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Round 2 of voting for Rewards. Click this

Re: Horizons Patch 1.01 by VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr, 20 Jun 2019 02:58

Our first round of voting focused on preset options discussed by the GM team while also leaving open the floor for player suggestions and feedback. The GM-provided options were 1) a transhumanist system, 2) an MTF-unique skill tree system or 3) killing the training mechanic entirely. Only the first two will be advancing as killing the mechanic entirely received no votes in Round 1. In regards to player-sourced alternative training systems and alternatives to the preset options, we received 4. Of them, 1 was an alternative training rework and the other 3 built upon the presets. Obviously I wont name who provided what, but I will explain why 3 of them didn't make the cut and why 1 did.

  1. [CUSTOM REWORK] This alternative to reworking training focused on turning away from adding mechanics to the game and instead focusing on working on stats while training became a way to use EP to purchase both equipment and abilities. Because Patch 1.02 is already slated for stat reworking, and the simple EP-only purchase of abilities was an explicitly avoided goal of the training rework, this will not be in Round 2.
  2. [SKILL TREE ALTERNATIVE] This proposal involved implementing not a MTF-unique skill tree system, but a universal skill tree system combined with a 'corruption' system that would affect players on a PC by PC basis (no two PCs would have the same corruption factors, for example). Ultimately, while the idea of a corruption mechanic has merit, the current administrative strength of the GM Team is not at the capacity required to micro-manage corruption balancing for each and every character. For this reason, it will not be in Round 2.
  3. [SKILL TREE ALTERNATIVE] This proposal also involved using a universal skill tree but proposed having all MTFs starting at potentially different locations on the tree, or having an MTF-specific skill tree where the skill tree rewards were so small there was no threat of one MTF being overpowered. Ultimately, we want training rewards to be at least valuable so the second option is out. A skill tree with multiple start points is not a skill tree since those are bottom-up progression systems, but rather a skill network. This doesn't solve the issue of furthering the uniqueness of the MTF choice beyond some stats and starting gear, and making a network of the size required to provide long-term use between 4 MTFs is also a logistical problem. For these reasons, this proposal will not be in Round 2.
  4. [SKILL TREE ALTERNATIVE] This proposal involves implementing a tier system and 'generalist' skills. It proposes that characters who go on enough runs can invest an appropriately large amount of EP to advance up a tier in training. Upon doing so, they gain access to minute, but effective skills (such as rudimentary first aid) which can be used in a pinch. Some generalist skills will be hidden behind high tiers in accordance to power and cost. There will likely be some form of limit to prevent accumulation. Because this is a fairly simple system, this option WILL be in Round 2.

Take the time to look over the options. Round 2 will be a simple vote and is upcoming.

1.01 Rewards information. Read this carefully, and then complete this form.

Re: Horizons Patch 1.01 by VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr, 10 Jun 2019 17:40

Click here to view what is currently set to be the selection of free gear that requires no EP to purchase. It is known as the 'Preset Arsenal'

Still on the docket before 1.01 implementation:

1. Improved Weaponry Voting Session.
2. Rewards Rework finalization.

Free Gear Menu by VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr, 02 Jun 2019 21:50

Click here for adobe PDF of the changelog

Note that the patch isn't implemented yet. 3 things must be done first.

1. The 'free gear' menu that will hold grenades must be created.
2. The alternatives for Improved Weaponry must be created and submitted for player vote.
3. The rewards refinements must be consolidated and then submitted for feedback.

1.01 Patch Notes by VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr, 02 Jun 2019 21:48

This post is dedicated to Horizons 1.01.

As most of you are now aware, there are some shortcomings with the current, overall system of mechanics. To address them all in one quick swoop is demanding too much, and is more vulnerable to failure than not. So, as the chief author of 1.01, I'll be briefly going over what this particular patch covers, and why. First, 1.01 is focused on quickly removing some of the more broken exploits present in the game that clash with gameplay or the game in general. These are explosives, heavy weapons, and the Improved Weaponry gear present in MTF Psi-7. Also addressed in this patch is the reward system, and MTF assignment in general. Other minor issues may be brought up, but these are the central ones for 1.01.

Other minor topics to bring up in discussion include game difficulty, character immortality, deathclock, character creation, and anything else the participants feel can be brought up quickly and resolved just as fast. Obviously there are questions.

Horizons Patch 1.01 by VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr, 22 May 2019 02:10


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Re: by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 28 Mar 2019 01:32


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Character: Hadley-3301
Item: Kinetic Strike Module
Effect: Grants Hadley access to the MELEE tag, as well as augmenting her unarmed strikes to 1d6 damage, as oppose to 1d4. This module counts as a medium weapon, and removes the +2 accuracy bonus when used. When activated, her arms and hands deploy sturdy metal components with low-voltage shock nodes attached to the surfaces that increase the force of her strikes without causing vicious injury.
Reason: After several missions, Hadley has found herself lacking in methods of non-lethal takedowns, and wants to improve her chassis. Adding a kind of in-built CQC system would allow her to subdue targets without necessarily needing to kill them, while only dealing temporary injuries to her opponent.
Process: Hadley would need to spend time in Engineering while her Repair Chassis works on her Field Chassis and modifies her internal components to add the deployable module to her body. The module would be connected to her dynamo power core, allowing long-term sustainable use over operations.
Materials: Synthetic fibers, electronic components, sheet steel, small metal components
Proposed XP Cost: 3

Just one little Spooky Bee

by SpookyBeeSpookyBee, 23 Mar 2019 21:08


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 20 Mar 2019 21:25

Character: Snorri Stefansson
Item: Striking Gauntlets
Effect: Reinforced wrist/elbow guards and shin/knee-guards, designed as a supplement to Snorri's armor vest, which have been optimized for unarmed melee combat. Changes Snorri's unarmed damage from 1d4 (Light) damage to 2d3 (Imp. Normal) damage. Benefits from the +2 Light weapon attack bonus. Non-concealable.
Reason: Snorri's previous engagements with entities associated with the Monomyth have left him realizing that many opponents he faces in combat are surprisingly resilient to melee attacks made without a weapon in-hand. As a result, he's come up with a solution to the problem in the form of reinforced gauntlets that cover the surfaces of the body most commonly used for striking in unarmed combat, in order to improve efficiency when he is caught in a fight and doesn't have time to access one of his melee weapons.
Process: Snorri must gauge his own physical strength in order to approximate the required structural strength of the striking gauntlets, and then acquire the necessary materials, fabricate the gauntlets, and test them.
Materials: High-carbon steel. Rivets. Leather or cloth for padding. Time dedicated to fabrication.
Proposed XP Cost: 4 EP.

Snorri Proposition 2 by TeslaTornadoTeslaTornado, 20 Mar 2019 19:40


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 13 Mar 2019 21:38

Character: Martin von Brandt
Item: Path of Blood Spell: 'Bayonet'
Effect: 'Bayonet' is the literal-name translation of a spell that summons a spike made of hardened blood. The spike is summonable from any location and any direction, as long as the proper amount of blood is spilled by the summoner. (Roll 4df+4 to land. Does anywhere from 1 to 3 PHP to summon a single spike, the self-inflicted damage scaling up the damage done by the spike. All damage should be called prior to landing roll (1 PHP = d4, 2 PHP = d5, 3 PHP = d6).)
Reason: Martin is currently lacking any offensive spells or damage types that allow not only for flexibility of use, but that further push the idea of sacrificing incoming damage for outgoing damage.
Process: Martin can either learn it over time (amassing 10 SCI total, 1 roll per day) for 1 EP, or immediately for 2 EP
Materials: His own shed blood and a notebook.
Proposed EP Cost: 1 EP to learn over time or 2 EP to learn immediately.

by Aphex_01Aphex_01, 13 Mar 2019 21:28

Character: Snorri Stefansson.
Item: Impact Grenades
Effect: Snorri rolls Athletics to throw a grenade at a selected target. The target and all living things adjacent to it must make an Athletics save versus his attack to avoid damage. Characters caught in the blast, friendly or hostile, as well as any surrounding objects, will take damage as if hit by an explosive device (see: game mechanics page, subheader "explosives") armed by an individual with 3 Engineering (so a base roll of 4df+3 to calculate initial damage), dealing minimum damage of 4 HP to all targets.
Reason: Snorri's recently had several encounters involving tightly-grouped opponents rushing him and his teammates en-masse, and is looking for faster and more effective ways to deal with them.
Process: Armory requisition and basic schooling in the safe and effective use of hand grenades.
Materials: None.
Proposed EP Cost: 6 EP for 3 grenades (2 EP per grenade; only three grenades can be carried at any point in time due to equipment slot restrictions)

by TeslaTornadoTeslaTornado, 09 Mar 2019 00:47


Also b&

Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Re: Anus by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 20 Feb 2019 04:11


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Approved? by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 19 Feb 2019 04:07

Character: Ruben Pelletier
Item: "Fido" (Foundation Automated Information Retrieval And Combat Operative, Mk. 1) - A 3' quadrupedal robot piloted by a dumb AI modeled after a German Shepherd, containing a built-in computer interface, internal memory, an audio-visual communications and recording suite, and a manipulator arm/"head" with a set of hydraulic jaws.
Effect: Fido, as Ruben has taken to calling it, is intended to be used as a forward scout and personal bodyguard for Ruben and his teammates. It will have its own stat-block equivalent to a PC-Level NPC, meaning a base HP of 10 and 6 specialty points. Fido's sheet can be found here:
Reason: Ruben sucks at combat. Unequivocally. He hates guns, he's got no physical stats or real field training to speak of, and has been stabbed in the brain by enough anomalies (one being enough) to decide that he needs to be out of the way of direct harm. However, he also knows that data retrieval and information gathering are two of his specialties; and those specialties can't necessarily be engaged in if he's not capable of reaching the information himself. So Fido is designed to be able to defend him while he uses a terminal, and also to gather data from locations that are deemed 'too hazardous' for Ruben or his team.
Process: Ruben seeks to use as little anomalous technology or equipment as possible in the process of creating Fido, preferring instead to work with conventional programming and fabrication techniques wherever possible. After gaining clearance from the Foundation and acquiring the necessary materials, Ruben will have to engage in RP with Site robotics experts in order to build and test the mechanical portion of the chassis, and consult with the Site's programming and research teams in order to design, program, and implement the robot's artificial intelligence. Once both of these tasks are completed, Fido will need to undergo field testing in order to ensure its effectiveness outside of a lab testing environment.
Materials: Conventional hydraulic systems, electrical motors, batteries. Sensory equipment for the head, as well as a piece of rescue equipment suitable for repurposing as Fido's mouth. Portable computer that is viable as a candidate for conversion to the AI control module. Functioning, programmed AI module to operate Fido in the field without direct input from the operator.
Proposed EP Cost: 7.75

DOGGO by TeslaTornadoTeslaTornado, 17 Feb 2019 20:31

Character: Ezekiel Novynette
Item: Ezekiel's SVI pistol from when he arrived in this current time period.
Effect: Ezekiel's pistol is of higher quality and standard than many firearms in the 1980s. It's quality shows in its performance as a fire arm. Bridging the middle ground between a light and normal weapon the pistol rolls a D5 forvdamage but only gains a +1 bonus instead of the full light weapon bonus due to the weight of the extended frame.
Reason: Ezekiel's pistol was confiscated upon his arrival in this time line for study due to its mild anachronistic properties. Now that it has been studied by the Foundation he would like to have a copy made for them so he can have his back.
Process: Ezekiel working with the technicians and engineers to faithfully reproduce his side arm so his is free to be granted back to him. Not easy considering he has lower education stats so teaching them may be difficult
Materials: a few Foundation technicians, a lot of patience, some high grade metals, and numerous books on machining gun parts.
Proposed EP Cost: 5
note: the handgun looks like this so it isn't massively obvious it is anachronistic

by Varren ErelimVarren Erelim, 06 Feb 2019 00:01


by DiePotatoDiePotato, 04 Feb 2019 01:03

Character: Estrella Ramos
Item: Malvarrosa 84: An experimental closed-bolt submachine gun that uses a modified 5.56 NATO cartridge to propel a smaller bullet at much higher velocity than a pistol round, resulting in a weapon that effectively tears through both manmade and natural defenses.
Effect: A weapon that easily pierces through armour, the effects of which are determined by the present GM and the type of target.
Reason: To have a reliable close-range weapon to deal with armoured targets (such as the recently-captured Salem) in a more efficient manner than her current best means, a revolver.
Process: Research into existing weapon designs, made difficult by Estrella's intellect and education being comparable to a rock, but not an insurmountable challenge.
Materials: A couple of willing Foundation engineers and a favour with a quartermaster.
Proposed EP Cost: 2 EP
Notes: This is a bit of a different approach to equipment than the page suggests, but after talking at length with both madness_ and DiePotato we've come to the conclusion that it would be a good chance to experiment with taking hard-to-stattify concepts and implement them into gameplay in what will hopefully be a fun way that can adapt to the situation seamlessly.

by TheSpookanistTheSpookanist, 04 Feb 2019 01:02
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