Dr. Zachary Issac Zachariah

Name: Doctor Zachary Issac Zachariah AKA "Ziz"
Purpose: Ally
Nature: Impatient and condescending. Kind at heart, though.
Description/History: A plump German man who likes to wear expensive suits and has a penchant for rooster paraphernalia. Former minor sky god and current Site-22 Logistics Director.
Other: Limited ability in human form

Physical Health: 45
Mental Health: 45

Physical Defense: 10
Mental Defense: 9
Perception: 12
Agility: 9
Strength: 8

Melee: 8
Ranged: 12

Sneak: 6
Academics: 10
Medical: 12


  • Prevailing Westerlies: Has the ability to control strong gusts of winds
  • Under Strict Observation: Can focus to see any event going on in the world at the present.

Engagement Style: Prefers to avoid fights if possible. Uses wind powers to knock away most opposition.

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