Tennyson Ryans

The Following Character is Afflicted by a Mental Affect

Basic Info:

Tennyson J. Ryans, Age 32

Player: MarshallR/Rogue

Position: Medical- Field Operative

Demeanor: Reclusive in most situations, Tennyson is calm but never cold.

Nature: Tennyson has little time for shenanigans of any kind, and will immediately administer verbal discipline to anyone for being disruptive, chaotic or generally problematic. He is a difficult man to anger, with a preference to avoid bloodshed… He's determined to continue anything which he starts, from missions to interpersonal relationships. He is much the same as before, calm and efficient. For those on his team, he genuinely cares for them.

Description: A Caucasian man in his early 30's, Tennyson stands at 5'9" with messy brown hair, which he's recently cut shorter. Tennyson maintains a clean and neat appearance with pressed shirts and dress pants, providing his assignment permits him, but for the life of him can never find his razor to shave. Has two large scars on his abdominal and chest.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Bluff: 4
  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 3
  • Medical: 4
  • "Hippocratic": 4. A doctors job never ends, even when they leave their profession. Although Tennyson no long stands in his office, he still knows his way around the world of medicine

Effects: +4 MEDI Applies: When preforming medical treatment on runs. Must be at full mHealth

  • Anatomical: 4. The human body is complicated, This was Tennysons first lesson at Univerity. As an avid note taker, he knows just where to hit to cause some serious trauma.

Effects: +4 MEL Applies: After completion of a successful Sneak roll w/ shortblade.

  • "Cut the Dramatics: 4. The curtains never closed for Tennyson. Through his studies and time as a renowned Psychologist, he knows what makes people tick- and how to act along to get them talking.

Effects: +2 PURS, +2 PERC Applies: When one on one with non-hostile. Must be at full mHealth


  • Browning High-Power
  • Flask of Whiskey/Scotch
  • Remington Pal RH34
  • Field Medic Kit
  • Radio



  • Leather journal
  • Brown Trenchcoat
  • A collection of novels which seems to grow with every new assignment
  • Voigtlander Vitessa
  • A Wool Scarf (Burgundy)
  • Silver Necklace
    • Displays a cross

Personal History:

Born in Copenhagen in the early 1920's, Tennyson Ryans lived with his mother and father as an only child, attending school at an accelerated pace due to his interest in Psychology and Triage. After completing his Compulsory education, Tennyson left for America with his family in the mid 1930's, facing harsh backlash for his accent and mannerisms being distinctly unamerican in the eyes of his peers.

Upon turning 18, Tennyson enrolled in the University of Cambridge at the urging of his mother, he was accepted on scholarship narrowly due to his exceptional school record, but faced more ridicule from his peers than he'd imagined possible. From his first year, he'd become a recluse. He spent hours upon hours a week to learn an American accent, mastering it for the most part by the end of two weeks. The lessening of the harassment did nothing to draw Ryans from his reclusion, as his studies managed fine in seclusion.

Graduating with his Master's in Psychology, Ryans left to return to his home in Copenhagen. However, he found many of his subjects to be textbook cases. He'd chosen Psychology for the in-depth analysis of the human psyche, not to deal with general depression. In 1944, Tennyson made the decision to move to Italy. His subjects were far from textbook as he found himself analyzing those affected by war, racism, facism and death. He truly cared for his patients, yet it still wasn't enough. He wanted more from his career. By 1951, Tennyson had made a name for himself as a brilliant Psychologist. He'd treated veterans, victims of war, holocaust survivors, he saw the world through his patients eyes.

Soon after, his work had caught the eye of a blooming organization- The Foundation. He'd been offered the chance to apply his psychology to the real world instead of a small office, and he promptly accepted.

After suffering severe psychological and physical trauma during 3 subsequent assignments, Ryan's took a month and a halfs leave from the Foundation on June 6. Tennyson went on leave to return to Denmark to recover and visit his parent- as his mother died of old age at 67 years during his time away from home. Upon arrival, the family reunion turned sour as Tennyson met his father's verbal wrath for demonising Wendel Ryans, Tennysons mother and Jannik Ryans first wife.

During an attempt to explain the reasons for his demonization of Wendel, Tennyson is interrupted as the ring he was given by his mother is notably missing. When Tennyson admits to having broken his chasity vow and discarded it- His father immediately takes him downstairs to Wendels old study. From there, he produces a box filled with GOC paraphernalia from Wendels short lived days at the Collation. When Tennyson demands to know why this was a secret from him, his father tells him that none of it was his business.

Through well played apologies and pleading for paternal forgiveness, Tennyson managed to get his father to calm down on the Wendel issue. After this- Tennyson finally could spent his time training and recovering. When his father asked what he was up to in the attic, Tennyson would respond always with "It is personal." prompting his father to leave him to his own devices.

After over a month of this training, Tennyson returned to the Foundation in mid-july of 1958.


  • English
  • Danish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian


  • Outside of his field work, Tennyson shows interest in landscape photography.
  • Has been know to revert to Danish in the event of someone genuinly making him enraged.
  • Can belt out several Mozart pieces when left alone with a piano, and a few by Beethoven
  • Is Asexual/Biromantic. This is for clarification purposes.
Tennyson's Log (Journal I)

Currently held by Charles Esposito

Tennysons Logs (Journal II)

XP: 20

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Emergence +4 14 May
Jesus he Knows me +4 21 May
In the Far to Distant Future +7 29 May
Broken Bones +5 3-4 June
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