Fae Evan's got his longcoat on.
[13:38] Nemi Ami, nicely dressed but with mission gear in a duffelbag, hurries into the motorpool!
[13:38] dragonwielder Mickey is in his jeans and bomber jacket outfit. He follows everyone to the motorpool.
[13:39] Fae Evan heads to motorpool.
[13:39] DSJ Amadeo runs to the motorpool as well
[13:39] Balthazaar In the motorpool is a man in abrown suit. He waves folks over! "Psi 7?"
[13:40] Fae "Yeah."
[13:40] TheRaven Will shows up, but hasn't grabbed his mission gear yet.
[13:40] dragonwielder "That's us."
[13:40] DSJ Amadeo nods.
[13:40] Nemi "Yessir!" Ami hefts the way-too-large duffel as she approaches!
[13:42] dragonwielder Mickey approaches. As he does, he shakes the deodorant can.
[13:42] Balthazaar "Ah, good. Well, we have a bit of a mystery on our hands I'm afraid… We recieved a call from a former field agent, concerned something has been afoot in their home town. hey requested Psi-7 specifically… You'll be flown to Maine, and a car will take you to this address." He hands out cards with an address written on it. "The former agent will brief you on their investigation."
[13:42] dragonwielder He nods.
[13:43] Nemi ".. Ah. Hm. I see! Alright!" Amelie looks at the card to take the address to memory.
[13:43] DSJ Amadeo looks over the card, putting it in his pocket after reading it.
[13:44] dragonwielder Mickey reads over the card, and then puts it in his jacket.
[13:44] TheRaven "We blending in, or going loud?"
[13:44] Balthazaar 19 Blackwater lane, Maine
[13:44] Balthazaar "Try to blend in, but your own safety is our primary concern."
[13:44] Fae EVan reads and slips away the card.
[13:45] Nemi "Alright. Dress light, carry light, but carry." Amelie nods. "I am ready." She hefts the heavy duffel without much difficulty!
[13:46] dragonwielder "I guess I'm all set then."
[13:46] Balthazaar "I'll drive you to the airstrip."
[13:46] Balthazaar He hops in the van
[13:47] TheRaven "Roger that." Will disappears momentarily to grab his go-bag, and returns shortly after. No heavy weapons, but a 1911 in a shoulder holster under his jacket, a boot knife and a rucksack of loose gear including an M3 SMG.
[13:48] dragonwielder Mickey steps into the van.
[13:48] DSJ Amadeo goes to his room, grabs his gear and changes into a plain t-shirt and pants. He then gets in the van.
[13:49] Nemi Amelie climbs into the van! She smiles shyly to Will before buckling in and hugging her bag to herself.
[13:49] Balthazaar the van takes the team to the airstrip, where a plane is waiting! It looks ex military, sturdy, fast, the works!
[13:49] Fae Evan brings a small Walther, just in case things go way south.
[13:50] Balthazaar "Oh, and by the way, since there is no landing strip near your target, you'll be parachuting in."
[13:50] Balthazaar Safe travels!" the brown suit man waves cheerily
[13:50] dragonwielder Mickey checks his weaponry and all that. Upon hearing the parachute thing he looks up. "Second mission in a row that inhale had to do that's
[13:51] dragonwielder *that"*
[13:51] DSJ Amadeo heads over to the plane, entirely fine with parachuting.
[13:51] TheRaven "Oh christ not this again."
[13:51] Nemi "Oh! Airdropping! How exciting! I haven't done this in a week!"
[13:52] Fae Evan's okay with this.
[13:52] dragonwielder "I swear to god if there are flying monkeys or some shit this time. That's all I need to make it a clone of the last mission."
[13:52] DSJ "Hm, I'm surprised it's that common here."
[13:53] DSJ "I doubt flying primates are common."
[13:53] Nemi Amelie coughs softly.
[13:53] Fae "You get used to it pretty quickly, kid."
[13:53] dragonwielder "Neither are exploding sharks."
[13:53] dragonwielder "But it happened."
[13:54] dragonwielder "And it was glorious."
[13:54] DSJ "I don't see why exploding sharks would be glorious."
[13:54] Balthazaar the plane is ready and waiting
[13:54] DSJ "It frankly sounds like a terrible thing to do to a shark."
[13:55] Nemi Amelie shall board the aeroplane!
[13:55] DSJ Amadeo boards the plane
[13:55] TheRaven Will boards, grumbling.
[13:55] dragonwielder Mickey boards the plane as well. "Hey. It was either blow them up or be eaten."
[13:55] Fae Evan boards.
[13:56] Balthazaar The plane takes off. It's several hours to your destination
[13:56] DSJ "You couldn't have just shot them?"
[13:57] Nemi Ami will sit near Will, if possible, and generally try and sleep until it's time to make their descent.
[13:57] dragonwielder "They were literally /made/ to explode. They would have exploded if I shot them."
[13:58] DSJ "Whatever, we're still not going to be attacked by flying monkeys when we jump."
[13:58] dragonwielder "You better hope."
[13:58] Nemi "The flying monkeys were quite personable when you got to know them!"
[13:59] Balthazaar After a time, there's a big "Boop" sounds. you're given parachutes. "Okay, wer'e above the landing zone, we all ready?"
[13:59] dragonwielder He sighs. "Yeah. I actually regret shooting that one monkey…"
[13:59] dragonwielder "Ready? Yes. Willing? Not exactly."
[13:59] DSJ "Yes, I am."
[13:59] Fae "Ready."
[14:00] TheRaven "Ready as I'll ever be to jump out of a damn plane."
[14:01] dragonwielder Mickey nods at Will's statement. Being a grumpgrump.
[14:01] Balthazaar the back opens up. "Landing zone will be marked with a bonfire. On three, now. !…"
[14:01] Balthazaar "1…."
[14:01] Balthazaar "2…"
[14:01] Balthazaar 3!"
[14:01] Fae Evan jumps.
[14:01] dragonwielder He sighs, stepping out of the plane.
[14:02] DSJ Amadeo calmly jumps.
[14:02] Balthazaar the air is cool and it's cloudy tonight. thunder rumbles now and then
[14:02] Nemi Amelie, pack on her fore and parachute on her back, leaps out into the clouds! Wheee!
[14:02] dragonwielder ~Focus on the fire. Focus on the fire….~
[14:02] TheRaven Will jumps. "FFFFFfffffuuuuu-"
[14:03] Balthazaar you can all see where you're landing
[14:03] dragonwielder When the time comes, Mickey pulls activates the parachute.
[14:03] dragonwielder *-pulls*
[14:03] Fae Evan pulls his chute at the right moment.
[14:03] Balthazaar It's ina big fenced area, seemingly a really big property, with many trees, a rural area. There's a cliff bordering the property overlooking the rough atlantic sea.
[14:04] Balthazaar There's a ranch house nearby, and the bonfire is sizeable
[14:04] Nemi Amelie also pulls to glide down to landing!
[14:04] dragonwielder Mickey throws the chute pack aside when he lands.
[14:05] DSJ Amadeo calmly and carefully lands, discarding his parachute after he does so
[14:05] Nemi When Ami lands, she'll be landing in something of a jog to diffuse the impact force before shedding her pack as well.
[14:06] Balthazaar It's a little windy, cold and dark. there's a storm out to sea. A pair of dogs bark at you from what must be the front yard, locked up away from this yard, the back
[14:07] Nemi Ami shall take her big bag off her front and throw it over a shoulder. She'll carefully lean into the wind and cold (like home! aaah!) to look for.. Mailboxes, lettering on the building, anything to confirm the address.
[14:07] Balthazaar there's lots of pne trees and ash tree groves, and a lowlying mist floats about. thehuse is old, made of stone and timber, with a big round window overlooking the sea. There's a short figure standing on the back porch waving you over!
[14:07] Balthazaar there's a mailbox! 19 Blackwater Lane
[14:07] DSJ Amadeo approaches the figure, having matched up the address
[14:07] dragonwielder Mickey pops his neck and looks to Will. "So. How was your landing?"
[14:08] Nemi Is that the place? Ami approaches the figure as well, waving enthusiastically!
[14:08] dragonwielder He heads towards the figure, giving a wave.
[14:08] Fae Evan glances around. New england always gives him a weird vibe.
[14:09] |<— TheRaven has left (
[14:09] |<— Prior has left (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[14:09] >| TheRaven (||nevar.a) has joined #homeimprovement
[14:11] Balthazaar the figure looks like a short lady. the lights of the house are silhouetting her. "come inside!" the door is open
[14:12] dragonwielder Mickey cautiously steps closer.
[14:12] DSJ Is she just a silhouette, or is there clearly a person there?
[14:12] Nemi Ami does as bid, hugging her bag!
[14:12] Fae Evan follows.
[14:14] Balthazaar Definitely a person.
[14:15] dragonwielder Mickey cautiously steps towards the house.
[14:15] |<
DSJ has left (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
[14:15] >| DSJ (~AndChat17@4BAE12AF:AE18B6DA:CD110D1A:IP) has joined #homeimprovement
[14:15] Balthazaar Inside is nice. A pair of couches, an armchair, kitchen and living room, dining table and tv, with a big fireplace. There's a baby in a highchair at the table, looking pretty young.
[14:15] TheRaven Will slowly approaches.
[14:16] dragonwielder He eventually steps inside, looking around.
[14:16] DSJ Amadeo does as well
[14:16] Fae EVan takes a look around, trying not to be too intrusive. He may have to duck a bit.
[14:17] Balthazaar "Wipe your feet, team!" The woman says bossily. She's short, slim and very pretty with long blonde hair in a ponytail. "Oh my gosh Will, hi!" Emily flings herself at Will, giving him a big hug.
[14:17] Fae He does so.
[14:17] dragonwielder Mickey wipes his feet.
[14:17] Balthazaar The place has timber floors with rugs, an oil painting of a ship at sea on one wall, many photos on another
[14:17] Fae Evan the giant tips his hat to the lady as he enters.
[14:18] Nemi Amelie does so! She blinks at the woman's enthusiasm, and scowls a little as she scurries over to Will's side.
[14:18] dragonwielder "Ello." Mickey nods to the woman.
[14:18] TheRaven "Oh hell, it's been a while. So what are we doing here?"
[14:19] Balthazaar She steps back, closing the door and giving the baby a pacifier. "Right, um, right to the point, okay!"
[14:19] Nemi Amelie peeks around the place, impressed, but then her gaze settles on Emily proper. She nods.
[14:21] Balthazaar "come on, I have everything in the study… There's tea and sandwiches if anyonewants." She points to the counter in the kitchen. She picks up the baby and leads the way. The baby seems fascinated with these new people.
[14:21] dragonwielder Mickey follows.
[14:22] Nemi "Oh, ah, thank you- please, that would be lovely, it's been quite a flight and it's very- unpleasant outside." Amelie follows, politely!
[14:22] DSJ Amadeo follows, picking up a sandwich on the way.
[14:22] TheRaven Will follows along, wondering just what he's gotten into now.
[14:22] dragonwielder Mickey picks up a sandwich as well.
[14:23] Balthazaar n the study, there is a chalkboard, with a list of names and locations, about half circled and with arrows pointing the word "creepy" in big bold letters. "so, um… I noticed it a while ago. This towns getting really weird…"
[14:23] DSJ "Ma'am, no offense to you, but you are sure this isn't just paranoia, right?"
[14:23] Fae ~…I like how she opperates.~
[14:23] dragonwielder "Religious undertone kind of weird?" ~please don't be that~
[14:24] Nemi Amelie sits and nibbles at a sammich as provides! She peers closely at the board, looking to see if she can make any sense of it.
[14:25] Fae "It's New England. There's always somethin' going on up here."
[14:25] Balthazaar "nono, people are going missing all over the place… Mr fischer, the Lidt family, Mary Worthington, heaps more." She points to the list of names that aren't circled. "But these ones…" She points at the circled names. "showed up again, and they're all fucked up now… Like zombies."
[14:25] dragonwielder Mickey ears the sandwich he got as well. Taking normal sized bites.
[14:25] Balthazaar Sammiches are delicious
[14:25] DSJ "Ah."
[14:25] Fae "Which kind?"
[14:25] Fae He noms a sammich.
[14:26] TheRaven "Not surprised, can't be far from…oh, you're fucking kidding me. Zombies? You have a line to Site-19 here?"
[14:26] DSJ "I assume we'll be shooting the undead, then?"
[14:26] Balthazaar "Not rea zombies, they're all dumb and blank and they just do whatever anyone tells them and they're all creepy." she points to the word creepy on the chalk board.
[14:27] Fae "Ah, that kind."
[14:27] Fae Evan begins running through a mental list of anomalies that might do that.
[14:27] dragonwielder "So…like their sentience was stolen or something?" He looks uncomfortable now.
[14:27] Nemi Amelie looks concerned. Very concerned. "Fish people zombies..?"
[14:27] DSJ "So, we're not shooting them, then."
[14:28] Balthazaar emily blinks. "Fish people…? What? No, it's like they've been lobotomized or something."
[14:28] Fae "Do they talk at all, or just kind of stand around or drift?"
[14:28] Nemi ".. Oh. I see." Amelie considers this.
[14:30] Balthazaar "they talk, but likeits rehearsed… But why I called was that since Mary came back, she's been trying to convince me and Matt and Allie here to go to this new church with her, it's all she cares about… But she didn't believe iany of that beforehand."
[14:30] Nemi ".. so brainwashing maybe.. Where is this church?"
[14:30] dragonwielder "Religious undertone."
[14:31] dragonwielder "Fucking knew it."
[14:32] Balthazaar "40 tall trees road. Across the road from the bank. "I'll show you. You can take the town car, I'll lead in the work truck."
[14:32] TheRaven "Any sightings of big things with too many tentacles around?"
[14:32] Fae 4df+3 Anomaly Analysis. Evan begins fiddling with a small object as he runs through his mental list. Any clues as to what they should be ready for?
[14:32] Glacon Fae: Anomaly Analysis. Evan begins fiddling with a small object as he runs through his mental list. Any clues as to what they should be ready for?: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
[14:33] DSJ "…the works of H P Lovecraft do not represent real life." Amadeo mutters under his breath.
[14:33] dragonwielder "I say we burn down the church. After making sure no one is inside of course."
[14:33] Nemi ".. ano, very good. I will try and speak American." Amelie rubs her nose and nods intently to Emily.
[14:33] Fae "Mickey, no."
[14:34] dragonwielder "Well. So far it sounds like the church is the source."
[14:35] DSJ "And? Burning it may go horribly wrong."
[14:35] Fae "All the more reason not to default to destruction."
[14:35] Fae Balth, any hints?
[14:35] dragonwielder "Ok…"
[14:36] Balthazaar "what? no… Just… People are going missing and when they show up, they're all… wrong…"
[14:37] Fae "Mickey. No burning anything."
[14:38] dragonwielder He sighs deeply. "Fiiiiiine."
[14:39] DSJ ~Why was a pyromaniac hired at all?~
[14:40] Nemi Ami gives Mickey a dubious look before she looks to Emily again. "Okay. Let us go and check this church."
[14:40] Balthazaar She smiles a little. "come to the garage, here's the keys." She passes them to ami
[14:40] TheRaven Will follows along.
[14:40] Nemi Ami takes the keys and follows on!
[14:40] Fae As does Evan.
[14:41] Nemi "The baby is adorable! What is the name?" She says, cheery again, as they leave the BRIEFING ROOOOOM.
[14:41] dragonwielder Mickey follows.
[14:42] DSJ Amadeo follows
[14:42] Balthazaar emily grins very wide, picking up the baby, who gurgles happily. "this is Allie! She's mommy's good little girl, yes she is! Yes she is!" she cuddles the baby, who plays with her hair.
[14:43] Nemi Amelie is all like 'daaaaaww' about this and makes with some excited chatter before they go. Sheesh, when'd you get so /girly/, Ami?
[14:43] Balthazaar she grabs the keys, carring the baby and heading to the door to the garage. She straps the baby into the work truck, an old F100, and gives them the keys to the clean looking sedan. "you all ready?"
[14:44] Fae Evan also daaaawwwww over the kid. He's a bit more reserved about it though. A bit.
[14:44] dragonwielder "Yep."
[14:44] Nemi Amelie climbs into the driver's seat of the towncar. "Ano!"
[14:45] DSJ Amadeo gets in the back of the sedan
[14:45] Fae Evan slides into the passenger's seat.
[14:45] TheRaven Will hops in the back.
[14:46] dragonwielder Mickey smiles to the child. He hops into the back as well.
[14:47] Balthazaar they set off! You're quite isolated out here, and it takes 10 minutes to drive to the town proper. The main street looks like this:
[14:48] Nemi It's so very.. America. Amelie's practicing sounding like an American as they go. She's not bad at it!
[14:49] Balthazaar People are about, some chatting, and there is a big old gothic church on one side of the road. Emily turns down an alleyway to par, indicating for them to follow
[14:49] dragonwielder Mickey just looks around.
[14:49] Balthazaar Similar to this:
[14:50] Nemi Amelie neatly pulls in beside Emily's truck!
[14:50] Balthazaar the lights are on, and there's also a cellar door.
[14:50] dragonwielder "That's some creepy religious shit right there."
[14:50] DSJ "Are you sure it's specifically religious?"
[14:50] Balthazaar Emily hops out. "This is the place… What do you all think we should do?"
[14:50] Fae 4df+3 Evan scans it, trying to pick out hints of anomaly.
[14:50] Glacon Fae: Evan scans it, trying to pick out hints of anomaly.: 5 (4df+3=-, +, +, +)
[14:50] TheRaven "Oh boy."
[14:50] DSJ Amadeo gets out of the car.
[14:50] Fae "Hold on."
[14:51] Balthazaar How does Evans scan work? Is it anomalous/
[14:51] Fae (ANomaly Analysis, btw.)
[14:51] dragonwielder Mickey stays in the car until Evan says otherwise.
[14:51] Balthazaar Evan, there's a few symbols carved into the timbers that are definitely not normal, especially on the cellar door.
[14:51] Nemi "Hm- could try front door, it is open, ano?"
[14:52] Nemi Amelie blinks, shakes her head a bit, tries again. "We could try th' front door, right? It's open and all."
[14:52] Balthazaar "yeah, open all night for prayer and stuff."
[14:52] Fae Not quite, but it's backed by decades of experience, g=heightened senses, and knowing what to look for. It's about as close as you can get to clairvoyance without it being clairvoyance.
[14:52] Fae Acad to identify the symbols? "I said hold up."
[14:52] Nemi "Try th' front door an' maybe pop in on the basement if that's nothing too helpful, maybe?"
[14:53] dragonwielder He looks to Amelie. "The heck was that?"
[14:54] Fae Academics to try to identify the symbols?
[14:54] Balthazaar Yup
[14:55] Fae 4df+8 (Academics+runebook)
[14:55] Glacon Fae: (Academics+runebook): 8 (4df+8=+, 0, 0, -)
[14:55] Nemi "What're you looking at me for, Mickey?" She sounds .. Massachusetts native, maybe?" Ami puts a hand on her hip and raises her brows at him!
[14:56] dragonwielder "The accent switch was very unexpected." Holy shit. He now sounds like a full on southern redneck.
[14:56] Balthazaar Evan, it's similar to this unwholesome cult that pops up from time to time, dedicated to "awakening" people, but generally harmless
[14:56] Nemi Ami quirks her lip, shakes her head.
[14:56] Fae "Alright, yeah, we've got cult activity."
[14:57] Balthazaar But it has subtle differences… It might be vaguely similar, but this seems newer
[14:58] dragonwielder "Cult.@
[14:58] dragonwielder *"*
[14:58] Balthazaar (Guys, I need to race out for 15, sorry)
[14:58] Fae "Those runes /should/ be harmless, unless we're also dealing with a proper thaumaturge, in which case they're not as harmless."
[14:58] dragonwielder "Put it in the phone book."
[14:58] dragonwielder "Because I called it."
[14:58] Balthazaar (Need to get fod, my stomach is grumbling)
[14:58] Fae PAUSE
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[15:15] Fae UNPAUSE
[15:15] Balthazaar Two men in black suits and priest collars come around the corner. "Ah! Mrs Harrison! Are you alright there?" "Oh, um, yes, these people were just helping me with my car, it's broken down!" "Ah, well, why not come in and use your phone, I'm sure your husband would want to know about this." She hfts the baby, looking at the team helplessly, before going to go with them. "Good idea!"
[15:16] DSJ Amadeo follows her in.
[15:16] TheRaven Will follows hesitantly.
[15:16] Nemi Amelie follows as well! "Yes, thank you! That would be very kind!"
[15:17] Balthazaar she looks at the team. "Will you be alright out here? I'll be right back…"
[15:17] dragonwielder Mickey follows.
[15:17] dragonwielder He stops. "You sure?"
[15:17] Balthazaar "Oh yes, I have this handled."
[15:17] Nemi "Are- you sure? I would like to be with you, at least, if I may…" Ami insists.
[15:18] Fae 4df+8 Evan takes another glance at the runes, trying to figure out what they're supposed to do.
[15:18] Glacon Fae: Evan takes another glance at the runes, trying to figure out what they're supposed to do.: 8 (4df+8=-, +, +, -)
[15:18] Balthazaar They seem to make this place a sort of beacon
[15:18] dragonwielder "I would as well." ~cult shit is never good~
[15:19] Fae That might explain the weird vibe.
[15:19] DSJ "Ma'am, we'd just like to make sure you get home safe."
[15:19] Balthazaar "Such lovely friends you have, yes, come inside, would you like to join our parish?" Emily mouths 'No' at them
[15:20] Nemi "Well- I mean, I'm not from around town, but I'd like to see.." Amelie shrugs, pleasantly enough, and files in beside Emily and Allie.
[15:20] dragonwielder "No thanks."
[15:20] Fae "No, thank you."
[15:20] DSJ "I wouldn't mind a tour."
[15:21] Balthazaar "Well then, you are not welcome in our church." They say flatly. "Come now Mrs Harrison, let us call your husband." One holds a hand up to amelie and shakes his head. "Guilty by association, dearie."
[15:22] Nemi Amelie looks baffled. "I- really? Why, I just..?"
[15:23] DSJ 4df+6 INTIM "Still, I would really like to make sure Mrs. Harrison gets home safely." Amadeo says calmly, but with slight menace
[15:23] Glacon DSJ: INTIM "Still, I would really like to make sure Mrs. Harrison gets home safely." Amadeo says calmly, but with slight menace: 8 (4df+6=0, +, +, 0)
[15:23] Balthazaar "… O-of course sir… Right this way…" they lead th e group inside. it looks like a pretty standard church.
[15:24] Nemi Amelie shuffles on in and peeks around, staying close to Emily!
[15:24] Fae Evan keeps scanning his surroundings.
[15:24] dragonwielder Mickey follows. /very/ alert.
[15:25] Fae Unless he isn't actually brought in, in which case he sticks outside.
[15:25] Balthazaar more runes here and there, and a bad vibe from down below
[15:25] DSJ Amadeo carefully looks around.
[15:25] Fae Is he ushered in or not?
[15:25] Balthazaar "Right this way, Mrs Harrison, the phone is in here." he opens a little office up
[15:26] TheRaven Will follows, slightly comforted by the .45 under his jacket.
[15:26] Nemi "Ems, do you want me to keep an eye on Allie for you?" Act like you're a familiar friend, there, at least be sure Emily's not alone.
[15:26] Balthazaar I'd love that, thank you Amy." she smiles.
[15:26] Balthazaar Stepping behind the desk to dial the phone!
[15:27] Balthazaar the priests watching you all like very disapproving hawks
[15:27] Nemi Ami follows Emily in to hold Allie with care!
[15:28] Balthazaar she passes Allkie to Ami. The baby giggles and plays with her nose
[15:28] Fae Evan gets in a whisper to Amelie, trying to mask the fach that he whispering. "Something below."
[15:28] Fae fact*
[15:28] Balthazaar Em puts the phone down. "No answer…"
[15:28] Nemi Ami guessed as much. She nods to Evan, but retains her goofy smile as she plays with Allie not far from Emily. She looks up at that. "No answer..? Your husband's not home..?"
[15:28] dragonwielder Mickey looks calm, even though he is ready to slice shit up internally.
[15:29] Balthazaar "Yes, that woul be because of his business trip, Emily." The priest frowns and closes the door with them all inside. "any other lies? Like these "Strangers" in your husbands car? Or your snooping around here, trying to dismantle this pillar of support in the communuity."
[15:30] Balthazaar The other priest watches you all, hand in his coat
[15:30] Nemi Amelie continues trying to comfort Allie, looking more baffled than anything.
[15:30] Fae Evan makes a brief inventory of his bag of tricks.
[15:30] Balthazaar allie is fascinated by Ammis nose
[15:30] DSJ 4df+6 INTIM "Keep accusing her, see where that gets you."
[15:30] Glacon DSJ: INTIM "Keep accusing her, see where that gets you.": 5 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, -)
[15:30] Nemi Ami's nose is amazing.
[15:30] Balthazaar "I-" emily vanishes!
[15:31] dragonwielder Can Mickey roll perception to tell what the guy has in his coat?
[15:31] Balthazaar There's a click as the trap door she was standing on closesagain
[15:31] Balthazaar Go for it!
[15:31] TheRaven Will makes a note of hand-in-coat guy. Definitely the most obvious threat.
[15:31] Nemi Amelie gonkfaces! "EMS!"
[15:31] Balthazaar The priests look at you all. "I'm very sorry you had to be involved in this…"'
[15:31] dragonwielder 4df+2
[15:31] Glacon dragonwielder: 1 (4df+2=0, +, -, -)
[15:31] Fae "Ooooh you really shouldn'y have done that."
[15:31] dragonwielder Yeah. Not happening.
[15:31] Balthazaar Mickey, you know his hand is in his coat
[15:31] Fae shouldn't*
[15:32] DSJ "You really, really shouldn't have."
[15:32] Fae 4df+6 Perc
[15:32] Glacon Fae: Perc: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
[15:32] dragonwielder "Yeah. You're about to have a /bad/ day."
[15:32] Balthazaar Evan, it's a rock!
[15:32] Nemi Amelie ducks down to try to put the desk between her and the priests and the rest of the party- partly to shield herself, mostly to shield Allie!
[15:32] dragonwielder "Evan. Permission to wreck shit?"
[15:32] Fae "He's only got a rock in his coat."
[15:33] Balthazaar 4df+4 he throws the rock!
[15:33] Glacon Balthazaar: he throws the rock!: 3 (4df+4=0, -, 0, 0)
[15:33] Balthazaar At…
[15:33] Nemi The trapdoor, does it open from below or can it be opened from here?
[15:33] Fae "Not yet, Mickey. I'm sure they'll recognize their mistake when they notice that there's an angel in the room."
[15:33] Balthazaar .ch Will, Evan, Amelie, Mickey, Amadeo
[15:33] Glacon Balthazaar: Mickey
[15:33] TheRaven Will draws his pistol. "Alright, that's enough of that."
[15:33] Balthazaar At Mickey!
[15:33] Balthazaar Pdef or agility Mick!
[15:33] dragonwielder 4df+4 AGL
[15:33] Glacon dragonwielder: AGL: 2 (4df+4=-, -, 0, 0)
[15:34] Fae Evan's eyes begin to glow.
[15:34] dragonwielder 4df+4 PDEF
[15:34] Glacon dragonwielder: PDEF: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, -, +)
[15:34] Nemi Ami is keepin' BABBY safe!
[15:34] Fae "Hold fire."
[15:34] dragonwielder He slaps the rock out of the way.
[15:34] dragonwielder I think.
[15:34] DSJ Amadeo also draws his pistol.
[15:34] Fae "/Hold fire./"
[15:34] Nemi "No- no no we need to get Emily back..!"
[15:35] Fae "Mickey, get to work dismatiling that trapdoor."
[15:35] Balthazaar It hits, but does nothing. "Let he who cast the first stone be the judge. You'll not be leaving here alive."
[15:35] dragonwielder "Evan. You really think these fuckers worship Angels?"
[15:35] Fae 4df+5 Angel wings
[15:35] Glacon Fae: Angel wings: 3 (4df+5=-, +, -, -)
[15:35] DSJ 4df+5 RNG Amadeo takes aim and fires at a priest. "Let's test that statement."
[15:35] Glacon DSJ: RNG Amadeo takes aim and fires at a priest. "Let's test that statement.": 6 (4df+5=+, -, +, 0)
[15:36] Fae A shimmer of wings momentarily appears behind Evan. "I guess we're gonna find out."
[15:36] dragonwielder "Oops."
[15:36] Nemi Ami tries to shield Allie with her body, protect those lil' ears from the gunshot reports!
[15:37] dragonwielder "Guess we accidentally a religious crusade." He unslings the Lee enfield rifle.
[15:37] Fae Aaaaand he drops and h=gets to work on the door. Engi?
[15:37] Balthazaar 4df+3
[15:37] Glacon Balthazaar: 3 (4df+3=-, +, +, -)
[15:37] Balthazaar The priest is shot, stumbling back
[15:37] Fae 4df+3 Trying to get the door open.
[15:37] Glacon Fae: Trying to get the door open.: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
[15:37] dragonwielder 4df+4 Mickey opens fire on the priest if he isn't dead.
[15:37] Glacon dragonwielder: Mickey opens fire on the priest if he isn't dead.: 4 (4df+4=0, -, 0, +)
[15:38] Balthazaar Black ick seeps from the wound. He grins, shrugging off his top, revealing the door opens!
[15:38] Nemi Amelie holds Allie close!
[15:38] TheRaven Will takes off his rucksack, removing the M3 and loading it.
[15:38] Fae Evan slips down there.
[15:38] Balthazaar He is very muscular, with disproportionately long arms, and angry black veins bulging everywhere
[15:38] Balthazaar 4df+3
[15:38] Glacon Balthazaar: 4 (4df+3=+, +, -, 0)
[15:38] dragonwielder "OHSHIT. CAN I BURN SHIT NOW?"
[15:38] Balthazaar This bullet does nothing.
[15:39] dragonwielder "THIS REALLY NEEDS SOME BURNING."
[15:39] Nemi Amelie slips on after Evan, trying to safely remove Allie from the horrorpriests!
[15:39] Balthazaar 4df+4 he throws up black ick at Amadeo1
[15:39] Glacon Balthazaar: he throws up black ick at Amadeo1: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
[15:39] Fae Evan probably wouldn't blame you for burning just the priest, Mickey.
[15:39] Balthazaar The front doors are barred, and there is an 8 ft tall humanoid in the main chapel
[15:40] DSJ 4df+4 AGI Amadeo attempts to dodge
[15:40] Glacon DSJ: AGI Amadeo attempts to dodge: 3 (4df+4=-, 0, +, -)
[15:41] Balthazaar It has four long, muscular arms, a female torse and face, with digitigrade legs and long blonde hair. A mass of yucky, tumorous blac skin grows from her back. She's crying and confused looking, with angry black veigns all over her. "You… WILL… NOT… HURT OUR CAUSE!"
[15:41] TheRaven 4df+8 8-foot humanoid is target priority. Will opens up with a burst from the Grease Gun.
[15:41] Glacon TheRaven: 8-foot humanoid is target priority. Will opens up with a burst from the Grease Gun.: 7 (4df+8=0, +, -, -)
[15:41] Fae #tooltime for going down the r=trap door?
[15:41] Balthazaar yup
[15:41] dragonwielder Can Mickey's desperation perk come in?
[15:41] Balthazaar mhm
[15:42] DSJ 4df+3 PDEF Amadeo tries to take the goo hit with grace
[15:42] Glacon DSJ: PDEF Amadeo tries to take the goo hit with grace: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
[15:42] DSJ rip
[15:42] Balthazaar Amadeo, it burns like acid!
[15:42] Balthazaar -1 phealth
[15:42] dragonwielder 4df+7 "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER." Mickey gets in sort of close range. Then uses the lighter and deodorant to SET THE PRIEST ABLAZE.
[15:42] Glacon dragonwielder: "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER." Mickey gets in sort of close range. Then uses the lighter and deodorant to SET THE PRIEST ABLAZE.: 8 (4df+7=+, +, -, 0)
[15:43] DSJ At least he didn't get mauled by a tiger this time.
[15:43] Balthazaar 4df+3
[15:43] Glacon Balthazaar: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, 0)
[15:43] Balthazaar the priest bursts into flames, running screaming about the room, before collapsing and falling down the trap door
[15:44] Fae (oh come on)
[15:44] DSJ "Huh."
[15:44] dragonwielder "That went better than expected."
[15:44] Balthazaar 4df+5 pdef
[15:44] Glacon Balthazaar: pdef: 4 (4df+5=0, +, -, -)
[15:44] Balthazaar the big thinf screams as she is shot!
[15:45] Balthazaar "Help me…" Her head twitches. "DIE!"
[15:45] dragonwielder "She said….. Everyone. I may be insane. I'm going to try non lethal."
[15:45] TheRaven "Go for it!"
[15:46] dragonwielder (Can I roll again?)
[15:46] Balthazaar It lumbers closer
[15:46] Balthazaar Yes
[15:46] dragonwielder "PEOPLE WITH GUNS. I NEED YOU TO KNEECAP IT."
[15:46] dragonwielder "TAKE AWAY ITS MOBILITY."
[15:47] DSJ 4df+5 RNG Amadeo aims for the creature's shoulders
[15:47] Glacon DSJ: RNG Amadeo aims for the creature's shoulders: 7 (4df+5=+, 0, +, 0)
[15:48] dragonwielder 4df+6 Mickey charges, jumping onto the creature's back and trying to knock it out by holding it in a tight headlock.
[15:48] Glacon dragonwielder: Mickey charges, jumping onto the creature's back and trying to knock it out by holding it in a tight headlock.: 7 (4df+6=+, -, 0, +)
[15:48] TheRaven 4df+8 Will goes for the knees
[15:48] Glacon TheRaven: Will goes for the knees: 9 (4df+8=0, 0, 0, +)
[15:48] Balthazaar 4df+5
[15:48] Glacon Balthazaar: 6 (4df+5=0, +, -, +)
[15:49] Balthazaar she creams and screams, staggering back
[15:49] Balthazaar Her knees collapsing under her, her right arms flailing
[15:49] Balthazaar She slows, whimpering. she settles on the ground, gasping for air
[15:49] Balthazaar "what… what… am I?"
[15:49] Balthazaar She passes out!
[15:50] dragonwielder He gives a thumbs up as he picks himself up off of the ground. "Good job team."
[15:51] DSJ "Hey, Amelie? I think I've got a minor burn, if you wouldn't mind looking at it."
[15:51] dragonwielder "And this person needs looking at as well. Don't want them bleeding out."
[15:51] Fae She's gone.
[15:51] DSJ Redact then
[15:51] Balthazaar you al hear muffled conversation between Amelie and Evan and a baby from down the trap door
[15:52] DSJ "So, we're heading down there, then."
[15:52] TheRaven "Guess so. It's always underground."
[15:52] dragonwielder He looks to the knocked out person. Does it look like they are going to bleed out?
[15:53] Balthazaar If you can call it a person anymore…
[15:53] Fae Smoke is coming from the trap door.
[15:53] Balthazaar It's bleeding very slowly, it's blood a thick black ick
[15:53] DSJ Amadeo heads under the trap door
[15:54] dragonwielder "Anyone have some sort of wrapping? Don't want this thing bleeding out. And we need to make sure it doesn't wake up and start moving."
[15:54] Balthazaar Amadeo hops in the trap door?
[15:54] Fae That has smoke coming right out of it?
[15:54] DSJ Fair point
[15:55] DSJ He doesn't, not yet at least
[15:55] TheRaven "Amelie's a medic, see if you can get her up here."
[15:56] dragonwielder He heads over and opens the trap door. "YOU GUYS OK DOWN THERE?"
[15:56] DSJ "HEY, AMELIE, WE'VE GOT WOUNDED UP HERE" Amadeo yells down the trap door
[15:59] Balthazaar You hear amelie call that there's many injured downstairs
[16:00] dragonwielder "Shhhiiiiiiiiit."
[16:00] TheRaven "Fuck."
[16:00] DSJ "Hm."
[16:00] dragonwielder "Call up reinforcements."
[16:01] dragonwielder "Wait."
[16:01] dragonwielder "HOW MANY INJURED ARE THERE?" He calls down.
[16:02] Balthazaar No answer
[16:02] Balthazaar You can still hear the baby
[16:02] Balthazaar the smoke has stopped
[16:03] dragonwielder He looks down. How far is the drop?
[16:04] Balthazaar Not far
[16:04] dragonwielder He looks to Will and Amadeo. "Hold my beer. I'm about to be a dumbass."
[16:04] dragonwielder He hops down.
[16:05] Balthazaar tooltime
[16:06] DSJ "So, we're going to wait here, then?"
[16:08] Balthazaar That faintly comes through your radios
[16:08] TheRaven "Let's get moving."
[16:09] Balthazaar Down the trapdoor? Into Tooltime!
[16:09] DSJ Amadeo goes down!
[16:13] |<
Aphex_ has left (Connection reset by peer)
[16:34] Fae Evan exists.
[16:34] DSJ As does Amadeo
[16:34] dragonwielder Mickey does to. There is a small bruise on his forehead.
[16:34] Nemi Amelie exists also! A little dazed, but feeling like she helped.
[16:35] dragonwielder Mickey…looks oddly disturbed.
[16:35] Balthazaar From here, you're all taken to the airstrip, loaded into the plane!
[16:35] DSJ Amadeo got to yell at things, which was nice and stress reliving
[16:35] Nemi Amelie would have hugged Emily a lot before going. What a terrible experience!
[16:36] Fae Evan checks on her before they leave as well.
[16:36] Balthazaar You hear the radio report from one of the drivers «anomalies secured, bodies and documents recovered, following up on suspected escaped priest.»
[16:36] dragonwielder Mickey would have given Emily a pat on the shoulder before leaving.
[16:36] Balthazaar Emily is going with the team
[16:36] |<— TheRaven has left (Quit: Sail away where no ball and chain can keep us from the roarin' waves, together undivided but forever we'll be free!)
[16:36] dragonwielder Oh
[16:36] Balthazaar And you're flown home!
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