Zandra Chao

Basic Info:

Player: Aiden Eldritch

Position: Samizdat Specialist

Demeanor: Bubbly to the point where she could probably carbonate soft drinks at will if she wasn't so forgettable, Zandra is a perenially upbeat and peppy woman. Years of being ignored by those around her have given her exactly one way of dealing with her unnatural stealthiness: namely, talking at people until their ears either bleed or fall off. When she's not trying to assault people through the act of conversation, she's typically found reading files she's taken from the Site archives.

Nature: Much the same as her public demeanor, Zandra is just as cheerful inside and out. That being said, the fact that she knows so much about just about anyone on-site also gives her a slight sadistic streak in her otherwise benign attitude: she enjoys seeing people squirm a little around her, partly because it's just fun to watch and partly because you don't remember the nice conversations, you remember the really awkward ones.

Description: Zandra is a scrawny Asian woman about 1.6 meters in height, with neatly-cut straight black hair in a bob and dark grey eyes. Zandra likes to think she's a classy kind of person and dresses the part accordingly, preferring formalwear such as button-ups and pencil skirts where it'd be practical for her to wear such clothing. Always excitable, her skittish movements make her look like whatever spring mechanism powers her body was wound up just a tad too tight.

Most of the time, her facial features are blandly attractive as a result of the cosmic censorship field she projects. On the rare moments when she's not subject to her own effect, her face becomes significantly better-defined: expressive features with almost permanently raised eyebrows, a slightly crooked nose from where someone accidentally knocked into her with some heavy equipment and a thin scar running down the side of her lip.

Notably, the back of her left hand has a small tattoo on it, and it looks a little something like this.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Bluff: 3
  • Melee: 0 + 2 = 2
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 6
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Yes Man: (2) The fact nobody remembers anything about Zandra's opinions means that she can leverage confirmation bias to the fullest extent possible. Zandra gets a +2 to Bluff when trying to deceive NPCs into believing something that aligns with their expectations, e.g. "Do I look like the kind of girl who'd carry a gun?"
  • Who Hit Me?!: (3) Zandra's not a combat girl, though she's done some training for field ops. That being said, an attacker who nobody realises is there can be one hell of an edge. When in close quarters, Zandra can declare she wants to use this spec instead of making a typical Melee roll. She then rolls Sneak against the opponent's Perception: provided she succeeds, the opponent must succeed on a Mental Defense roll with a DC of 1d4+3 to avoid being distracted and wasting their turn.
  • Required Reading: (4) As a RAISA liaison for Field Intelligence, Zandra's frequently a front-line researcher, having to gather information while she's in the field before sending it to her supervisors. Eventually, her hands got fast enough to keep up with her information demands. When entering a new location, Zandra can make a Perception roll to start making notes about said location: the score of the Perception roll determines how much time it takes for her to complete these notes. Times vary between a few minutes to half an hour. Once she has these notes to refer to, she gets a +4 to Academics or Science rolls made in these areas provided she has physical access to said notes and adequate time to check them.
  • Anomalous: [REDACTED]: (3) Zandra's job as a censorship officer is made significantly easier by the fact that she's a walking talking blackbox. Zandra starts with the Censored attribute and once per turn can transfer this attribute to or from another player. Censored characters in combat force their opponents to make a Perception check against a DC of their base Sneak + 3 in order to attack.
  • Disadvantage: Unpersoned: Of course, being wiped from the world at large does less than wonderful things for your charisma. Censored characters make social rolls with a -2 to their social stats. Failing social rolls may result in the other party forgetting their existence temporarily or other mental effects at GM discretion.


  • Black marker
  • Pocket knife
  • Lighter
  • Foundation-issued sidearm and holster
  • Wallet and fake ID
  • Cigarettes
  • Nada.


  • A slim briefcase containing several clean changes of clothes, identification paperwork and a Walther PPK pistol.
  • A large filing cabinet which houses copies of files on her teammates and various Persons and Groups of Interest.
  • Typewriter, well-loved.
  • An "in" and "out" tray, the former containing significantly more documents than the latter.
  • An album of family photographs, most of which have been blacked out.
  • Alto saxophone,.

Personal History:

Zandra is a forgettable woman who's pretty sure she was the child of two even more forgettable things: all the documentation shows (all the documentation she has access to, anyway) was that she was adopted by a widower containment engineer on June 23rd, 1934 and grew up as the only child of an absentminded, if still doting father. Her background as a Site baby meant that she took the world of the anomalous in stride, and while her father tried to shelter her from the harder corners of life at the Foundation she grew up idolising the MTF officers and field agents much the same way that other kids might have looked up to military generals.

Unfortunately, Zandra soon found herself significantly more acquainted with the inner workings of the Foundation in the worst way possible: by becoming a contained anomaly, thrown into containment at the tender old age of 13. Spending several years ping-ponged back and forth between sites as paperwork got lost, forgotten and/or misplaced, Zandra's father continued to tirelessly visit her almost every month in an attempt to keep her spirits up. Eventually, when she turned 18, she was granted permission to serve as a low-level E-Class file clerk and typist working for RAISA under strict supervision to avoid her running off when they'd forgotten about her.

After two more years of work, her supervising officers eventually decided to put her through field training due to the potentially useful nature of her anomaly in such operations. She juggled her job as a newly-appointed censorship officer for RAISA with field training, meaning her work on the latter suffered: that being said, those responsible for the E-Class project believed that she could still become a fairly capable field agent given more time to mature. They found that chance for her to boost her work in the venerable personnel roster of Psi-7, who were not only accepting personnel but also anomalous personnel at that.


  • English
  • Mandarin


  • Nobody knows if her first name is an abbreviation or not, nor whether it's spelt with an S, X, or a Z. Zandra prefers the last one because she thinks it makes her sound cooler.
  • Zandra is an officially certified typist girl, with an average typing speed of 119 wpm.
  • She knows how to play the saxophone, and can be found dooting various show tunes early in the morning.

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