Theodore "Bud" Beineke
Then-Sergeant Theodore Beineke, USMC, An Lok, South Vietnam c. 1967.

Player: TeslaTornado

Position: Munitions Specialist, Heavy Infantry

Demeanor: A gentle giant; soft-spoken, smiling, good-humored. Likes animals, specifically dogs and horses. Takes great joy in the small comforts in life - warm coffee, cold beer, close companionship - and tends to shy away from displays of status and wealth. Will chat your ear off if not politely asked to stop. Tends to overshare a bit in some areas and be selective and private about others with regards to his own life.

Nature: People don't need to know everything about you. Your good qualities? Your strength of will, your compassion, your protective nature? Put those forward. Everything else - all of your fear and anger and all of the horrors you committed to your fellow man - they can stay hidden away in their boxes. There are occasions where that coldness, that anger, can be used, but they are tools, and like any tool, they have a place and must only be used when necessary.

Your past actions do not define you.


You are a good man.

You are a good man.

Description: Fulfilling the ancient prophecy of "everything is bigger in Texas," Bud is a certifiable giant of a man. Standing at 6'8" tall and tipping the scales at just over 270 pounds, Bud's broad shoulders and confident gait display a quiet confidence and awareness of the amount of space he takes up at any point in time, which allows him to not stand out in the presence of his peers despite his prodigious size. His head is blocky and placed upon a thick, trunklike neck, with a long forehead and a thick, prominent brow. His dark hair is kept trimmed short along the sides and top of his head, and he is always clean-shaven. His brown eyes seemingly glow with an inner warmth, and he's rarely seen without a smile.


  • Physical Health: 10+6
  • Mental Health: 10+3
  • Strength: 2
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 3
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 2
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 1
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Braced And Ready: 2. A squad support weapon is a heavy, cumbersome beast that few men have the strength to wield effectively in combat; and of those few, an even smaller number know how to make use of it quickly and effectively. Bud's years of training and combat experience have granted him both the wisdom and physical stature necessary to strike quickly and effectively when using light machine guns and other heavy weapons in combat.
Activation Condition(s) Bud must declare use of this special at the beginning of combat. He must be stationary, and must not have any opponents within melee range of him or otherwise be in immediate danger.
Effects Bud may fire a Heavy weapon in the first round of combat with no penalties.
Consequences If Bud moves or takes damage, he suffers a -3 penalty to all Ranged rolls (including those made without a Heavy weapon) for the remainder of combat.
  • Going Full Cyclic: 2. Sometimes, proper shot placement just isn't enough. When the enemy has you surrounded, outnumbered, or just plain won't die, sometimes the only solution is to dig your heels in, take aim, and fire every single round you've got - and once you're done shooting, throw the gun too.
Activation Condition(s) Bud must take one turn to set up a stable firing position. Bud can only activate this ability once per mission, and may only use it against one target. Cannot be used with Light weapons, or with Melee weapons of any classification.
Effects Bud's initial attack against his target gets a +2 bonus. A successful attack triggers follow-up strikes against the same target (max. 3).
Consequences Follow-up attacks suffer a -2 penalty (+5, +3, +1). Follow-up attacks are immediately canceled if Bud moves from his position, is damaged, or misses an attack. Critical Failures result in Bud's gun jamming and becoming combat ineffective. He cannot use his primary weapon for the remainder of combat, and must use his sidearm until combat is resolved.
  • The Walking Casualty: 2. There's no avoiding pain - it will be felt, no matter what. The only difference is whether you feel it in the moment, or later. Bud has conditioned his mind to be able to temporarily ignore otherwise-debilitating physical injuries, allowing him to shrug off wounds that would render lesser men combat inoperable.
Activation Condition(s) Once per run, Bud can sacrifice MHealth to gain a temporary bonus to Physical Health and Resistance. Bud rolls 4df+2 to determine the effect.
Effects 0-2: Bud loses 2 MHealth, gains +2 PHealth, and +1 Resilience versus the next attack. 3-5: Bud loses 4 MHealth, Gains +4 PHealth and +2 Resilience versus the next attack. Critical Success: Bud Loses 2 MHealth, Gains 6 PHealth and +2 Resilience until combat is resolved.
Consequences MHealth expended on activation are not regained once combat is resolved. PHealth bonus is removed after combat is resolved. Temporary hitpoints do not effect death mechanics. Reaching 0 HP when temporary hitpoints are removed applies death mechanics as normal. Critical Failures result in a -2 penalty to Resilience for the remainder of combat, and a loss of 4 MHealth.
  • Forced Compliance: 2. There's nothing that puts the fear of God in a man faster than watching your teammates die horribly around you. And when that happens, suddenly, people become much more willing to talk things out.
Activation Condition(s) Bud must have killed or inflicted significant bodily harm on an opponent during a prior combat action.
Effects This skill may be used in lieu of Intimidation.
Consequences None.


Standard Operations Equipment

  • Stoner 63A Commando, Normal (Improved Weapon: 2d3 damage.)
    • KCB 70 M1 Stoner bayonet
    • Sling
    • Maglite MagCharger (attached to gas tube by hand-milled custom flashlight mount)
    • Bipod
    • 1x-2x 150rd drum magazines
  • Colt M1917 Revolver, Light
    • 5x full-moon speedloaders
    • Hand-carved hickory grip panels with inset brass Double Bar B medallions
  • Ka-Bar Fighting Knife, Light
    • Double Bar B cattle brand etched into ricasso on reverse of Ka-Bar branding
  • Web belt
    • Hand-tooled leather pistol holster, sized for Colt M1917 Revolver
    • 2 Hand-tooled leather cartridge loop segments, cont. 6rds .45 ACP
    • Two large canvas pouches, used for carrying drum magazines
    • Hip pouch (cont. paracord, matches, batteries, cable ties, etc.)
    • Radio pouch
  • Rucksack
    • Basic survival gear (MRE rations, rope, tent shell with spikes, backup first aid kit, more matches, flares, etc.)

Covert/Urban Operations

  • Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun, Normal
    • Sawed-off barrel and stock
    • Reinforced receiver
    • Custom-milled barrel shroud and bayonet lug
    • Handmade single-point sling, attached to butt of grip
  • Colt M1911A1, Light
    • Recoil compensator
    • Extended 12rd magazine
    • Milled trigger and hammer
    • Serrated slide
    • Rubberized grips with palm swell
  • Ka-Bar Fighting Knife, Light
    • Double Bar B cattle brand etched into ricasso on reverse of Ka-Bar branding
  • Second Chance Model Y Kevlar vest
  • Customized low-profile carrying harness
    • Shoulder holster, sized for large-frame semi-automatic handguns
    • Clip point for weapon sling
    • Magazine pouches x3
    • Shell loops, sized for 10x 12ga shotgun shells (interchangeable)

Heavy Kit

  • Browning AN/M2 Stinger Light Machine Gun, Heavy
    • Converted for ground use (rifle stock, bipod, carry handle)
    • Custom-made ballistic shield (mounted to front of receiver)
  • * Colt M1911A1, Light
    • Recoil compensator
    • Extended 12rd magazine
    • Milled trigger and hammer
    • Serrated slide
    • Rubberized grips with palm swell
  • Ka-Bar Fighting Knife, Light
    • Double Bar B cattle brand etched into ricasso on reverse of Ka-Bar branding
  • PASGT Kevlar vest and helmet, OD Green
  • ALICE load-bearing harness
    • .30-06 Springfield ammunition on belt links, folded into weatherized canvas pouches
    • Magazine pouches for extended-capacity .45 ACP magazines
    • Field surgery kit
    • General-purpose carry pouches
    • Radio pouch
    • Trench shovel
  • Rucksack
    • Canteen
    • Basic survival gear (MRE rations, rope, tent shell with spikes, blanket, bedroll, backup first aid kit, more matches, flares, etc.)

Other Equipment/Situational-Use Gear

  • M67 Grenade Launcher, Explosive
    • Sawed-off barrel and stock
  • M16A2 LMG, Normal
    • Personal project gun. Not complete. Very experimental.
  • Colt Python, Light
    • Grips currently being carved from Southern live oak (quercus virginiana)
  • 1874 Sharps rifle, Heavy
    • Bud's great-grandfather's buffalo hunting gun, given to him by his father on his deathbed.
    • Family heirloom.
    • If you touch this, Bud will kill you.
  • M16A1, Normal
    • Suffered minor damage from field use. Trench-marked stock with kill tallies.
    • Obtained from Eaten Marine, Consumed Aberrations run on January 12th-13th, 2019.


  • Family photos.
  • Photo of his platoon.
  • Photo of his ex-wife and daughter.
  • Journal with illustrations.
  • Nikon FG camera.
  • Stetson slouch hat.
  • Justin roper boots.
  • Tons of cookbooks.
  • Cabinet radio.
  • M1 steel-pot helmet, Vietnam standard issue with liner, faded Mickey Mouse sticker. Liner marked "___arlie K. Bety". Obtained from run Consumed Aberrations, 12-13 January 2019

Personal History:

Sergeant Theodore Beineke, USMC (fmr.), crossing a flooded stream in the Mekong Delta, 1967.
Born in 1942 to an affluent family of cattle ranchers with ancestry that could be traced to the Battle of Nueces Crossing and the founding of the Republic of Texas, Theodore Alexander Beineke II was a child of prodigious size and energy, and that wildness and excess of energy made him as much trouble for his esteemed relatives and older brothers as it was a boon to the Double Bar B territorial holdings. A skilled shooter and ranch hand from a young age, Bud earned average marks in math and science and excelled in history, composition, home economics, and shop classes. Graduating from high school, Theodore Alexander - now going by "Bud" for simplicity's sake - spent three years helping out around the ranch with his relatives before deciding to attend Texas A&M for agricultural engineering.

At 21 years old, he enrolled at Texas A&M.

At 22 years old, in the wake of the Tet Offensive, Bud enlisted in the Marine Corps, believing that his 'patriotic duty' superseded his own personal desire to complete his education, and underwent training at Parris Island, deploying to Vietnam in 1965 along with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. He would spend the next four years of his life in some of the most intense fighting that Vietnam had to offer; first as a rifleman, then as a support gunner, and finally a door gunner and CSAR crewman, before he was wounded in action and honorably discharged in 1969.

Attempts to re-acclimate to civilian life were difficult for the older, worldlier Bud, who never quite managed to shake away the lifestyle that had kept him alive through four years of jungle combat. He married in 1975 and conceived a child with his wife, only to file for divorce two years later. A second, even more shortlived marriage resulted in his imprisonment for drunk and disorderly conduct and an annulment from the Catholic Church, and a third marriage proposal in 1978 was aborted when Theodore, who had by then begun freelancing as a private security contractor, accepted a contract from an organization sending "security advisors" to fight in the Rhodesian Bush War.

Six months in Rhodesia and several thousand dollars later, Bud returned to the United States thoroughly disenfranchised with the idea of going overseas again. He initially attempted to return to Texas A&M to complete the degree he had begun almost twenty years before, but found it difficult to focus on his studies. As a result, he first began working for the Double Bar B ranch again, and then was hired by Colt Firearms as a gunsmith and weapons designer.

It was at Colt that Bud was contacted by the Foundation, who hired him and placed him on MTF Psi-7.



  • Library Key (Theodore): A key that bears an alarming resemblance to one Adrienne Coxwell used to access a thought-construct of Bud's mind in a dream. The key is inscribed with the phrase "Entrust only to those you would allow into the deepest recesses of your soul" in an alphabet that Bud simultaneously can and cannot read.


  • Adrienne Coxwell: MEDIUM


Missions | Equip Points: 3.75

Run Name Points Given/Loot Gained Date
A Brother's Love 2/4 Equip Point 7th October 2018
Kaeru's Run 1.5 Equip Point(s) 29th-30th December 2018
Consumed Aberrations 1.75 Equip Points 12th-13th January 2019
Mungo Athanor 0 Equip Points (Reward Refused) 19th-20th January 2019
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