Jon Greyman

Basic Info:

Player: Ravensong

Position: Therapist for people in a hurry

Demeanor: Jon sees one purpose in his existence. Helping others. He is always first to lend a hand at the best of his abilities and would sacrifice his well being for any human (or similar, intelligent being) without hesitation. Furthermore, he is a cheerful and positive creature.

Nature: Just as Jon is incapable of lying (see flaw), he is incapable of hiding his nature so it equals his outward behavior completely.

Description: Jon is a grey skinned, genderless humanoid, standing at exactly 2 m height. He has no mouth or nose and two big, pitch black eyes. Two tiny holes serve as hearing organs as well as oxygen and hydrogen intake (he doesn't need further nutrition, which also means he can stay under water indefinitely). His breathing process causes a constant, almost not audible whistling sound to be emitted by these holes. His head seems out of proportion to his body, as it is slightly bigger in scale, while the general girth of the rest is maybe half than the average human's, including his neck which is almost twice as long and roughly as thick as a child's forearm. His limbs are also quite long while his torso is proportionally smaller. On each hand he has three slender fingers, each ending in a perfectly round growth. Scans have shown, that his inside is entirely composed of a sponge like substance. This makes him surprisingly resilient, considering his measly stature.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 6
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 1
  • Persuasion: 6
  • Sneak: 3
  • Academics: 1
  • Medical: 2
  • Bio-chemical Empathy (Anomalous): 3. Jon is able to touch a persons skins to "read their mind". This doesn't entail drawing specific, detailed information out of them without their consent. He is rather only and exclusively capable of seeing what specifically troubles the psyche of an individual by using this and only if they agree to it. E. g. childhood memories that caused a trauma. This ability is utterly useless against any being that doesn't have skin or inner bio-chemical processes, that work in a similar way to humans. (4df+3, on a 5 or higher he successfully determines the reason for a trauma or mental illness and may attempt to remove it with his "It's like therapy on 'roids!" ability. A critical failure could result in accidentally using "Bio-chemical Overload" instead [with an automated success])
  • Bio-chemical Overload (Anomalous): 3. Even though he is in no way a malicious anomaly, Jon possesses the ability to overload a beings brain by feeding it ridiculous amounts of information in a very short time. This will cause his victim to fall unconscious for about an hour. Aside from that, this ability has the same requirements and limitations as the previous one. (4df+3, against targets MDef. If successful, target falls unconscious for 1 hour. A critical failure could result in knocking himself out instead.)
  • "It's like therapy on 'roids!" (Anomalous): 3. After determining the reason for a specific trauma or mental illness, Jon may attempt to "fix it" by forcefully rearranging a beings neural connections. Successful or not, this is extremely exhausting to him and will cause him to fall in a sort of coma for roughly seven days, during which he, as he describes it "sleeps off all the negativity". (4df+3, depending on the severity of a given mental health issue, it could take a 5 to 8 to successfully remove it [at GM's discretion]. Critical failure may cause him to copy the mental health issue onto himself after waking up from his coma. Can only be used after successfully using Bio-chemical Empathy on the target beforehand)
  • Mind Mending (Anomalous): 3. Just as Jon is capable of healing normally permanent mental illnesses, he may also mend short term stress to the mind though this requires him to directly take the burden onto himself. (4df+3, for every success 0.5 (rounded down) points of mental damage is healed for the target while he takes the same amount as damage to his mental health. A critical failure will instantly reduce his mental health to 1, unless it would fall to 0 anyways)
  • Anomalous Flaw: I have no mouth so I must touch Due his lack of a mouth (and vocal cords for that matter) Jon is incapable of speech or any vocalisation in general. The only way for him to communicate is to maintain skin contact and project his thoughts into a beings mind directly. This also means, that he is incapable of deceit. At the most, he can withhold information. Also, the lack of a nose means that he is incapable of perceiving smell. Furthermore, while his spongy innards protect him from most blunt impacts, his whole body is easily severed by sharp objects. (Unable to communicate if not in touching range, can't roll perception on smell, may never ever increase bluff above 0, against sharp objects -3 PhDef)


  • Jon usually is walking around without cloths as it makes him uncomfortable to wear them.


  • A full body suit with a wire cage on the inside. When worn, makes his shape appear somewhat more human-esque. The gloves are detachable to allow him to make skin contact.
  • A first aid kit.
  • A gramophone as well as a wide collection of classical music.

Personal History:

Jon came into existence on the 5th of November 1949. He suddenly materialized in an empty containment cell of Site-06-2 in Germany[GM approval wanted; Has this site been around then?], fully aware and sentient. He did not know where he came from nor who or what sent him there, but what he knew with certainty, was his purpose: To assist those that struggle and suffer in life. The foundation personell, which also gave him his name and to his confusion, assigned a gender to him, quickly came into the enjoyment of his services (as were some of the contained anomalies) and it didn't take long for him to be released from permanent containment and given an official position as a foundation therapist.
He stayed at Site-06-2 up until he has been transferred to Site-77 due to a desperate need for mental health care at the Italian branch. While he is young and still somewhat oblivious to most of his surroundings, it is undeniable that having him around raises moral and increases the average time of service for all personell on site.


Jon is capable of audibly understanding English and German but once he makes skin contact, he can technically communicate with any being capable of sentient thought. The process of learning a new language for him is in no way different from a regular human though.


XP: 0

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