Groups of Intrest

The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create anomalies, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation.

In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

Central Insurgency(CI)

"In October of 1962, Colonel Andre Foch, Director of Armed Site-59 in Tibet, attempted to use the Sino-Indian War as cover to enable the defection of Armed Site-59. Foundation Armed Rapid Response Task Force Xi-13 successfully intervened, and the defection failed. Foch was subsequently presumed dead by the Foundation, though rumors of his escape continue to persist." - Segment of Foundation intelligence file SLATE THUNDER. Despite the information that was spread until now, the defection of Site-59 spread ripples of dissent through the Foundation, up to and including rumors of defection by three members of the O5 Council. While this defection served to galvanize the middling Foundation and shaped many of the policy decisions since then, it also served to provide reinforcements and new resources to the dying embers of the Chaos Insurgency and Bowe Commission. The Central Insurgency is predominately cell-based and operates predominantly from third-world countries using guerilla tactics, making coordinated attempts to bring down the central organizational structure impossible. While the exact goals and philosophies vary from cell to cell, common threads seem to be attempting to dismantle the Foundation and GOC, claiming that the constant containment or destruction of anomalous phenomena and hoarding of the relevant knowledge is stifling human innovation and adaptability. Despite this, the CI seems to show no interest in creating a widespread and sudden SK-"Broken Veil" scenario that the Foundation knows of.

Church of the Broken God(CotBG)

The Church has seen better days, as the new improvements in computer technology, and in prosthetic technology, has divided the Church into three groups, those who hold to the core tenants of the religion, the Cogwork Orthodox Church which pursues mechanical enhancement to be closer to their God, using older technologies. The other group is the Church of Maxwellism, which has only very recently formed. Their members minimize their physical enhancement, but seek to make themselves capable of storing infinitely more information. While it is decentralized, there is one notable cell led by a man who has come into possession of incredible storage technology, located in the state of Maine.

GRU Division “P”(GRU-P)

The GRU-P has made a resurgence after its near destruction by the Foundation in the 1950s, primarily through making various deals with demonic, extraterrestrial, or otherwise anomalous entities. This has required regular sacrifices, organs, and other human resources, which the GRU-P eagerly hands over so they can expand their power. Rumors circulate that they’re actually being led by the ones they’re dealing with, but this is officially just hearsay and rumors meant to undermine their administrator.


Records indicate that an individual known as "Nobody" has approached several Foundation agents while on missions. Nobody knows what their purpose is, what their motive is, or if they're real or simply a figment of an agent's imagination.

Global Occult Coalition(GOC)

The GOC remains the same, though it has loosened its policies on what has to be destroyed by a little, but has more than made up for it in a new, militarized outlook. Relations with the Foundation have decayed to the point that it now mostly sees the Foundation as a rogue player in the anomalous world, with the two groups coming together only against common and significant threats such as the Insurgency.

Are We Cool Yet?(AWCY?)

Thanks to recent research, the Foundation now knows that AWCY? is less a formal GoI and more of a complex memetic infection. Those particularly prone to infection seem to those who are already predisposed to sociopathic, megalomaniac, and narcissistic tendencies, with high intelligence, high creativity, and antiestablishmentarian beliefs also seemingly having an impact. Infectees are driven to create anomalous works of art and other constructs that serve as a vector for the AWCY?Meme and which also have a tendency to present a danger to human life and safety. These installations are usually generated via thaumic processes, Type Green anomalous abilities, or manipulation of the “Flow” (a colloquial term in the wider anart community for an ill-understood process that is accessed via individual identity and emotion and can be used to create anomalous art out of mundane materials, even if the user otherwise lacks other anomalous abilities). A combination of conventional and amnestic therapy has proven effective in removing the memetic infection while leaving the infectee’s identity intact in approximately 17.3% of tested cases.

Manna Charitable Foundation(MCF)

Manna Charitable Foundation arose in the ashes of the Vietnam War as a more benevolent answer to AWCY. They have made numerous breakthroughs in disaster relief and epidemics, but as any group heavily populated by young people with dreams in their hearts and stars in their eyes, they don’t often fully understand the anomalies they come into contact with and use.

Marshall, Carter, & Dark(MC&D)

MC&D has seen their profits increase in the later half of the 20th century, but they have also seen demands shift. People don’t want obscure bones or fossils, or haunted mirrors nor ghosts in perfume bottles. They want guns that can steal a man’s soul, cars that can hold anything in their trunk, and substances that provide a high like none other. They have happily met these demands, but it has changed their image somewhat. The Foundation now aggressively pursues them.

Promethean Industries, Inc.(PI)

Built from the remnants of Prometheus Labs by a small group of ambitious businessmen and Mad Scientists (now formally recognized as a mental condition by the World Parahealth Organization!) Not quite as likely to blow itself up by doing Mad Science for the heck of it, since it is now much more profit-driven, selling beyond cutting-edge tech to the Insurgency, GOC, and MC&D. Has a close working relationship with Anderson Robotics. Business relations with the Foundation are unofficially on hold after that botched raid on their Omaha plant back in ‘79.

The Serpent's Hand(SH)

Now officially broken off from the Wanderer's Library, the Serpent's Hand is a radical anarchic terrorist group with access to anomalies. Has no central leadership, and its members have proven difficult to track as a result of using SCP-2344 and other 'Ways' as a method of transportation.

Unusual Incidents Unit(UIU)

The United States’ FBI subdivision, the Unusual Incidents Unit, has seen considerable advances in both technology and general experience with the anomalous, though they still pose little threat or benefit to the Foundation as of 1983. Some collaborative efforts are still underway regarding the Three Portlands and other smaller projects, but any projects aside from Level 1 fieldwork are still in various stages of planning phases

Novavida Incorporated

“Building a Better You.” Formerly an adversarial organization to the Foundation through the 1950s when helmed by a British social darwinist, this biomedical corporation has since been surprisingly taken over by a woman named Elizabeth LaCroix, whom was receptive to turning to diplomacy with the Foundation. A powerful multinational company, Novavida makes use of specialized anomalous materials and technologies in order to provide medical services for Foundation and allied assets when not engaged in more mundane practices. It still provides identity repair and augmentation services, but under a far more wary eye than twenty years previous.

Created by Nemi

Dr. Wondertainment

Wondertainment still continues to produce toys, games, and amusements for children of all ages, with a recent shift to pets, for better or worse. Rumors abound that Dr. Wondertainment’s daughter has been given control over the company, but nothing is confirmed.

The Factory

The Factory continues to function as it always has and always will, with their products becoming increasingly generic over time, as well as mass produced. Halting their attempts to sell to the public has become a large issue for the Foundation, given advertising is much easier.

The Aegis Comission

One of the few remaining joint efforts between the GOC and the Foundation. The Aegis Commission grew out of the Foundation's Project Heimdal, and exists to both prepare countermeasures to ensure the defense of humanity in the event of widespread hostile extraterrestrial incursion, and to provide a unified diplomatic front for Earth in the event one should become necessary as the interstellar community takes more notice of us.

The Third Antarctic Empire and the IIPES

One of the Foundation's few fully secure technological and diplomatic allies on the world stage. Many of the Foundation's current technological advances (especially in the field of thaumatology) were made possible through cooperation and exchange with the IIPES. There's even been a wave or two of minor personnel exchanges.

Anderson Robotics

Anderson Robotics has advanced even farther as time went on for them, and while the Foundation has halted or otherwise complicated their more public business ventures, they continue to offer advanced robots, cybernetic limbs, and incredibly powerful computers that are rumored to use the human brain as a processor.

Bearers of His Tears

Better known as ‘Tear Drinkers’, these entities are aggressively homogenizing, assimilative former humans with formidable mental powers. Though inhuman monsters, many Tear Drinkers have retained enough humanity to infiltrate other organizations. This insidious activity combined with the relative ease of their propagation ensures that sects of Tear Drinkers remain a continuous threat even after thirty years of combat, worming their way into society enough to be very challenging to root out. Combining religious fervor with psychic powers and fluid anatomy, even the weakest Tear Drinker is a formidable threat.

Created by Nemi

The Blackwood Church

Blackwood Church: An anomalous terrorist organization with no discernible origin, agents of the Blackwood Church are crazed zealots to a deity with little to no information available to the Foundation. First encountered in the late 50's as a seemingly disorganized force of insurgents kidnapping various people at random. Their tactical and strategic skills are observed to evolve rapidly with every encounter to the point of having launched a full infiltration and assault on Foundation Site-17 merely three months after their first encounter. Individuals under the employ of Blackwood Church are incapable of individual thought, and all act under a single gestalt will. Blackwood Church was originally thought to be a third-party Tear Drinker faction before an autopsy was performed on one of their agents to disprove this theory. Church cells are equipped with military-grade gear and are considered extremely dangerous, though this GoI has gone into hibernation with small cells being encountered every few years with little activity of importance.

Created by SpookyBee

Brookhaven Hospital

An exceptionally powerful anomalous entity or entities presumed to be an amalgamation of human pain and suffering, the Hospital is now mostly dormant. At the peak of its activity in the 1950's the Hospital frequently manifested hospital buildings on at least 6 Foundation sites around the world which were extremely hazardous due to their mind effecting abilities, hazardous construction and production of various hostile creatures. The Hospitals general mode of operation is spontaneously generating thousands of creatures at a time, and also using captured civilians, Foundation staff and others to make additional creatures. Heavily emotional in nature, the Hospital has always reached out to emotionally vulnerable individuals and locations. No leadership is known, and it is presumed that it does not have one, though it does possess a form of avatar which has not been seen for decades. Isolated Hospital entities remain in various Sites containment suites around the globe. The GOC has also reported contact with Brookhaven Hospital over the years. It is currently unknown if the Hospital will re-awaken.

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