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Then who is?

That's for you to decide. The SCP Foundation could become it. It might be the Global Occult Coalition. Maybe the Unusual Incidents Unit, or even the Serpents Hand They're all growing in power and size every day. The world is not the same as it was last week, or even last year. There are hunters and prey, and every day something new can happen.

The Foundation will need to be willing to put it all on the table to come out on top.

What's this game all about?

This is a game about a mid-to-late-1950's SCP Foundation, attempting to navigate the increasingly muddy waters of the anomalous world, as they are not yet, and perhaps might not ever be, the biggest player in the room.

The Foundation is operating from a position of weakness. Every day, it faces the real threats of running out of money, resources, and warm bodies.

And yet, it endures.

The game takes place in Site-77, located in Italy. It is one of the most advanced Foundation facilities so far. Characters have labs, engineering zones, medical bays, and the bunker is sunk far enough into the earth to survive a direct bombing hit. Probably.

Missions generally involve the player characters retrieving anomalous objects, dealing with phenomenon, or attempting to prevent another organization from achieving something. Of course, so much more can go on. Check out the Logs page for some examples.

Who's in the Foundation?

The Foundation is made up of varied and unique personnel, some of whom you can see on the Characters page and in The Universe if you're more interested in the administrators who keep the place running.

Player characters are mostly normal humans, but there are allowances for anomalous personnel. The Foundation cannot afford to be picky and choosy, and there's no point in locking somebody up when they could be useful. They're a lot more tolerant of openly anomalous personnel than others might be.

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