Alexander "Goggles" Hammar

Basic Info:

Player: MeguminTCD.

Position: Field technician/Combat medic.

Demeanor: Anti-social, quiet, bold.

Nature: Kind, courageous, and a tad arrogant.

Description: 5'7" (170cm), 130 pounds (59kg), slightly tanned mixed race male (Asian/Caucasian), green and hazel eyes, black hair, thirty six (36) years old.
Prefers to wear full, standard issue, MTF combat gear, with a personalized medical kit attached to the back, and a tool-kit to be attached to the belt.



Physical Health: 7.
Mental Health: 7.


Physical Defense: 3.
Mental Defense: 5.
Perception: 4.
Agility: 2.
Strength: 4.


Persuasion: 2
Intimidation: 5

Ranged: 4.
Survival: 4.

Science: 2.
Engineering: 5.
Medical: 5.


Hunter's upbringing: 3. His mother being a hunter, he learned how to properly catch animals from a young age. (+3 when trying to shoot animals and creatures)
Medic's hustle: 4. Running around the battlefield in WWII, tending the men, has taught Goggles when to get a move on. (+2 agility when running to tend injured)
Maintenance duty: 2. Getting stuck fixing the jeeps at a military base sucks, but you learn a thing or two. (+2 when repairing automobiles)

An FN FAL combat rifle.
7.62x51mm magazines.
A Walther PPK.
32. ACP magazines.
Personalized medical kit. (Standard issue, but with extra battle dressings and an emergency O- blood bag.)
Standard issue tool kit.

An assortment of button down shirts, and jeans.
One Christian.
One personal journal.

Personal History: Alexander was born in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, on November 4th, 1921. Born to a engineer, Goggles spent many years of his childhood working with his father on his assorted projects. His mother was an avid hunter, and once he was old enough, Alexander's mother began taking him on hunts, so from an early age he'd learned to shoot, make traps, and create campsites. As soon as he was of age, Alexander decided to enlist in the army's medical corps, where he learned most of the medical knowledge he knows today. In the army, he learned about firearms and how to properly field-strip and maintain firearms, as well as vehicle maintenance. He served in WWII, but was forced out of combat by a gunshot to the thigh, he made a full recovery.

After the war, Goggles was approached by the Global Occult Coalition for his medical and mechanical talents, and through the G.O.C. learned about the Foundation, and applied for a job.


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