Vera Albescu

Basic Info:

Player: ZombieMesh

Position: Biotechnical Engineer

Demeanor: Vera can easily come off as a reclusive weirdo, especially when she's motivated. She's not very good at talking to people and is innappproiate at times. Staring and watching people is a common practice with her. She can also be offensive or insensitive as she either doesn't pick up on social cues or doesn't bother with etiquette.

Nature: While she Often seems like a mean-spirited creep, Vera does tend to have good intentions, even if her behavior doesn't mirror them. She is easily demotivated and has issues with her self esteem, along with having trouble connecting to people emotionally and socially. If you get her talking about something she's passionate about, Vera has a much easier time speaking. This juxtaposes her often cold brutality when it comes to what she wants to achieve or make progress in. Vera is very much obsessive about certain things.

Description: Vera is a pale olive woman that stands at 5'4, although she often slouches and thus can appear shorter. She has medium length wavy black hair that is almost always messy and kept in a short, ineffective pony tail. Her eyes are a dull hazel and have a tired yet frantic look to them, with dark circles and signs of age around her eyes. A plump, round nose sits in the middle of her face, and her head is a fat, heart shape. She also has a gap between her front teeth. The Romanian often dresses in loose and comfortable clothes and doesn't have much of a sense of fashion, although she'll occasionally wear a sweater vest (even if it doesn't match the outfit).


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 2
  • Bluff: 1
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged:
  • Survival:2
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 4
  • Engineering: 4
  • Medical: 5
  • Witness to the Pogrom: 4. Vera had been a witness to many horrible acts of human atrocities. She watched her city slaughter thousands of Jews right before her eyes and has seen what war does to humanity as a whole. Her time as a nurse has also exposed her to some unpleasant sights, especially during World War II. Vera gets an MDEF bonus when witnessing or coming across horrible showcases of humanity's evil. She does not get this bonus if she herself is doing the act.
  • Science Jargon: 4. While she lacks any real social skills, Vera can talk for hours about her passions. She doesn't slow down to explain a lot of the terms she uses, so often times those who are in a conversation with her will be overrun with big complicated words and won't be able to figure out exactly what she's talking about. Whenever she's talking about SCIENCE with someone, Vera gets a bonus to PERSUASION and BLUFF as long as their SCIENCE stat is less than hers.
  • Dear Dr. Romanov,: 4. Vera learned many things under her mentor's guidance and her time working at Promethus Labs. Although she did not get to see many of her projects' final products, she has a lot of experience with the medical side of engineering. She is also in the pursuit of more knowledge related to her field so she can restore Dr. Isaak Romanov and someday create an immortality device. Vera gets a bonus to SCIENCE, ENGINEERING, and MEDICAL whenever she deals with any Biotechnical devices or machines.


  • A flashlight
  • A serrated knife with a leg sheath
  • A small, portable first aid kit

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  • The brain of Dr. Isaak Romanov
  • Research notes on immortality
  • Atleast five different sweater vests
  • Various field research equipment
  • A picture of her and Dr. Isaak Romanov
  • Lots of papers and journals
  • Dr. Isaak's big ugly sweater

Personal History:

Vera Albescu was born in Iași, Romania in 1923, the middle child of three. Her youth was relatively peaceful up until she was 15, when King Carol II became dictator of Greater Romania and the country started its tumble down a long and bloody road. During her late teenage years, Vera watched her country morph from a monarchy, to a dictatorship, to a Soviet military dictatorship, then back to a Romanian run one. She had started to train to be a nurse like her mother early on, but the political turmoil surrounding her and her emotionally distant parents stifled her motivation to achieve anything but the bare minimum, resulting her staying with her parents as she could not support herself. Already having a lot of mixed beliefs and thoughts due to the soul consuming authoritarian regimes, Vera as a young adult had no solid ground to stand on and watched as her country tried to flee from the USSR's grasp by joining up the Axis side during World War 2. On June 29, 1941, she witnessed her city slaughter thousands of Jews, who had been labeled as the enemy of Romania and a friend to the oppressive Soviet Union. Vera did not know how to feel about the atrocities that she witnessed, and she moved out of Iași and away from her parents. She studied more as a nurse and shifted around hospitals and camps during the Soviet attacks on Romania. Many years later, she learned that her parents were killed when Iași was partially destroyed by the Soviets. The whereabouts of her two siblings are unknown to her.

With Romania back under the wing of the Soviet Union and the war ended, Vera found some stability in studying science and traveling outwards from Romania, towards the country's edge. She was eventually recruited for a job by some colleagues and she ended up in Bessarabia, a country that, in the far future, would become Moldova and Ukraine. At age 26, a mysterious group offered her a job in medical engineering. Not having much money to herself, nor a stable job to support herself, she accepted and was stationed in an underground lab. The group turned out to be conglomerate called Prometheus Labs, Incorporated. For two years she worked on various medical projects, which she assumed were being sold to the USSR that had taken over many of the countries surrounding and including Romania. Vera was eventually promoted and was assigned to work on a top secret research project: a device or mechanism or serum that could grant immortality. That was when she met Dr. Isaak Romanov, an /much/ older Russian scientist that was heading her research division.

For six years, they researched and attempted to create a solid concept for obtaining immortality. During that time, Vera and Isaak grew very close, forming a mentor and protege sort of relationship, although it might be said that Vera wanted it to be more than that. This happiness would not last, however. Isaak, during the course of those six years had deteriorated due to a disease he had been fighting for many years. The two of them had made many plans to keep the Doctor going or, at least, preserved. Unfortunately for the both of them, Prometheus Labs decided to end the immortality research and all funding to related to it. They did not believe that the gift of immortality would be found for many years to come, and the payoff of profits would not mitigate the cost of finding and producing it. With the impending death of both the program, where all her hard work and passion had been put into, and Isaak quickly closing in on her, Vera instigated a plan her mentor and herself had devised as a last ditch effort to keep all from being lost. She took Isaak's brain out of his dying body and put it in a machinated container that, with instructions from him, could keep the brain alive while Vera searched for a solution. With her mentor's brain in a jar and a folder of all notes she could steal about their immortality research, Vera fled from Prometheus Labs and went into hiding. It did not last long, however, as keeping Dr. Romanov's brain alive required money she did not have. Eventually, she was found by the Foundation, where she negotiated for a job so that she could keep her mentor alive and safe, and she could possibly continue her immortality research while she was at it.


  • English
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • German (basic)


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