Groups Of Interest

The Foundation is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create anomalies, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the Foundation, and some are trusted associates of the Foundation.

In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the Foundation knows about, and our stance towards them.

Chaos Insurgency(CI)

The Chaos Insurgency began as the Great Schism within the Foundation. Since then, the Insurgency has kept a low profile for itself, only appearing on the Foundation’s radar when they capture objects the Foundation is looking to contain, or when they probe the Foundation for intelligence. They are considered to be a greater threat to Foundation intelligence than security, as they have been responsible for our largest intelligence leaks.

The Chaos Insurgency is known to have its agents impersonate Foundation personnel, report all suspicious activity to the Department of External Affairs.

Church of the Broken God(CotBG)

Most of its operations are occurring in India and behind the Iron Curtain — well out of the Foundation's reach. A few cells have been found in France, though. Seems they snuck in after WW2. This has been cause for alarm. There have even been reports of some cells in the backwoods of Louisiana and the Everglades, although these reports have indicated a radical new infusion of cajun and glade cultures into their religious practices.

In France, they have taken on an evangelical tone and have been found to appeal to many Frenchmen tired of war and strife, and desiring an ordered and predictable world. Recently, operatives of the CotBG impersonated Marshall Carter and Dark operatives, and staged a false auction to attack buyers(link to logs). This new and aggressive behavior seems to be a new chapter for the Church, who did not embrace such violence previously.

Several different sects have emerged in the postwar years, each with their own interpretation of divine machines. With the Foundation's acquisition of SCP-882, they can expect to be dealing with the Church more frequently.

GRU Division “P”(GRU-P)

A mysterious group originating in the East, the GRU-P is believed to have been started during the Russian Civil War to try and find some way to gain a leg up on the White Army or to keep the population in check, this is however extremely difficult to verify due to a lack of hard records from the time due to both the chaos of the war and destruction (more than likely intentional as well as unintentional) of any such evidence. Whatever the case, they’ve grown to be the center of the Soviet's anomalous world, providing many technologies and anomalies, bending Soviet ideology along the way to justify their use by the regime. A favorite of Krushchev, they've been riding high since he took power.

GRU-P operatives are known to operate in all nations under the ideology of Communism, whether those countries actually want them there or not. In addition, it is believed that GRU-P agents have the complete archives of German occult research during the war, which explains their continued presence in South America, Africa, and Polynesia.

Frustratingly, despite their scale and the scope of their organization, little is known about GRU-P outside of what can be gleamed when they emerge from behind the Iron Curtain. Most details of their organization and power is unknown.

As a result of Foundation intervention in '57, the GRU-P has suffered enormous financial and political setbacks and as a result has had to pull back support across the globe and across the Soviet Union. The Foundation-Soviet Union Concord of '57 outlined that the Foundation now has full control and overview over any anomalies within Soviet territory.

It's highly suspected that the GRU-P has not fully disclosed all of their anomalous stashes in case they ever have an opportunity to make a debut back into the anomalous world. Foundation investigations are ongoing but are hampered by American-Soviet politics.


Records indicate that an individual known as "Nobody" has approached several Foundation agents while on missions. Nobody knows what their purpose is, what their motive is, or if they're real or simply a figment of an agent's imagination.

Global Occult Coalition(GOC)

The Global Occult Coalition is technically friendly towards the Foundation, but this ostensible mutual respect frequently masks competition and conflict just beneath the surface. The GOC has been suspected of interfering with Foundation interests on many occasions, and their uncouth and unwelcome occupation of Site-19 still leaves a sour taste in many mouths.

The GOC has their global headquarters in Brussels, and regional headquarters in the capitals of the Great Powers in Europe. Although on paper they have dominance of the European continent and much of the world, the GOC’s prestige frequently masks chronic underfunding and chronically deadlocked leadership that makes it obvious they have 104 member organizations.

Members of the GOC are known to be among the top in the thaumatology field and have used their expertise for years for practical means and for capturing and utilizing or destroying anomalous objects. Despite their reputation as executioners, the GOC has a robust research branch. They try to belay their destructive tendencies with prestige and pop and circumstance, to draw attention from sometimes brutal methods. Their current leader is General Luigi Sassari, who is advised by a coalition of military figures from every country represented by the Global Occult Coalition

Are We Cool Yet?(AWCY?)

On a bit of a downswing after their hits in the Great War, Great Depression and The Second Great War, but still present and dangerous. Think less hipster and more artiste. The group is most prominent in Germany, where the leader Kirsche has begun to make quite a stir in the anart scene. Still, with barely any international resources, they can't exactly afford to go after them there.

In postwar Europe, there are many who have taken up a new kind of anart. It has spread from the ruins of postwar Germany and France to the rest of the continent, even thriving behind the Iron Curtain. This more confrontational art has a propensity to tweak the noses of those who are in charge with amusing and sometimes deadly art pieces.

They first came onto the scene during the most recent World War, when they snuck a piece of their own into a German 'degenerate art' exhibition. When every sculpture and painting at the show became autonomous, it was burned and records of its existence were covered up by the German government. Despite limited contact with the Foundation in America, it is fully expected for the Are We Cool Yet? movement to target the Foundation more frequently as they focus on continental Europe.

Manna Charitable Foundation(MCF)

Collecting funding from many organizations, including the Global Occult Coalition, Marshall, Carter & Dark and rumored contributions from Dr. Wondertainment, the Manna Charitable Foundation has sought to use anomalous means to solve the problems of those less fortunate than others.

Currently active in Asia and Africa, this organization seems to have generally noble motivations that are betrayed by limited resources. Known to possess humanoid automatons.

Marshall, Carter & Dark(MC&D)

An auction house and exclusive club, MC&D tends to regard the Foundation as a minor annoyance. Their top priority is believed to be retrieval of some of their valuable items after a bombing raid caused their escape, and scavenging postwar Europe for treasures. They do not have a significant presence in the United States outside of a few "club outposts" in some major cities, like Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.

Headquartered in London, the only remarkable members of MC&D are misters Marshall, Carter, and Dark themselves. Marshall and Carter are known to have made public appearances, but Dark is a complete mystery.

Prometheus Labs, Inc.(PL)

Prometheus Labs is an international science and technology conglomerate with a focus on developing advanced and/or anomalous technologies. They act as a supplier of paratech to a large number of organization, including, at one point, the Foundation. However, relations between the two soured, and have continued to deteriorate, with several anomalous objects having been stolen from Prometheus Labs by Foundation agents during raids.

The current board of directors is unknown, but MC&D is a known investor.

The Serpent's Hand(SH)

The Serpents Hand has shown itself to be the current greatest challenge the Foundation has yet to face. Showing an ability to enter and exit Foundation facilities at will, they made themselves known as a major threat when they kidnapped the Administrator and started the chain of events that resulted in him going MIA. Their motivation is believed to be the cultivation and gathering of knowledge. They are headquartered in the Wanderers Library, an extra-dimensional library believed to contain every book ever written, and then some. Previously lead by the deceased L.S, it is not known what their current leadership structure looks like, or if it even exists at all.

Although agents of the Hand should be treated as great threats, an even greater one is in the form of Docents. Large, cloaked figures with lanterns in place of one of their hands, they are the guardians and protectors of the Library. Their connection to the Hand itself is tenuous at best, as they seem to be more concerned with the protection of the Library itself.

Current research is dedicated to finding a reliable method of entry into the Library. All attempts for Foundation personnel to enter the Wanderers Library since incident "All Quiet On The Western Library" have been unsuccessful.

Unusual Incidents Unit(UIU)

The United States' only domestic program for detecting anomalous activity. As effective as FBI agents would be expected to be, although generally only intervening in anomalous activity which results in crimes under Federal jurisdiction. Agents from the UIU are recruited at the same level as normal FBI agents.

The Hospital

It's a hospital where very very bad things happen. Also, probably not really a hospital.

Created by Balthazaar


A shady and powerful private company headquartered in England and prevalent throughout postwar Europe. With a mission statement of "Leveraging the finest in science, medicine and technology to better mankind," it's readily apparent that the only part of mankind they care to better are the ultra-wealthy.

Founded by a noted social Darwinist and eugenicist, Novavida uses anomalous methods, augmented agents and political and social manipulation to fulfil their goals.

Created by Nemi

The Silent Hunt

Dedicated to the location and extermination of the "Green God" level reality benders known as Pattern Screamers, the Hunt possess an extreme level of technological advancement, both anomalous and mundane. They are currently recovering from an event of unknown nature but extreme scope which almost annihilated their organisation.

The Silent Hunt itself is considered entirely friendly by the Foundation, as much as any inherently anomalous organisation can. Certain peripheral members however, such as the Patter Screamer "Cunebrach", are viewed with significant suspicion and not permitted on Foundation premises.

Created by Prior

Dr. Wondertainment

A major thorn in the Foundation's side — the Foundation is well aware of it and has collected more than a few of its works. It is unknown whether Doctor Wondertainment is an individual or an organization. All that is known is that Doctor Wondertainment is capable of producing anomalous artifacts and entities which thematically resemble children's toys.

Links to the Factory have been speculated but are unconfirmed.

The Factory

Little is known about The Factory, except that they seem capable of manufacturing anomalous artifacts — and that they use mass-production techniques to do so.

The Knights of Elora

The Knights of Elora are best regarded as a fractious thaumatically-active crusading knights, representing the realm from which they come from. Utilizing apportation to appear where they desire, their medieval look belies their threat level.

They are currently led by a Queen, Stella Kal, who has requested assistance from the Foundation to quell seditious activity within her realm. The Foundation initially provided assistance, but has refused to dedicate already stretched resources to an external fight.

The Knights of Elora utilize armored foot soldiers, mounted cavalry, and anomalous powered machines as part of their war hosts. Lead by nobles known as Masters or Grandmasters, a Knight cohort can rival the strength of a mid-size battalion. Individual Knight units can be safely dispatched by Foundation agents - large gatherings or entire Cohorts may require intensive allocation of resources and requested cooperation from rival agencies to destroy entrenched enemies.

The Foundation currently has two nobles associated with this Group in their custody.

The Knights of Elora is the collective term used to describe two groups:

  • A group of thaumatically active warriors and scholars, utilizing high-level thaumaturgy, combined with engineering, to maintain their workforce and bolster their numbers;
  • A group of rogue thaumaturges who have experimented with, and have created, weapons and soldiers, for the purpose of providing them to wage proxy wars against those they deem loyalists or those who would seek to stop their mission, whatever that may be.

The Foundation has currently bolstered its monitoring of this group, and is ready to take action as required to prevent escalation.

Created by Sax


Red Actors Troupe

Believed to have been formed in the stage theatre days of the turn of the century, this group's motto is "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players". They appear to try and engineer situations using anomalous means, in order to make artistic points. Members have been known to become aggravated upon being compared to Are We Cool Yet?, but beyond that they are not hostile to the Foundation.

No activity detected since 1955, when their headquarters was burned down. Believed to have disbanded.


Domestic terrorist organization known to be fielding anomalous technology. Claims to want to overthrow the United States government for currently unspecified reasons.

Last known active member arrested on July 8th 1956.

Project Smilidon

Following the events surrounding the creation of SCP-447 certain parts of the US Government, fearing a security risk posed by such anomalies, formed Project SMILODON as their answer to other anomalous organizations, including The Foundation and GRU-P. The project is an initiative that studies ways to create, utilize and possibly neutralize anomalous items, entities and personnel for espionage missions.

Defunded in 1956

Ash Fist

A small guerrilla military group based out of Paris, France, the AFC is focused on the containment of anomalous entities and objects, separating them from the rest of the world by locking them away and ignoring them. They operated around most of Europe, and the East Coast of North America.

The AFC has recently disappeared, and is believed to have disbanded after the group that supplied them ceased providing material and monetary aid.

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