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Task Force Assignment: ‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ handles thaumaturgy, psychology, and history. This Task Force is primarily sent on missions to deal with ‘magic’ anomalies, anomalies with any historical influence, artifacts, et cetera; they are also encouraged to go on missions that involve dealing with the public. Agents require a background in their respective fields (social or occult studies), but this is a less stringent requirement then it is for the other task forces. A degree of social skill is encouraged. OMEGA-5 agents are required to aid in the archives, writing cover stories, or researching anomalies for their historical value or thaumatic energy for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: OMEGA-5, AKA ‘Classical Education’, is not to be confused with the O5 Council. All documentation of OMEGA-5 will henceforth refer to the MTF as 'CLASSICAL EDUCATION’.

‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ sprang from a collaborative effort between the Foundation and Brookridge Academy in the early 1960s after Agent Caitlin Ashland and company extended hands to bridge gaps between certain Serpent’s Hand sects and the Foundation. After the separation of the Serpent’s Hand from the Wanderer’s Library in 197█, Brookridge Academy has fully integrated into the Foundation as a front school for ‘gifted individuals’. ‘Classical Education’ has since integrated into a variety of fields since its’ inception, including but not limited to: Relations, Counter-intelligence, Occult Connections, et. al.

‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ has made a variety of breakthroughs in the Intelligence community of the Foundation in recent years, having cracked multiple codices once thought insolvable by the occult and xenological communities at large.

Current Members

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