Name: Alexander Thorncastle-Reeves
Purpose: Arc Boss.
Nature: Insane, vengeaful zealot hellbent on destroying the Foundation for slaughtering/breaking his family. Particular vendetta against MTF Commander Anton Liverich.
Description/History: ATR is the oldest of 5 children born to the Thorncastle-Reeves family, a dynasty of bred killers and bodyguards for the Graves family in London. Following a Foundation raid led by Anton Liverich that left ATR without mother and some brothers, he, sister Nicole and father Richard launched a campaign of vengeance. Anton Liverich put Richard down, and Nicole injured Alexander before fleeing into the DC night.

Physical appearance: Alexander is a towering, 7'3 colossus of muscle and homicidal insanity. A poised, polite and exquisite facade of voice and speech conceals the monster beneath. Alexander has a metallic leg, leading to a limp, and wears a grimy, torn and bloody suit and coat outfit along in fidelity to some twisted perception of style and professionalism. There are three bullet holes in his left cheek and the right cheek, and much of the jaw, is blown completely off.
Other: ATR's knife technically isn't sharp enough to cut since it's a horrific mess of jagged edges and purposefully warped steel. However, he cuts and stabs with it anyway through brute strength.

Physical Health: 20
Mental Health: 15

Physical Defense: 3
Mental Defense:
Perception: 2
Agility: 2
Strength: 4

Intimidation: 4

Melee: 4
Ranged: 1



  • Eviscerate: 3: Should ATR successfully grab an enemy and remain grabbing them for one term, he will land a guaranteed MELEE attack for +3 Damage. ATR must be unbalanced(a weak point hit, melee attacked from grasped target or from other enemies) for his target to break free.
  • Grab: 2: ATR will suddenly lunge forward and attempt to grab and lift an opponent by the throat for +2 AGILITY.
  • Sundering Blow: 3: Any non-knife melee attacks made by ATR receive a -2 MELEE dmg. However, they will apply a -1 debuff to ATHLETICS that can stack and will persist until a a cursory medical check or the run ends.

Engagement Style: Will try to get in close for melee combat or for a grab.

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