Charles Radford

Name: Charles Radford
Purpose: Ally
Nature: Bashful, prideful, but loyal.
Description/History: A young man with a proud bearing, whose hair is a very pale blonde. His eyes are naturally green, but shift towards a burning violet when his invocation abilities are active.

Physical Health: 14
Mental Health: 14

Physical Defense: 6
Mental Defense: 4
Perception: 5
Agility: 4
Strength: 5

Persuasion: 5
Intimidation: 3
Bluff: 4

Melee: 6
Ranged: 5
Survival: 4

Academics: 5
Science: 3
Engineering: 4
Medical: 4

Flux: 30
Ethereal Shadow: 10m
Flux Regeneration Rate: 2 Flux/turn


  • Duelist: Charles is an accomplished fencer, reflected in his weapon choice - a Sakura-tempered rapier. +6 Melee when engaging a singular enemy at close range with his personal weapon.
  • Unyielding Blade: Charles, a man raised to honor his oath, will not back down from an assigned task, even on duress of death or worse. +4 Mental Defense against any attack to dissuade him from performing a mission-related task.
  • Catch Your Dying Breath: Charles multiplies his output damage by d10 upon performing a FUDGE critical (+,+,+,+).
  • Viral Augmentation: Charles' infection with the Coxwell virus has augmented his body's flux capacity. His overall flux is increased by 50%.


  • Inverted World: (Paradox III, 4 Flux/turn to maintain) Upon successful activation, four random stats, determined by 4d10, are modified so that the resulting number, if added to the original stat magnitude, equals 12.
  • Regenesis: (Paradox I, 2 Flux/turn to maintain) Upon successful activation, all allies within Charles' ethereal shadow will heal from non-fatal injures at a rate of 2 PHealth/turn.
  • Calvacade of Angels: (Paradox III, 15 Flux) Charles utilizes his internal flux and amplifies its destructive properties, the result manifesting as an explosion with him at the epicenter. Deals 2d10 magical damage to ALL within Charles' ethereal shadow, and leaves Charles unconscious at the end of the turn, with 1 Flux unit remaining.
  • Blowing Blossom: (Paradox II, 5 Flux) Charles may utilize flux to form an ethereal mirror, allowing himself to appear beside any selected ally.
  • Encased Lightning: (Paradox II, 3 Flux/turn to maintain) Charles channels his flux into his melee weapon, amplifying the power behind his strikes. While this invocation is active, Charles adds +2 magical damage on top of any melee strikes he performs.

Engagement Style: Charles is an adaptable fighter - he will engage from easily defensible positions at range, complementing his marksmanship with his own magical talent. He will also augment his physical strikes with prepared invocations to catch opponents off guard. He prefers physical combat to ranged combat, but is not averse to gunning down opponents.

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