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For information on how your character is approved, and what sort of stuff you need to include, check out the Character Approval Guide. It gives a thorough rundown of what needs to be included and the general sort of stuff GMs are looking for in a new character.

A few additional notes:

All characters must be original: Pretty straightforward. Unless you're Clef, don't make Dr. Clef or any wacky ex-GOC perverts who blow things up. Don't play a humanoid SCP unless you wrote it (and even if you did, you are encouraged to play someone else). Porting a character from another RP is not allowed.

Show, don't tell: It's one thing to say that Jimmy loves animals, it's another to say he used to volunteer for the Humane Society. It's one thing to say that Anna is fun to be around, it's another to say that she's the type to organize little skits for her friends in her spare time. A person is best defined by the actions they take, so when thinking of ways to describe your character, describe their actions.

Fun stuff: Get creative! Character photos, drawings, soundtracks, favorite recipes, diary entries, all that good stuff lets us get to know your character better. Putting a general description of your character's habits and personality isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're a stickler for continuity.

Import Characters: Sadly, Horizons is not accepting import characters at this time. You may create new characters heavily based on old ones, but you may not copy an old character's history and personality down to a "T". In addition, old character histories do not apply in Horizons. It must be an original creation.

Know the setting: This takes place in 1984 in a predominantly American facility. Further information about the setting can be found under the "Universe" header on the sidebar, and is a fun read all on its own. Also, do note that all new characters are at least somewhat aware of the anomalous - everyone is briefed on the general nature of the world and the Foundation prior to joining up. The Foundation does not throw fresh meat onto an MTF until at least a couple months of training and acclimating them to the anomalous.

Please check with a GM before adding to this list. Please keep your characters in alphabetical order.

Active Characters Per MTF1



Task Force Assignment: DELTA-4 is typically sent on missions to deal with anomalous disease, anomalous biology, biologically hazardous materials, and genetic engineering. Agents require a background in medical or biological research, or training in handling biological hazards and are required to work on research projects or assist in medical for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: MTF DELTA-4 (‘Blue Genes’) is a formerly joint task force made up of former members of BETA-7 (‘Maz Hatters’) and NU-11 (‘Zeroes’); this joint task force came out of overlap of individual responsibilities, particularly in field work. DELTA-4’s primary specialties include the study and containment of anomalous biologies, genetics, diseases, medicines, et. al. as well as xenobiology, however rare.

DELTA-4 was formed after multiple joint operations between BETA-7 and NU-11 in the early 1960s following stealthy chemical disarmament campaigns by the United Kingdom, United States, and Japanese governments. The functions of DELTA-4 have evolved over the years as the scientific fields have blossomed- the task force now covers operations regarding genetics engineering and the resulting anomalous biologies, diseases, biohazards, et. al.

DELTA-4 is particularly known for their raids against Promethean Industries (operating individually as to dissuade associations to the Foundation) and Marshall, Carter, & Dark. In the case of Promethean Industries, DELTA-4 was tasked with containment and destruction of anomalous materials in facilities spanning the West coast of the United States in multiple sleeper cell operations from 1970 to 1979, ending with a complete scuttle of one main P.I. facility in Omaha, Nebraska.


All agents of MTF DELTA-4 are required to have some form of medical treatment or biological research background; any agents lacking this background will take a set of mandatory courses for education of biohazard containment and handling, as well as basic to advanced first aid.

Current Members



Task Force Assignment: EPSILON-9 handles technology, both anomalous and advanced. E-9 is primarily sent on missions to deal with anomalous technology and the companies that make it, as well as to identify if new technology is anomalous. Agents require a background in engineering and are required to work on decommissioning projects, as well as participate in R&D work for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: EPSILON-9 AKA ‘Tool Time’ is a recent addition to the Mobile Task Force lineup, having formed in late 1978 after the ████████████ Event in Chernogorsk, CCCP. Primarily, EPSILON-9 are a Research and Development Task Force, but in light of the events following the construction of Site SITE-15, operating procedure for EPSILON-9 has been lightened significantly, allowing for a flexible response to any given situation.

EPSILON-9’s recent activities and operations have been generally centralized in Foundation networks. This is not an exclusive operating standard however, as EPSILON-9 is one of the largest MTFs to date with upwards of 12,000 members in active duty at a given time. These members are primarily on-contract from world organizations and governments, private contracts, or are otherwise employed by the Foundation.


Current Members



Task Force Assignment: ‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ handles thaumaturgy, psychology, and history. This Task Force is primarily sent on missions to deal with ‘magic’ anomalies, anomalies with any historical influence, artifacts, et cetera; they are also encouraged to go on missions that involve dealing with the public. Agents require a background in their respective fields (social or occult studies), but this is a less stringent requirement then it is for the other task forces. A degree of social skill is encouraged. OMEGA-5 agents are required to aid in the archives, writing cover stories, or researching anomalies for their historical value or thaumatic energy for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: OMEGA-5, AKA ‘Classical Education’, is not to be confused with the O5 Council. All documentation of OMEGA-5 will henceforth refer to the MTF as 'CLASSICAL EDUCATION’.

‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ sprang from a collaborative effort between the Foundation and Brookridge Academy in the early 1960s after Agent Caitlin Ashland and company extended hands to bridge gaps between certain Serpent’s Hand sects and the Foundation. After the separation of the Serpent’s Hand from the Wanderer’s Library in 197█, Brookridge Academy has fully integrated into the Foundation as a front school for ‘gifted individuals’. ‘Classical Education’ has since integrated into a variety of fields since its’ inception, including but not limited to: Relations, Counter-intelligence, Occult Connections, et. al.

‘CLASSICAL EDUCATION’ has made a variety of breakthroughs in the Intelligence community of the Foundation in recent years, having cracked multiple codices once thought insolvable by the occult and xenological communities at large.

Current Members



Task Force Assignment: PSI-7 handles demolitions and decommissioning hazardous anomalies as well as anomalous structures. Typically, the MTF is sent on missions as general backup, but is specifically used for demolitions and missions where the most important thing is that the target is thoroughly destroyed. Agents are encouraged to have a background in demolitions or structural engineering, but the bar for recruitment is much less specific given the broad usages of the task force. Agents are required to help with security patrols and manual labor for some portion of their week to save on staff.

Task Force History: PSI-7 AKA ‘Home Improvement’ is one of the oldest MTFs to date compared to its’ counterpart, EPSILON-9. Formed in 1953, PSI-7 is a relic of past in terms of operating procedures- the task force handles very loosely on orders and specialties, and is used now as general backup, demolitions, and decommissioning.

PSI-7 has a very long and dense history spanning 30 years active- this has fallen off recently however, due to the task force’s nature of being widely spread throughout the Foundation’s reach.

Current Members

Inactive Characters

Deceased Characters

Characters in the RP which died, either due to the events of an event or run, or as part of their character arc.

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