Mobile Task Force PSI-7


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Task Force Assignment: PSI-7 handles demolitions and decommissioning hazardous anomalies as well as anomalous structures. Typically, the MTF is sent on missions as general backup, but is specifically used for demolitions and missions where the most important thing is that the target is thoroughly destroyed. Agents are encouraged to have a background in demolitions or structural engineering, but the bar for recruitment is much less specific given the broad usages of the task force. Agents are required to help with security patrols and manual labor for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: PSI-7 AKA ‘Home Improvement’ is one of the oldest MTFs to date compared to its’ counterpart, EPSILON-9. Formed in 1953, PSI-7 is a relic of past in terms of operating procedures- the task force handles very loosely on orders and specialties, and is used now as general backup, demolitions, and decommissioning.

PSI-7 has a very long and dense history spanning 30 years active- this has fallen off recently however, due to the task force’s nature of being widely spread throughout the Foundation’s reach.

Current Members

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