Engineering Services

Engineering Services

One of the few portions located aboveground, Site-77's Engineering Services buildings house not only the maintenance departments, but also design wings, practical research and development, and the manufacturing capabilities to allow Site-77 to retain logistical independence from the outside world.


The Engineering Services buildings take on a large aboveground rail maintenance shop, where some of the rolling stock is kept for storage and maintenance. There is also a loading dock for when raw stock is to be received.


Fabrication Shops

One of the busiest portions of Engineering Services is the various fabrication shops that create the woodwork and metalwork that supports Foundation operations throughout Europe. These shops

Alpha Shop

Alpha Shop is a general shop that houses most of the metalworking and fabrication machines for whatever task the Foundation needs.

Alpha Shop primarily specializes in mass production, as well as a bit of research into mundane cutting edge materials. Alpha Shop is the biggest shop due to all the equipment that the Foundation runs through.

Alpha Shop is deemed an E-class prohibited zone - no anomalies are permitted within the shop. Anomalies or anomalous raw stock are sent to other shops as required.

Bravo Shop

Bravo Shop is a general shop that also houses precision machines for the creation of small parts that are to be utilized in complex devices. Because of this, Bravo Shop is often called upon for the following:

  • Electromechanical engineering;
  • Prosthetics;
  • Custom projects;
  • Aerospace engineering; and
  • Engineering Forensics.

Bravo Shop is deemed an E-class restricted zone - no unknown/unclassified anomalies are permitted within the shop, except by authorization of the Site Director.

Bravo Shop is also the personal workshop of Psi-7, and is often utilized by its operatives and agents when permitted by work load.

Foreman: Leon Audley
Acting Foreman: Harris Southey

Charlie Shop
Delta Shop

Delta Shop specializes in the engineering forensic analysis of anomalous devices, or machines and material that may have interacted with anomalies. Due to this, Delta Shop is the only shop that is underground, and is treated as a primary containment zone for anomalies. Containment Security maintains protection for Delta Shop.

Delta Shop is not classified under the E-class zone system, but is instead treated as a short-term and long-term containment facility for SCPs that involve engineering analysis. Entrance into Delta Shop is stringent, and may only be authorized by Delta Shop's foreman or above.

Engineering Forensics

Vehicle Shops

Automotive Shop

The automotive shop is where Site-77's vehicles are lovingly maintained. Complete with facilities to maintain and repair even heavy tanks, the automotive shop takes pride in maintaining the workhorses that carry Foundation teams to and from the field.

Marine Shop

The marine shop and drydock is where Foundation vessels may obtain spare parts and come in for scheduled maintenance and repairs. Having been a former submarine pen, the Marine Shop provides protection for many of the Foundation's naval assets that pass through the Mediterranean Sea.

Aircraft Shop

The aircraft shop is where Site-77's aerial assets are maintained and stored. Built into the mountain complex itself, the shop houses some of the Foundation's reconnaissance and heavy-lift vehicles, as well as boasting a cutting-edge aviation research laboratory.

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