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This is my first real "occupation" in a while, many of my years have been spent drifting.

~🏵~Flower Power~🏵~

Would you say the foundation provides better job conditions than your previous occupation?

We change a lot over time, but there's always a little of our old selves in us. Never forget your old self, they're one of the most important parts of you.

So… questions anybody?

We change a lot over time, but there's always a little of our old selves in us. Never forget your old self, they're one of the most important parts of you.

Which people would you trust the most in the foundation?

We change a lot over time, but there's always a little of our old selves in us. Never forget your old self, they're one of the most important parts of you.

P-please do not.

Make Leon Uncomfortable by TeslaTornadoTeslaTornado, 07 Sep 2017 19:42
(account deleted) 06 Sep 2017 08:32
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Kyou Rina

I envisioned her backstory as such:

She's the daughter of a wealthy Chinese business man and is with him on a trip to Australia when the Imperial Japanese attack. Her father is killed, her mother also dies during the invasion of China (unbeknownst to her) and she is left with a small group of people that evaded capture by moving into the unbridled wilderness of Australia. They use their stealth to pick at the Imperials. Some of them go against Kyou because she looks Asian, despite the Japanese and Chinese not having the greatest of relationships, but others defend her. She prefers to use melee weapons to avoid attention, but others use firearms. Sadly, those with firearms are eventually found out by the Imperials and killed over time. Eventually, Kyou is the only one left and she almost gives up. The Allied forces succeeded in pushing back the Imperials soon after and she returns to society, to an extent. Her skills made her an asset to multiple groups, if she would work for them. Somehow Foundation gets her to join them first…or second….or third…I don't have anything beyond the end of Imperial control of Australia to be honest.

I hereby give this character over to Avocadonut, if she so chooses to use it. Anyone else is out of luck

by (account deleted), 06 Sep 2017 08:32
(account deleted) 06 Sep 2017 08:21
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Ryan Jacobs

As I am no longer going to be here, anyone can use Mr. Jacobs.
Fuck that, I'm gonna use him as the basis for a character of mine in another work. Unless Avocadonut wants to use him, then she can do so.

by (account deleted), 06 Sep 2017 08:21


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Re:Fieldwork by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 01 Sep 2017 02:50

Finished RP of Irene reading and obtaining books on the topics of ballistics and armor.

Found an Engineer to assist in creation (Spookybee) Vivian

Went diving with Hanna Dam (LadyKatie) and obtained steel.

Found Plexiglass and Cloth around site.

Ready to be crafted!

Re: Shield by PoliteCannibalPoliteCannibal, 01 Sep 2017 01:36

Well, I am a busy man, but I suppose I have plenty time for some questions.

~🏵~Flower Power~🏵~

If any of y'all start askin' for medical advice I'm gonna need you to start payin' for it. Aside from that partic'lar area of questionin', feel free to ask away.


Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Re: Shield by Mister MadnessMister Madness, 28 Aug 2017 01:53


by DrScottJonasDrScottJonas, 24 Aug 2017 22:32
PoliteCannibalPoliteCannibal 24 Aug 2017 18:38
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Crafting


Character: Irene Carver

Item: Prototype Personal Ballistics Shield - A full body ballistics shield designed to allow the bearer to man the front lines, breach hazardous rooms and withstand small arms damage, blades, fire and potentially more.

Effect: -2 Agility to whoever bears it on their person, whether held in front or strapped to their back, etc. Requires 6 Strength to Wield.

Provides +1 PDef to the direction it is aimed towards, against small arms fire, melee weaponry, thrown and launched objects and just generally anything without high piercing power. The user cannot use any additional weaponry while using this, and is limited to melee combat only.
((This would be while utilizing the effects of the shield. They can still bear other weaponry on their person but cannot use it unless the shield is returned to their back or discarded, the negative Agility always applies if on their person))
Bearing the shield allows for one friendly PC to take cover behind the wielder, creating mobile cover and providing them the same PDef bonus to the same direction. Limited to one person at a time.

Reason: Irene during her missions is always in the front of combat and is usually the one shielding her allies from harm. During a recent Court mission she saw large tower shields they used in combat and even had the chance to use one herself, giving her the idea for this. She wants to more effectively shield and protect her allies from harm.


Research into ballistics and armor.

Finding an engineer to assist in creation.

Salvaging and finding required materials.

Testing and working out potential errors.




Various scrap cloth and padding materials

Proposed XP Cost: 18 XP

by PoliteCannibalPoliteCannibal, 24 Aug 2017 18:38

Proposal Denied on behalf of the GM Team.

Reasons for Denial:
1. The way Aiden has phrased it, the fluid is inert.
2. If it's a pet it would technically have to abide by pet rules which ultimately means it would have to be awarded by a GM.
3. For the amount of utility it represents, the crafting project seems to be a real bargain.

Everybody's favorite state of mind.

Character: Eleanor Mayfield
Item: Simple Suppressor
Reason: Eleanor is a sniper and infiltrator, and relies on stealth frequently to accomplish her tasks. Will be made to fit on her Springfield Rifle.

by PoliteCannibalPoliteCannibal, 24 Aug 2017 06:01

Character: Vivian Morodecci
Item: Utility Arachnodrome
Effect: A pseudo-pet capable of joining Vivian on runs. Thaumaturgically powered and telepathically linked to Vivian, it can receive orders from her to assist her her work. When using the Arachnodrome, Vivian may re-roll a failed Engineering roll. Will have a micro-stat sheet to be discussed with a GM. The Arachnodrome will contain numerous tools to assist Vivian in technical work, and is large enough to carry fuel sources for things such as cutting torches, welders, and pneumatic sanders, cutters, and drills.
Reason: Vivian desires to create a high functioning near-autonomous machine capable of assisting her in her work. Unlike other people, a machine linked to her mind would be capable of operating in perfect unison with her, without need for spoken instructions while retaining a perfect idea of her goals.
Process: Vivian will have to collect materials, some of which she already has, most-likely from the abandoned train-yard. Afterwards, she'll ask one of the on-site Thaumaturges to assist her in linking the item 'Lubricare Vita', a form of thaumaturgical miracle fluid, with her consciousness, giving her control over whatever machine it's linked in. Vivian will use sturdy pipes and tubing to pipe the magically-enhanced fluid through her machine, to control it like an extension of herself. The 'veins' containing the fluid will be protected by flexible metal plating, and two pairs of swiveling photography lenses will act as eyes for the machine. A micro-sized central engine will act as the main source of locomotion and fluid-transferal. Can be clarified with PM's if needed.
Proposed XP Cost: 11

Just one little Spooky Bee


by WogglebugWogglebug, 18 Aug 2017 02:49
KlurgKlurg 18 Aug 2017 02:45
in discussion General / Per page discussions » Unlockable Equipment

Character: Janelle Finlin
Item: Advanced Field Manual (12xp)
Reason: Janelle wishes to improve her medical abilities to help in the field more

We change a lot over time, but there's always a little of our old selves in us. Never forget your old self, they're one of the most important parts of you.

by KlurgKlurg, 18 Aug 2017 02:45

Approved. He found the rock while walking around.

by WogglebugWogglebug, 17 Aug 2017 03:03
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