Tolly and Asher
Tolly, before she broke her nose and it grew back slightly crooked.

Basic Info:

Player: Kade

Position: Anomalous agent/"Asher" handler

Demeanor: Curt, standoffish. Unwilling to be a team player.

Nature: Cynical as to her impact on others, but otherwise surprisingly gentle and idealistic. Outgoing in casual actions, but not in words/when doing her job on missions. Curious and slightly childlike.

Description: Tolly has black, puffy hair in a bob that ends at her chin. Her skin is dark, nose slightly crooked, and dark brown eyes that are the most expressive part of her face. Her clothing preference is somewhat masculine (according to the 1950's at least), tending more towards trousers and shirts than skirts and blouses (though her preference in colors tends to be rather pastel). At only eighteen, her features are still rather youthful in nature.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 4
  • Melee: 5 (3+2 from STR bonus)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • Asher: 3. Tolly, looked at on her own as an individual, has no anomalous traits whatsoever. Asher, the being that follows her around invisibly and becomes a very real, very noticeable threat to any group or individual she directs more than three consecutive sentences to, is a different story.
  • Nonlethal Countermeasures: 2. Whenever possible, Tolly tries to incapacitate an opponent, not kill them. This boosts STR, MEL, and RNG when using less-than-lethal tactics and weaponry in combative situations.
  • Going Solo: 3. Since the years of her life she's remembers the best are the ones where she's striking it out with just herself and Ash, Tolly's much better at stealth and strategy when she doesn't have to factor other people into it. This boosts SNK when she's not with the rest of her team (excluding Asher, of course). As in, completely cut off from them and not currently able to make contact, not just a hallway away.
  • Stakeout: 4. Due to her limited capacity for conversation, Tolly has learned that planting herself somewhere and just taking everything in goes a long, long way in picking out what otherwise might be overlooked. This boosts PERC when keeping still and staying in one place- not just stopping for half a second or sitting while riding in a car, but actively staying in one spot and not moving for one turn.
  • Anomalous Disadvantage - Asher: Besides Tolly, Ash finds anyone who can see him a threat, meaning that Tolly is unable to communicate and socialize very well with those people who are supposed to be her allies. Along with this, if Ash is ever more than 30 feet away from her, Tolly noticeably grows weaker and less responsive, halving all her stats and rounding them down until Ash gets back within range.


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  • A Smith & Wesson Model 36, concealed.
  • A Remington 870
  • An M14
  • regular ammunition for the guns mentioned above
  • ammunition custom made by the Foundation for the guns mentioned above, made of rubber so as to be less lethal (the the case of the m14, the box magazine had to be altered so the gun wouldn't jam up when using them).
  • what is essentially a small handheld net canon to propel a net through the air and have it wrap itself around a target (the ends of said net for it are weighted, with the net itself being made of rope with a wire core so as to not cause damage and stay flexible but still maintain durability)
  • a flashlight.
  • a red bouncy ball.
  • a brick, slightly stained with fruit.
  • a bag that can easily be slung across the back made of a hard-to-look-at, chameleonic type lizard skin (small weapons and items are stored in there, by default making them harder to find and see. The only items not carried in here are her Remington 870 and M14, both being too big.)


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  • Mine!
  • Also mine…

Personal History:

Tolly's first clear memory is from when she was fourteen; waking up in an empty house in Cardiff with no one else around except an eldritch humanoid and only a handful of trivia about herself and the creature with her.

(That isn't to say that her past is a complete blank to her. It's more like recalling a dream after fully waking up - vague details, pictures or phrases that stick out. That is to say, she doesn't remember much and definitely none of the context necessary to make sense of it all.)

And so, she did what came to mind; gathered together anything she thought might be useful, tried to search for answers (which were frustratingly scarce) and, once she used up those, started to wander the rest of the United Kingdom. Suffice to say, it was difficult at times as she was still trying to figure out her dynamic with Asher and what she could and couldn't do with regards to him. It's not too surprising that she ended up causing some trouble for potential friends without meaning to during that time.

It didn't take too long for the Foundation to catch up with the two of them. The two of them were contained for months; it was due to sheer luck and testing their limits that Tolly and Asher were eventually able to escape, around a full year after Tolly first woke up alone in that house in Cardiff.

This time, however, she was much more aware of the need to be subtle, keep an eye out, and protect herself. The allure of looking into her past had faded. At this point, she just wanted to try to live as normal a life as possible- even if she had to keep her guard up and be ready to move on, at least she could try to enjoy herself and meet a few nice people along the way.

Of course, nothing is quite that simple. Tolly learned in her two years on the run with Ash that the Foundation was hardly the worst group after her. The Global Occult Coatlition. Marshall, Carter, & Dark. Even the Chaos Insurgency, right after it split up from the Foundation, seemed to have a cursory interest in her and Asher. Along with that, her bond with the anomaly made it hard to to even start, let alone maintain any sort of dynamic with other people without making them lose their minds from paranoia. Mix those two problems together and, after two years, she was able to see the Foundation's perspective in containing her and Asher like they did.

At seventeen years old, she willingly turned herself into the Foundation. All she asked is that she might be able to help them some day.

The Foundation, of course, was incredibly hesitant to allow such a request. After all, she and Asher had already broken out once. Coming back of her free will or not, it's not like they're able to trust her (admittedly rare) word alone. Along with that, while she had learned quite a bit in her years on her own, it's not like she'd ever been formerly trained in combat or stealth or anything like that. Even so, if they refined her skills and added Asher on top of that, Tolly had the potential to be a useful agent.

And so, they came up with a plan and set it into motion. For a year, they kept Tolly under constant observation for any potential signs in mood in behavior that she didn't believe in them or that she was planning on turning traitor. During that same time, they gave her training to hone her already existing skills in nonlethal combat, stealth, and observation so they could be of use to her once she actually went out in the field. And so, that year passed and Tolly became eighteen. And after she did one last trial run, she (and Asher) are allowed to test her merit as an actual agent.


  • English
  • An extradimensional, Eldritch language Tolly doesn't know the name of. She… thinks she knows it because of Asher? Even then, she isn't entirely sure.


XP: 8

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Stones, Smoke, and Sicilians +2 XP 7/15/2017
Bat in the Belfry +2 XP 7/20/2017
Craft Item: Lizard Bag -1 XP 7/21/2017
Christmas XP +5 XP
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