Elorean Status Effects


Different attacks and different effects

Negative Status Effects

Status Description Effect
Blindness The target is struck with a temporary form of blindness, being unable to visually see the world around them. All visual perception checks are taken with no modifiers for the duration of the blindness period.
Burning The target is coated with an oil-based fire, derived from Flame Blood, that coats them in flames, inflicting constant damage throughout the duration. Inflicts 0.5 points of damage per turn, which also removes a burning counter. Can also be removed by smothering the flames.
Overdosed A potential effect of consuming the Fairy's Blood, consuming too much or consuming the Void Blood will temporarily overload a person with the Blood's energies, and the body shuts itself down while recovering from the mystical assault. Counts as being unconscious for a duration of 1d3 turns while in combat, or for 1d10 minutes outside of combat. Can be treated via appropriate medical roll.
Pinned The target is pinned down by suppressing fire, limiting their movements and forcing them to crawl or to take cover. Any units that are pinned down can either roll Agi (DC 3, no penalty) to find cover (removing the status), stay in position with a -4 Agi penalty, or risk standing up and being hit by the bullets.
Stunned The target is temporarily stunned by intense electrical energy, weakening them as their body struggles to catch up. A stun counter inflicts a -1 penalty to PDef, Agi, Str, Mel, and Rng. Each counter lasts 2 turns. Any additional hits which inflict Stunned not only lengthen the duration, but also increase the penalty, to a maximum of -6. Any further stunning hits applied afterwards will only increase the duration.
Suppressed Under the influence of a Suppressing source, reality has been altered to neutralize all non-Elorean anomalies. There are 3 levels of Suppression: Suppressed I inflicts a -1 penalty to all anomalous rolls; Suppressed II inflicts a -3 penalty; and Suppressed III inflicts a -5 penalty. Depending on the source, the Suppressed status may wear off on its own, or the focus must be destroyed or disabled to remove the status effect.
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