Oscar "Drake" Davidson

Basic Info:

Player: WarFanq_

Position: Researcher

Demeanour: Laid back, goofy, a complete extrovert, and essentially rather unprofessional in appearance.

Nature: His laid-back nature is often the most dominant, though he will attempt to adopt a more serious tone while working or conversing with superiors. That being said, attempts to do so are often flawed at best, and his mannerisms of speech usually lapse into something far more casual.

Description: Drake is a Caucasian male with pale, freckled skin, standing at just over 6ft in height, and has a lean frame. His hair is of a light, reddish-blonde colour, and usually sits loose, or is tied up loosely with a single red ribbon. The length of his hair reaches just above his hips. His eyes are a rather bright green flecked with noticeable tints of gold, and he is often seen wearing glasses, though said glasses are actually of no use to him whatsoever, and appear to merely be for fashion. He has a long face and a narrow, square chin, sporting what appears to be the beginnings of a beard. His left arm and hand are heavily covered in burn scars, and there is also the absence of the fifth digit from this hand. Bandages and appropriate gloves are often worn to mask this.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defence: 4
  • Mental Defence: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Eidetic Memory: 3. An unusual ability to accurately recall visual information down to every last detail. Particularly useful for his job where observation is key. (+1 Science while working)
  • Flight, not fight: 3. While he certainly isn't built for fighting, he can definitely run. Being as tall and lithe as he is, he can pick up a commendable amount of speed while on the move, though it's not like it will allow him to dodge bullets. (+1 AGI when in danger)
  • Medical Maniac: 4. Years of being pushed to study medical science has led to Drake developing a vast knowledge of various medical practises, and is able to put this into effect through first aid in an emergency situation.(+1 Medical in an emergency situation)
  • Friendly disposition: 2. Drake, by nature, is a very extroverted man, and enjoys socialising with others. Often he will attempt to disengage or otherwise avoid conflict in conversation, aiming to diffuse tensions with his goofy attitude. (+1 Persuasion in social situations)





  • Spare ribbons. (In the event that he happens to lose one)
  • A box containing bandages.
  • A sewing kit containing a few spools of white, black and grey thread; assorted buttons; safety pins; and needles of varying lengths and thicknesses.
  • A collection of journals and notepads.
  • Various encyclopaedias, specifically ones detailing biology.
  • English/Italian Dictionary

Personal History:

Drake was born to into the Davidson family on May 17th, 1934 in Manhattan, NY. His mother unfortunately passed away during childbirth and he was left to be raised by his father, a man who originated from Manchester, England.

From since Drake was young, he was often urged by his father to pursue a career in medicine, and was often provided with books detailing on medical practices as a child.
Having not much else to do, he read them often, and soon found himself to be intrigued in the practises the books entailed.

Progressing through the years he made and lost friends much like any other child would, and of course had earned some form of a reputation for himself when he developed an unnatural obsession with pyrotechnics. This led to the initial nickname of 'Firedrake', which was later on simplified to just 'Drake', and is a nickname he still carries to this day.
It was an obsession that would soon turn out to be dangerous, however, when an unfortunate accident involving a poorly-constructed and highly-flammable container exploded in his midst, causing severe burns to his arm and hand, and the damage even went as far as the loss of a digit.
Learning from this mistake, pyrotechnics was something seldom to be ever delved into again, and he instead turned towards a career in medical science, much to the joy of his overbearing father.

Drake came to be at the foundation after seeking employment as a medical researcher or something of that calibre within the foundation's facilities, hoping to land himself with a decent job, unawares of the consequences such an undertaking may have.


  • English
  • Italian (Less-than fluently)


  • Chances are, Drake won't respond immediately when called by his first name. He's far too used to his nickname of 'Drake'.
  • The only reason Drake even covers his scars is because the skin his highly sensitive now, not because it is unsightly.
  • Someone's gonna tell the poor man to get a haircut. On that day, nobody survives.

XP: 0

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