How do you know what questions are frequently asked?

The page title is a lie, actually. This is just where how things are done is explained in a question/answer format.

Why was I banned?

One or more of a few reasons may apply:

  • You are a known troublemaker/troll, and have been removed preemptively. We're unlikely to reconsider your ban if this is the case, so… shoo. Go away.
  • You have repeatedly violated the rules. While we always prefer to talk to you and try to work out any problems you have first, followed by warnings or temporary bans, it is ultimately at GM discretion.
  • Your RP is so godawful that the game is unenjoyable for others. Even if you're within the stated rules, ultimately, the good of the game must be considered. We do try to be lenient here with newer players as much as we can afford to be.
  • You are a pain in the ass. This can appear unnecessarily brutal when put into practice, but understand that more than one RP has died an unglamorous death when a player has made running the game completely unenjoyable for the GMs.
  • You became obsessed with the game to the point where the GM team was concerned about your mental well-being. While we don't think this will be a common reason for a ban, and hopefully won't ever happen, it has happened enough to add a caveat for it. This isn't to say you'll be banned for being dedicated, just if you cross the line from "regular, dedicated player" to something closer to obsession.

Why is [insert page here] outdated or abandoned?

Pages can get out of date pretty quickly. If you see something with incorrect or outdated information, ask a GM about it.

Can I make pages on the wiki?

Yes, if they're appropriate. They can be for general or personal use. If they're good enough, they can get linked from the sidebar. Just as a GM for permission.

Why don't the GMs do more stuff?

Life, loss of interest, lack of ideas, take your pick. If you need the GMs for something, you can always ask.

My character's made and approved. How do I start playing?

Simply RP your character showing up at the Site in IC4 or just have them be present somewhere around the Site (that they're allowed to be in) and lost, and someone will probably greet you.

A GM told me I can do Soft RP. What does that mean?

Soft RP is being able to participate in actions taking place in the regular in-character channels. You need to have a GM or Admin1 check your numbers to approve your character for runs and incidents. If some Hard RP happens to go down in the IC channels before Hard RP approval, you may participate if it would be difficult to make your character leave.

What are runs/events/hard rp?

Runs are missions PCs go on, which occur in their own special channels. Events are smaller mission taking place in the primary ic channels. Both of these can give you EP. Hard RP is a blanket term for any event which can result in EP being given out.

I have this really cool bot/other rp/room, and I want to talk about it! Can I?

You're free to talk about it, as long as you allow normal RP chatter to come first. If it becomes disruptive, you'll be asked to stop, and if you don't stop you'll be banned.

Do I have to use a character that's already established on the wiki, like Bright?

Nope! We actually frown on import characters, and would much rather you make one from scratch! Not to say that you can't use them in tales on the main wiki after they've been created here, we'd just prefer it be an original creation.

I'm bored of my character, they died, or for some other reason I want to retire my guy! Am I allowed to do that?

Sometimes, if you play the same character for a while, you'll crave a bit of a change of pace. That is why we allow for two characters at once. They cannot be played simultaneously, but if you want to play someone different, you can without going through a big hassle.

Also, you can put your character on leave (by placing them in the Inactives List on the character roster), allowing you to play a new character while your old character is off-base for whatever reason. You may have up to 2 characters placed in Inactive at any one time which means you may have up to 4 approved characters total (2 Active and 2 Inactive). There is a 1 month cool-down between when you may place a character in Inactive and take them out again in order to discourage hotswapping. Characters put on leave do not transfer equipment or XP to their replacements, nor vice versa.

If you've played the same character for at least three months (discounting any significant absences on the part of the player), you may retire that character: they're taken off-base permanently and you get to make a new character. If your new character dies or is put on leave, you don't have to bring your old character back. Retired characters may transfer half of their unspent XP to their replacement.

Can I be a GM?

Don't call us. We'll call you.

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