The Houses

Major Houses

House Radford

House Radford is the foremost experts of thaumaturgy in all of Elora. Their mastery of the ethereal arts falls second only to the Royal Family, and they are capable of bringing their artistry to bear without second thought or hesitation.

House Dai

House Dai serves two important purposes in Elora: they traditionally hold the seat of the High Courts of law, and also record all the moments in Elora's history. Agents of House Dai are everywhere, recording history, and ensuring that the laws of Elora are upheld to their exacting standard.

House Ornitz

House Ornitz holds the traditional place of Elora's defense command, as well as providing the sole protection of the Diamond Citadel. Their lords and ladies are all required to rise up to the Grandmaster rank before being welcomed back home as nobility, ensuring that the family retains its military strength and martial prowess.

Minor Houses

House Zaida

A relatively small minor house, they are skilled alchemists and apothecaries by trade.

House Vandreyen

A small house specializing in socialites and spies, they are notable as being a house composed of fairies and half-fairies. In good standing with House Dai.

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