMT/Forensics Specialist-In-Training Hard
Tolly and Asher* Kade Monster Magnet and The Monster Soft
Kenneth McIntyre* FlameShirt Chemist Soft
Clementine Withers* Taffeta Free Spirit Soft
Caleb Kincaid DSJ CQC specialist Soft
Elias 'Zed' Clark Aphex_ Surgeon's Assistant Soft
Jean d'Épinay Lazar Field Engineer Hard
Charles Esposito Don1Charles Item Retriever/Data Collector Hard
Boyd Bennett madness_ Detective. The better one :V Hard
Dr. Ethan Garnett dragonwielder Angry Diplomatic Specialist Hard
Jacques Valerian Chaput Abecedarian Ex-Resistance Soft
Kate Lewindowski PuddleJumper Nurse/Field Medic Soft
Nikolai "Niko" Volkov BobaFettuccine Stern Russian Sniper Hard
Russell McCormick Cohost Combat Medic Soft
Sutton 'Sue' Donnim Kade Visual Deception/Misinformation Specialist/Artist Hard
Jacob Wexley* Ihpkmn/Ihp Computer Scientist/Werewolf Hard
Cartwright Andrey Salem Demolitions Expert Hard
Landon "Hill" Royle Cocoa Survival Medic Soft
Chistoff Renkov SpookyBee Titan Armorsmith Hard
Silas Pace Varren_Erelim Security Hard
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