Veljko Zima

Basic Info:

Player: DSJ

Position: Negotiator, Infiltrator, Firearm Specialist

Demeanor: Vel appears to be cynical to a high degree, along with sarcastic and other general asshole character traits. He isn't needlessly antagonistic to people, though, just those who annoy him first or probably could bear being cut down to size.

Nature: Vel used to be a very caring person, but that went away due to his life experiences. It remains in parts, but for the most part he's uncaring at best about some things and greedy about others. He doesn't rush to vengeance, but if he exacts it he'll try his best. He has a soft spot for people who remind him of his younger self.

Description: Veljko is 5'7", and looks to be around 54, which he is. His hair is long and nearly gray, his skin is pale yet yellowed with age, and his eyes are plain. His hands are rough, and it looks like he's had a few fingers broken before. He wears heavy clothing, despite the temperature. His gait is crooked, and he has a slight limp from a broken femur that didn't heal properly.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 1
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Melee: 4 (+2 from STR)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Sneak: 4
  • Engineering: 3
  • Gun Runner's Appraisal: 4. Vel knows his guns very well, as a result of dealing them for nearly a decade, including maintenance and modification. +4 ENGI to rolls involving conventional firearms, including identification.
  • Hardhearted Haggler: 3. Veljko knows how to deal with a lot of things, and deal a lot of things, mostly guns and the like. +3 to PERS rolls involving bargaining, cannot be used in combat to get a surrender.
  • Cold Blood, Cold Mind: 3. If one thing can't bother Veljko, it's the temperature, hot or cold. +3 PDEF versus any temperature based attack or roll.
  • Better Half-Dead than Red: 2. When the chips are down, and so is Veljko, he tries a little harder to not get hit and run faster. +2 to AGI when at 3.5 health or lower.


  • Makarov pistol
  • Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30
  • Field Radio
  • Matches
  • Notepad and pen
  • Cigarettes
  • Gun repair and cleaning kit
  • None


  • Gun care manuals
  • Pictures of his family
  • Winchester Model 1901
  • Gun rack, currently empty

Personal History:

Vejjko Zima was born to a large, if poor family in Russia. His life was fairly simple, if boring. But that was okay, for him. It wasn't until he was 10 that things got interesting for him, in the sense that things get interesting at a rodeo when the rider is thrown off the bull into a pile of needles. He lost his grandfather, and his father came back a broken shell of a man. The family business went into ruin, and he lost hope, only to find it again in the 1917 Russian revolution. He was 16, and the ideas of communism to him seemed great. It wasn't until later in his life, around his late 20s, he grew disillusioned with it and his country as well. It was clear that life wasn't going to get much better. He survived World War 2 by talking his way into an easy position of managing communications and requisitions.

He grew into this role handily, to the point where he started fulfilling off-the-books requisitions. Once the war ended, this helped him easily move into a career of arms dealing, along with smuggling western media and narcotics. He started seeing a woman around this time, who he married two years later, and had a daughter with. His wife, Sonya, died a year after the birth of his daughter in a traffic accident. Left to care for an infant daughter, his business got harder to manage, the crooked officials he bribed demanding more, knowing he'd have to acquiesce to their demands.

He was trying to give up on the business and sell his remaining stock off to buy him and his daughter, Mila, a way out of the USSR, when the GRU-P contacted him. They wanted someone with his skills, and he didn't have much of a choice. His work for them was fairly awful, but he did it. After a few years of it, he was approached by the GOC to work for them as a mole, with the offer that they could get his daughter out of the country. He suggested Denmark, knowing he had family there she could stay with. So he began his career as a double agent, so his daughter could have a better life.

This continued until the relatively recent attacks against the GRU-P that left them crippled and in a state of panic. Veljko defected during it, to the Foundation. He agreed to exchange his knowledge and labor for a job and protection for his daughter, who had moved to America with her surrogate family. After long hours of spilling his guts, Vel was assigned to Psi-7


  • English, Passable
  • Russian
  • Italian, Passable
  • Chinese, Very Rough


  • He once was a heavy drinker
  • He broke his leg falling down icy stairs

XP: 23

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
A Witch of the Wilds: Part 1 +4 7/4/17
XP from retiring Amadeo +7 7/5/17
The Woe Demon +4 7/27/17
Propaganda Panic +8 11/26/17
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