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Character: Ruben Pelletier
Item: "Fido" (Foundation Automated Information Retrieval And Combat Operative, Mk. 1) - A 3' quadrupedal robot piloted by a dumb AI modeled after a German Shepherd, containing a built-in computer interface, internal memory, an audio-visual communications and recording suite, and a manipulator arm/"head" with a set of hydraulic jaws.
Effect: Fido, as Ruben has taken to calling it, is intended to be used as a forward scout and personal bodyguard for Ruben and his teammates. It will have its own stat-block equivalent to a PC-Level NPC, meaning a base HP of 10 and 6 specialty points. Fido's sheet can be found here:
Reason: Ruben sucks at combat. Unequivocally. He hates guns, he's got no physical stats or real field training to speak of, and has been stabbed in the brain by enough anomalies (one being enough) to decide that he needs to be out of the way of direct harm. However, he also knows that data retrieval and information gathering are two of his specialties; and those specialties can't necessarily be engaged in if he's not capable of reaching the information himself. So Fido is designed to be able to defend him while he uses a terminal, and also to gather data from locations that are deemed 'too hazardous' for Ruben or his team.
Process: Ruben seeks to use as little anomalous technology or equipment as possible in the process of creating Fido, preferring instead to work with conventional programming and fabrication techniques wherever possible. After gaining clearance from the Foundation and acquiring the necessary materials, Ruben will have to engage in RP with Site robotics experts in order to build and test the mechanical portion of the chassis, and consult with the Site's programming and research teams in order to design, program, and implement the robot's artificial intelligence. Once both of these tasks are completed, Fido will need to undergo field testing in order to ensure its effectiveness outside of a lab testing environment.
Materials: Conventional hydraulic systems, electrical motors, batteries. Sensory equipment for the head, as well as a piece of rescue equipment suitable for repurposing as Fido's mouth. Portable computer that is viable as a candidate for conversion to the AI control module. Functioning, programmed AI module to operate Fido in the field without direct input from the operator.
Proposed EP Cost: 7.75

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Character: Ezekiel Novynette
Item: Ezekiel's SVI pistol from when he arrived in this current time period.
Effect: Ezekiel's pistol is of higher quality and standard than many firearms in the 1980s. It's quality shows in its performance as a fire arm. Bridging the middle ground between a light and normal weapon the pistol rolls a D5 forvdamage but only gains a +1 bonus instead of the full light weapon bonus due to the weight of the extended frame.
Reason: Ezekiel's pistol was confiscated upon his arrival in this time line for study due to its mild anachronistic properties. Now that it has been studied by the Foundation he would like to have a copy made for them so he can have his back.
Process: Ezekiel working with the technicians and engineers to faithfully reproduce his side arm so his is free to be granted back to him. Not easy considering he has lower education stats so teaching them may be difficult
Materials: a few Foundation technicians, a lot of patience, some high grade metals, and numerous books on machining gun parts.
Proposed EP Cost: 5
note: the handgun looks like this so it isn't massively obvious it is anachronistic

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Character: Estrella Ramos
Item: Malvarrosa 84: An experimental closed-bolt submachine gun that uses a modified 5.56 NATO cartridge to propel a smaller bullet at much higher velocity than a pistol round, resulting in a weapon that effectively tears through both manmade and natural defenses.
Effect: A weapon that easily pierces through armour, the effects of which are determined by the present GM and the type of target.
Reason: To have a reliable close-range weapon to deal with armoured targets (such as the recently-captured Salem) in a more efficient manner than her current best means, a revolver.
Process: Research into existing weapon designs, made difficult by Estrella's intellect and education being comparable to a rock, but not an insurmountable challenge.
Materials: A couple of willing Foundation engineers and a favour with a quartermaster.
Proposed EP Cost: 2 EP
Notes: This is a bit of a different approach to equipment than the page suggests, but after talking at length with both madness_ and DiePotato we've come to the conclusion that it would be a good chance to experiment with taking hard-to-stattify concepts and implement them into gameplay in what will hopefully be a fun way that can adapt to the situation seamlessly.

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Re: need help
jpdelta6jpdelta6 17 Jan 2019 00:36
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Same sadly.

So I didn't know what else to put here so I put a favorite quote, "Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus."

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Re: need help
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i think its dead

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need help
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Hey I've just found out about this but I can't figure this out what the hell is this chat topic i need to find to join or is this place just dead? And do I need to download this stupid OOC chat forum program or whatever?

So I didn't know what else to put here so I put a favorite quote, "Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus."

need help by jpdelta6jpdelta6, 28 Oct 2018 19:32

Characters from Origins can't be brought back as actual characters, I get that (and am kinda sad because I didn't get to give Wilson a proper send-off), but can we still have them turn up as NPCs if we GM a run or something?

Character: Stephen Angelo
Item: Dart Pouch:Rather than keeping the darts he uses for his gun in his pocket like he has been, Stephen has gotten a small pouch to store them, stopping him from accidentally darting himself and allowing him to carry additional darts.
Effect: [While Dart Pouch is equipped, Stephen can hold an additional 3 darts, bringing his total to 7 darts per run.
Reason: Stephen has run out or nearly run out of darts rather quickly in the missions and arena simulations he has been in, and he would like additional carrying space so this does not happen in the future
Process: It's more or less just a fanny pack with slots for his darts in it, assumedly he could buy one and have it altered rather easily.
Materials: Fanny Pack to modify
Proposed EP Cost: 3

by ArseneLupinArseneLupin, 07 Sep 2018 22:37

Can the origins stuff be given a seperate section making it easier to re-read or look back on?

Evan fought the sun god ra on a flying pig eventually respawned, moved back to new york with cait, got married, and now has a comfy professorship at the rebuilt brookridge academy.

Gabbie terminated her employment with the GOC, and now works as an espionage instructor and anart consultant for the Foundation.

Nicolaas eventually went on to head his own-giant hunting task-force, before happily and quietly passing away Christmas morning, 1980.

Hill still works Foundation S&R, and is married to Adeline.

Muirenn escaped with Addie during the mass confusion of the Hospital attack, whereabouts currently unknown.

Graham Bryne: Graham had become disillusioned with The Foundation after losing too many people to the dangerous lifestyle. He did not however become disillusioned with the many people he still had. He left The Foundation but kept in close contact with those he met during his time there, trying his best to stay a part of their lives. Not too long after he left he proposed to his girlfriend Alison Zacconi. They married and he settled down into the married life well, opting to become a Private Eye. He was very happy with his life, although he did take a trip to Sweden every year alone to think of those who didn't get the chance to have a happy ending.

Victor Angelo: Very shortly after the conclusion of the Rust Incident Victor left The Foundation with his then Fiance Opaline Thompson, citing the danger of the job as too much for him. He spent the next year travelling with Opal, meeting eachother's parents and seeing the many sights of the world. They married in a small, but beautiful ceremony with close friends and family attending. Not long after they were informed that they had a child on the way. Opal feinted immediately and Victor cried tears of joy. They were extremely surprised however when they found out that one addition to their family was in fact two. They settled down in a small town in Italy with their children Stephen and Elizabeth Angelo. Together they started a lab where they researched and did their jobs together happily. Victor found the change from treating bullet wounds to stuffy noses a welcome one. Although this was not the path he expected his life to go down when he arrived with The Foundation, Victor wouldn't trade it away for anything in the world

Juantonio Ivinski:Juan kept working for the foundation even to this day. He decided to take apprenticeship under an actual thaumaturge so that he went from self taught 'amateur' to actually thaumage. He works in the foundation, administering healing that requires a certain extra touch to help wih. Thanks to the efforts of Victor and Alison, he got over his social problems and keeps in touch with those he considers friends in the foundation. Though whether or not he found a partner is a question left to the ages.
Renaine Hughes: He as well kept working for the foundation, going on missions that most would perish in (think keter). He became feared and respected for his ability to shred through monstrosities most would have trouble with. He was forced into an early retirement as his injuries caught up with him, even foundation healing could do so much. Eventually he went back home and helped his father leave the boring empty place they lived in and retire comfortably. Whether or not he settled down remains unknown.

We change a lot over time, but there's always a little of our old selves in us. Never forget your old self, they're one of the most important parts of you.

Serge Alphonse Maillard dutifully serves the SCP Foundation as a strike team leader within MTF Upsilon-19, "Coureurs-des-bois," until his death in 1975. He is credited with contributing to the successful capture of around three dozen SCPs, at least two of them Keter-class, and received the Foundation Silver Star upon his death. The base of operations for MTF Upsilon-19, in [REDACTED] Belgium, has a small memorial dedicated to him - an oak tree was planted in a central courtyard with a memorial stone dedicated to "The Speaker of the Forest," and small offerings of pipe tobacco and carved wooden totems are often made by superstitious U-19 members before they depart on particularly difficult operations.

Kevin Gerald Winsthrop is in progress.

Gavran Josif Gavrille is in progress.

Harris Isaac Southey is in progress.

Adebowale Okonjo is in progress.

Leon Geoffrey Ledford is in progress.

Scott gets his 'happily ever after', perhaps one that he deserves — He studies and trains to become a fully certified doctor, and at some point would later move back to the states in order to raise a child while offering his expertise across different sites. He would retire from fieldwork - lord knows he's had far too many close calls - and in general would lead a more settled life with his family. While the scars that lay with him physically and mentally still take their toll, he learns to cope. Cheesy? Maybe. But the man deserves a rest.

This thread is dedicated to the characters of Origins who made our years of existence possible. Anybody who had an active character in Origins is allowed to make a post summarizing their character's lives after Origins IC officially closed. A few rules:

  • Please only make posts for characters who saw play.
  • Please keep all epilogues for your characters tied to one post. This is so it's neat and there aren't a lot of overlapping posts from the same person.
  • Keep everything within the realm of what we would've allowed IC. Dead characters shouldn't be coming back to life, no one's dueling the Sun God Ra with a flying pig, etc.

In the attribution section, shouldn't it also say that everything on this site is licensed CC-BY-SA? I believe thats a a stipulation of the share-alike clause, everything is licensed under CC-BY-SA and you have to acknowledge that alongside the attribution.

by Golden506Golden506, 05 Jun 2018 23:51

Are we allowed to use old WW2 weapons like an FG42 or a Mauser in the Horizion campaign?

I think in the Sniper/Marksmen Rifle section, either the H&K PSG1 should be added, or the WA2000 should be dropped entirely and replaced with it, since the WA2000 breaks and jams far too easily in the harsh conditions DELTA-4 and PSI-7 Designated Marksmen may face.

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SpookyBeeSpookyBee 29 May 2018 22:35
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Blackwood Church: An anomalous terrorist organization with no discernible origin, agents of the Blackwood Church are crazed zealots to a deity with little to no information available to the Foundation. First encountered in the late 50's as a seemingly disorganized force of insurgents kidnapping various people at random. Their tactical and strategic skills are observed to evolve rapidly with every encounter to the point of having launched a full infiltration and assault on Foundation Site-17 merely three months after their first encounter. Individuals under the employ of Blackwood Church are incapable of individual thought, and all act under a single gestalt will. Blackwood Church was originally thought to be a third-party Tear Drinker faction before an autopsy was performed on one of their agents to disprove this theory. Church cells are equipped with military-grade gear and are considered extremely dangerous, though this GoI has gone into hibernation with small cells being encountered every few years with little activity of importance.

Just one little Spooky Bee

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