Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 are a joint Intelligence and Combat task force. Typically tasked with operations against cult and religious activity surrounding suspected or confirmed SCPs, they have recently been pulling convoy duty for Foundation assets that are being moved. The MTF itself is rather small, ten field operatives in all with a small intelligence team attached. The team itself is granted access to heavy weapons on a regular basis, and the MTF is proud to have possession of a World War 2 Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234 armoured car, capable of being fitted with a 20mm autocannon in a turret, a 50mm cannon in a turret, or a 75mm cannon in a raised superstructure. The Puma has been affectionately named 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', or 'Cathy' for short, by the task force.

The Iconoclasts are remaining in close contact with Psi-7 for the purposes of dealing with the Laughing Court entities. During missions they may be on standby as reinforcements, or actively supporting the Agents of Psi-7 from the start. The services of 'Cathy' may even be offered if Screaming Rooks are known to be present.

Captain O'Riley, attempting to remain professional.

Edward O'Riley, MTF 2IC:

Edward O'Riley is the acting commander of Lambda-9, and is a former Captain in the Royal Irish Fusiliers and for a time the RAF Regiment. Six foot tall, with black hair and green eyes, he also wears a bit of stubble. A brash, often rude man, he has far less tolerance for failure than his commander, and has a dim view of Psi-7. His no-nonsense approach earns him few friends in the other task forces, but he is noticably more relaxed around his own team. He prefers to wear his uniform, and on missions is usually seen with his Lee-Enfield rifle, though of late he has taken to using a FAL.

Carl Mann, interrupted at work.

Carl Mann, Engineer:

Carl Mann is Lambda-9's resident engineer and mechanic, and can most often be found maintaining or tinkering with 'Cathy'. A shorter man with a Boston accent, brown hair and blue eyes, he's friendly enough, but always more interested in a person's equipment than the actual person he's speaking to. He usually only carries his 1911 pistol unless he expects a fight.

Jennifer Banks, spotting criminal activity.

Jennifer Banks, Investigator:

Jennifer Banks is Lambda-9's field intelligence officer, usually found pouring over reports and interrogation logs. A very tall, slight woman with disproportionately long limbs, a neutral accent, straight black hair and brown eyes, Jennifer is the lone survivor of an ill-fated experiment with genetic modification, intended to program proficiency at particular tasks into individuals, such as medicine, labour etc. Jennifer was programmed in this manner to be the perfect detective, and despite the failure of the program and a few complications in her creation, she was the program's success, a pretenaturally skilled investigator. She carries few weapons herself, often only her S&W Model 10 revolver.

Lucy Farrier, context of 'armour' unknown.

Lucy 'Red' Farrier, POI Retrieval Specialist:

Red is the Task Force's non-lethal take down expert, adept in every martial art she has encountered. A small woman at four foot eight, with a shock of short red hair and grey eyes, she's a capable gymnast as well, and a preferred strategy is to conceal her within a box for a surprise attack. Hailing from the east end of London, she has a thick, often unintelligable cockney accent, though she has been known to overplay her accent to confuse others when it amuses her. Armed only with a Foundation issue 1911 pistol and a Ka-Bar knife, she prefers to use her own hands and feet when she can.

Michelle Boucher, prior to her employment by the Foundation.

Michelle 'Doc' Boucher, Field Medic:

Michelle is the team's field medic, an often vital role given the task force's activities. Standing at 5'6", with brown hair and eyes, Michelle was born in Belgium and trained as a nurse after the war. She was employed by the Foundation and transferred to Lambda-9 after demonstrating an incredible fortitude during a large containment breach, tending to the injuries of guards and agents scant metres from ongoing combat. When on mission, she usually only carries a Ruby pistol and a flick-knife, occasionally carrying a Grease gun SMG.

Lawrence Richards, undercover.

Lawrence Richards, Diplomat and Disguise Expert:

Lawrence is, perhaps, the least suited to field work in the task force. That is not to say he is unsuited, but he is however the only member of the task force without any formal combat training save for drills on the range. A master of the social arts, an expert at disguises and a true polyglot, Lawrence is a cheerful, patient man who often 'smooths over' social interactions around O'Riley. An older man in his middle ages, he is nonetheless fit as a fiddle thanks to Foundation fitness regimes. Standing at 5'10" with greying black hair and sharp blue eyes. His most common weapons are a Beretta 950 for its concealability and a flick knife, though he does take up a MAT-49 when needed.

Naomi Nowak, during the Polish Resistance.

Naomi Nowak, 'Field Solutions':

Naomi is a 5'7" Polish woman, brown haired with grey eyes. The youngest member of the task force, her parents fought in the Polish resistance movement, and was partially involved herself towards the end of the war. With the end of the war, and an ill-fated attempt to resist communist control that her parents were involved with, she fled Poland to the United States, where she was found by the Foundation. An outwardly cheerful woman, she's usually dressed in a Polish uniform from the resistance, and is a master at 'Creating solutions to problems in the field', in her own words, using her experience with explosives, sabertague and the like. Her primary weapon is a looted MG42, but she also owns an MP 40 and a Walther P38.

Darrin Archer, during an inter-MTF rugby game.

Darrin Archer, Occult and Religion Expert:

Darrin is an intimidating agent, standing at 6'5" with ginger hair and blue eyes, with faded grey tattoos covering his skin from the neck down. These tattoos are in fact a series of runes and sigils designed to focus and direct anima, allowing for powerful magical attacks, as well as more subtle effects. A boistrous and friendly agent, he is the task force's expert on religion and the occult. He carries few weapons due to his abilities, however he does carry a Foundation 1911 pistol and a survival knife.

Harry Wood, in a San Francisco police station.

Harry Wood, Inspector:

Harry is the task force's newest member, a former San Francisco Police Department inspector, he was hired by the Foundations after the events in Geyserville, in which he killed a Psi-7 agent in self-defense. After Command discovered that Harry had been on the scene of suspected anomalous activity twice before the Foundation, and in each time with more information than the Foundation, the decision was made to hire him and assign him to Lambda-9 to fill the gap in the roster. 5'11" with light brown hair and brown eyes, Harry is a tough, intimidating agent, surprisingly adept at personal combat for a police inspector, and since joining the team is the witness side of the investigation to Jennifer's hard evidence side. He usually only carries his S&W Model 10 revolver and a switchblade, but since joining the Foundation has recieved training with more weapons.

Lambda-9 Armoury:

Lambda-9, as a task force with a wide variety of specialist deployments, maintains their own selection of weaponry and equipment for these deployments, in addition to the preferred weaponry of each agent.


Lambda-9 makes use of the standard issue Foundation 1911 pistols, however they do use two other pistols on a routine basis for tactical reasons. Colt Pythons are issued for their stopping power, along with the ability to quickly load specialist rounds (such as silver rounds etc), whilst Beretta 950s are issued as concealed weapons.


Between their 'door kicking' operations and heavy use of motorbikes, SMGs are a valuable asset in the Lambda-9 armoury. Lambda-9 uses CZ Model 25s in this role, though the intelligence corps are persuing a contract for the brand-new Israeli Uzis.


As a Foundation task force, Lambda-9 has access to the Foundation issue FN-Fal rifles, however these rifles are usually simply too large and heavy for the task force, unsuitable for use fighting from motorbikes and unwieldy to stow inside their armoured car. Instead, Lambda-9 favours modified M1 Garands, cut-down tank-crew variants. For the sniping role they make use of M1D Garand sniper rifles.


Due to their often close range activites, Lambda-9 uses shotguns heavily. The preferred shotgun is the Foundation issue Remington 870 when expecting heavy combat, and the wide variety of specialist loads, especially non-lethal loads. They however also make use of Winchester Model 1897 Trench Guns for the 'slam fire' ability.

Machine Guns

Lambda-9 makes little use of machine guns, mostly relying on 'Cathy' or on Naomi's MG42 when that kind of fire support is needed. However, they maintain a pair of Bren guns for emergency situations, as well as a single M2 Browning.

'Cathy', with 20mm turret mounted.


The Puma armoured car known as 'Cathy' has been with Lambda-9 for quite some time. On one of their early missions against MC&D clients, the armoured car was discovered inside a shipping container. Given the intended recipient, the Foundation had no qualms about seizing the vehicle and the extra components located in other shipping crates. Painted in US military colours, with risqué paintings of women on each of the turret/superstructure options, 'Cathy' is treated as an honourary member of the task force by the other Iconoclasts.

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