McHinigin MaHanagin (Mac)

Basic Info:

Player: Snowager

Position: Experienced Handyman.

Demeanor: McHinigin is a rough around the edge, hardworking man… and a drunkard.

Nature: Beneath his rough exterior he has a heart of not gold. well… not gold… more like bronze…? he's still kind and has a gentle spirit, but he's not your knight in shining armor by a long shot..

Description: McHinigin is a stocky man standing at 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has a long matted red beard with short matching hair on the top of his head. McHinigin’s eyes are a dark brown and can be generally seen walking about in an oil-stained shirt and a pair of brown overalls.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 6
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 6
  • Engineering: 6
  • In the wrong place at the right time: +2. When lost this character gains a +2 to bluff.
  • Mechanic: +4. When working on vehicles this character gets a +4 to Engineering.
  • Like a dwarf but tall(er): +2. When taller than their opponent this character gets a +2 to Intimidation


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  • Two flasks of Whiskey
  • Sturdy backpack
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket-Knife
  • A satchel of tools
  • Punch Dagger/Brass Knuckles combo


Pet Stoat
Partially Disassembled Engine (Small engine, not a full on truck)
Coat of Arms for the MaHanagin family.
Claymore (Sword)

Personal History:

McHinigin began his life in a town by the name of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. From a young age McHinigin was fascinated in his father’s work as a mechanic. McHinigin was the youngest of four brothers but he was the tallest, years of brotherly “love” made him an excellent fighter while his work on machines and building helped him develop excellent strength. His family never had a lot of money but that mattered little to McHinigin as his eyes where set on working like his father rather than a proper schooling.

When he became of age he worked at his father's shop and did so until his father's passing. Devastated not only by the passing but by his older brothers retaining the shop Hinigin began drinking heavily and decided to return to his parents homeland of Ireland.

Working the few odd jobs in the city of Dublin, McHinigin began getting more and more frustrated by the unfairness of the world. While in one of his drunken stupors Hinigin was wondering the streets where he came across a chaos insurgency agent about to assassinate a foundation agent. McHinigin in his quick thinking ways stumbled over the chaos agent and started slurring at him in Gaelic before throwing up on him. The agent in obvious offensive tried stabbing McHinigin at which point using his great smarts began beating the man to a bloody pulp.

The foundation agent so impressed by McHinigins performance and initiative approached and thanked the the inebriated fellow. McHinigin at the complaints began bawling his eyes out and told his whole story to the agent. Out of both amazement and pity the agent offered McHinigin a job who happily accepted. The next morning he awoke with a letter a job offer and a blistering headache.


  • English
  • Gaelic
  • Welsh (Written)


Favorite Alcohol is Irish Whiskey.
Raging Alcoholic (Literally)

XP: 0

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