Victor Parish

Basic Info:

Player: OldPryor )

Position: Researcher, Mortician, auxiliary trauma doc.

Demeanor: Workaholic, spends long hours in the lab, not exactly sensitive or squeamish.

Nature: Obsessive and conflicted. makes a solid effort to be social, but his work is all consuming. also secretly devout, believes himself to be doing the lords work.

Description: Tall, thin and lean, with the physiology of someone who often forgets to eat. his dark hair prematurely graying. hatchet face with steely blue eyes, often bloodshot. dresses in fairly standard business wear, and is meticulously clean.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation: 2
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 5
  • Science: 6
  • Medical: 5
  • Lab Rat: 4. Upon initial recruitment into the foundation, Victors mind was still essentially lost, and the only manifestation of his memory came in the form of his almost obsessive need for order. as a result, he was put to work in the library, organizing shelves. the act of cleaning up and reordering books calmed him, and staff psychologist attribute it to the reformation of his memories. As a relic of this "therapy" he prefers a well equipped laboratory to field research, and can work wonders with even standard lab equipment, though he's often slow in his work and in disorganized environments he is susceptible to folding under stress (+4 to science when in a well stocked laboratory)
  • Hardened: 5. Victor is a long time mortuary technician, and has seen any and all ways that a human body can be damaged. as a result, he's not particularly phased by witnessing death or mutilation (+5 Mdef when witnessing horror/gore)
  • Mind Reader (anomalous): 3. Through means not quite known to the foundation, and explained vaguely as a "result of intensive research" by Dr. Parish. It would appear that Dr. Parish is able to decipher various memories, experiences, thoughts and emotions of any person, provided their brain is fully exposed to the air, and victor is able to make skin to brain contact. Dr. Parish states "I can see what's there, I just have to know what I'm looking at"
  • (Flaw): Victor retains any memories he reads, often believing himself to have experienced them. as there is evidence of slight atrophy of these memories over time, he is able to keep hold of his own personality by meticulously documenting his day to day life, but upon a successful reading, he takes on certain personality traits of whomever he has read until he is able to read through his extensive journal collections.





  • Various logbooks, medical notes, charts etc, all in an elegantly crafted calfskin briefcase
  • A rosary, brass and rosewood
  • At least one set of writing implements, and a leather-bound journal
  • Various case files, several binders thick
  • Several textbooks on neurology
  • Various cameras with different types of film
  • Lab equipment
  • one bible, KJV.
  • Various journals detailing every worthwhile aspect of Dr. Parrish's day to day life (from specific tasks he was assigned to do, to encounters with friends and detailed write ups on how he felt about his co workers when interacting with them.)

Personal History:

Due to his anomalous nature and the memory damage he has sustained as a result, very little is known about life before the foundation. upon extensive research, it has been determined that he was born to Martha and Reuben Parish, September 4th 1924 in rural Arkansas. He received his Doctorate in neuroscience at the age of 26 from Miskatonic University. wherein he inadvertently discovered the first instance of SCP-XXX. Dr. Parish wrote extensively on the subject. while his work was deemed outlandish and the result of exaggeration by his peers, the foundation took a vested interest. it is theorized he was involved in several experiments relating to SCP-[Data Expunged] resulting in his anomalous properties. when the foundation caught wind of this activity, he had already lost the majority of his memories up to that point, and was residing in the now abandoned Magnolia Spring Home For The Disturbed. located in Ithica New York.

When questioned about his education Victor seems very forgetful, often mixing events and circumstances, and occasionally stating events which he had no involvement in as if he'd lived them himself. To quote directly:

"My doctorate? I can't recall actually getting it. I believe I wen't to Stanford, though maybe Harvard, but I can recall tenure at Miskatonic, but I also remember being broke in Detroit in my twenties"

Further research brought up a copy of his doctoral dissertation, as well as a copy of his degree. prompting him to say:

"Oh yes, the degree, well I suppose it does say Miskatonic. I guess that's the one."

Dr. Parish has exhibited exceptional martial prowess. Examination of his particular fighting techniques show that his prowess is most likely self taught as a means of survival. A likely case given his reported upbringing as a street urchin, and years in a particularly seedy mental institution.


  • Loves doing paperwork
  • Secretly loves baseball
  • Recently, circumstances involving cadavers he was working on unearthed memories of Victor's family. Specifically His brother, Agent Malcom Parish, who was KIA after a containment breach. due to what can only be described as an astronomical coincidence, Agent Parish's autopsy was performed by Victor, triggering massive emotional trauma. after a three day period of recovery, victor was back to work in the morgue, stating only: "[EXPLETIVE] it."


  • English
  • Czech
  • Italian

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