Equipment and Crafting

Equipment Points

The equipment and crafting systems use "equipment points."

Equipment points are gained by:

  • Completing certain tasks on runs or events that go above what was required
  • Good role-playing
  • Run attendance. Each run you attend (to the end, generally, unless the GM is feeling generous) will give 1/4 of an equipment point. When you accumulate 4 quarters you amazingly get one whole equipment point!

You have a set number of three equipment slots, which cannot be altered by anything

Equipment points can be exchanged for unique run loot if items are found on said run.

They can also be spent on equipment on the Unlockable Equipment page, with the cost being equal to the bonus the equipment gives.

Equipment of all kinds can be broken down for half it's point value rounded down.


Crafting is done using equipment points to make equipment, which can provide certain buffs in situations, have unique effects, and is generally meant to compliment or compensate for your character.

Crafting proposals should detail what the equipment does and how it is to be crafted to an extent.

For any bonus past +3, or the equivalent in utility, it costs +3 to the bonus, for example a +4 would be 7, a +5 would be 8, and so on

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