Sophia Matsumoto

Basic Info:

Player: RosyBud

Position: EMT/Forensics Specialist-In-Training

Demeanor: Sophia doesn't say much when she is with others, usually reading a book or drawing. Most of her expressions include her grimacing, frowning, and rarely, smiling. She typically also has a neutral face, although that is rare nowadays. At times, she does stay isolated. She focuses more on work than any social life and isn't interested in anything romantic. When asked questions pertaining to herself, she usually lies or tries to change the subject.

Nature: Sophia, in reality, is very different then what she appears as. She hopes for the best outcome possible and doesn't think anyone or anything is truly evil, although she doesn't tend to outright say it. If it weren't for her 'shell' of neutrality, she'd most likely say things that shouldn't be said, talk openly about her opinion or thoughts and just be completely awkward, having very little experience in talking with other children throughout her childhood and up to her graduation from college.

Description: Sophia Matsumoto is a 27 year old female of Japanese descent. She has light brown hair and a pale complexion. She is 65 inches tall and weighs 50 kilograms. She does not wear any type of jewelry or makeup.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 4
  • Melee: 1
  • Ranged: 1
  • Sneak: 4
  • Academics: 6
  • Science: 5
  • Engineering: 5
  • Medical: 6
  • Emergency Medical Attention Rank 5. Sophia has learned to attend to patients that require immediate attention or when medical work is limited because of the circumstances. This means that if a person says has a broken leg and needs attention because of bone is poking out of the skin, an injury which definitely needs to be treated right away, she gets to work right away as in attempting to close the wound and trying to set the bone right back in to place. (+5 in medical when a person becomes injured critically and needs help immediately)
  • Mechanic Rank 3. Sophia is very adept at using very little of something in order to conserve it and also is resourceful in that she can take ordinary objects (sometimes) and make something useful and efficient for her circumstances. For example, a wooden stick jammed into some dry clay in order to make a sundial. She is good with fixing, making and taking apart objects as well although really complex machines stump her at times. (+3 in engineering when dealing with an object that is not very complex in nature, like for instance, trying to fix a bed.)
  • Bookworm Rank 3. Over the years, Sophia have managed to analyze, study and read an unknown number of books that have passed her away, going to libraries multiple times over. In doing so, she has not only known books that majority people have not read, she understands almost all words with ease and has knowledge of certain tropes that tend to include. (+3 to Acad when studying, reading or analyzing a piece of literature.)
  • CSI PSI-7 Rank 1. At around a certain time during her employment, Sophia began to take lessons from Jenny, an agent in the task force Lambda-9 in the area of forensics and criminal investigation and has been going on for at least a month. (+1 to Perception and Science checks when actively investigating some form of crime scene.)


  • Boot Knife (Concealed) [Given to her December 17th, 1956 by Rebecca Powell.]
  • Flashlight
  • First Aid Kit
  • Notepad with pencil
  • Pens
  • Binoculars
  • Screwdriver
  • Journal
  • A Matchbox
  • A Backpack
  • A Bar of Chocolate (For Emergency Use)
  • A Bottle Of Water
  • Glasses
  • Camera
  • The Investigator's Cookbook
  • Five-Minute Camera


  • First Aid Kit
  • Microscope
  • A porcelain bowl
  • A box full of wooden blocks and a few shaving tools for wood.
  • Three books; a photo album, a book about electricity and ways to use it and an empty spare journal

Personal History:

From the start, Sophia Matsumoto did not live in a very welcoming or promising environment. She was born smack in the beginning of the great depression, which had her in the shanty houses in New York City. She almost never had enough food and water although she and her parents tried to deal with what they had. Because of her class and race, she was not able to play with simple things like toys and the other kids tended to stay away from her simply because of their parents' bias towards immigrants and their children. This continued in school as the teachers seemed to think she wasn't that understanding of the language because of her hesitation in talking out of fear of repercussion from her peers. However, because she was reading instead of playing or talking to other kids, she grew an interest in the human body and medicine. She pretended to be a doctor with her mother and father when she was done with her homework as it was fun to do so.

Fortunately, when FDR began to lift the USA out of the Great depression, her circumstances began to appear to become much better although by that time she had was already around her teenage years. Then, the Second Great War began. At first because of stand for neutrality, she and parents did not need to worry too much about this although a bit more bias and hatred appeared because of the Japanese participating. Then, Pearl Harbor was bombed. It didn't take long before it was nothing but pure racial comments towards herself, her parents and her newborn sister. Once they rounded up every Issei and Nisei and Sansei in order to prevent spying for the Japanese, she began to question why it was so apparent she and others were hated so badly for something they had no part in. She hated all the bias. All of it.

It grew to the point where she had a very grim outlook on the world and it grew worse and worse as the months when by. Then, her father died. It was a day she would never forget in her life. A couple of internees had decided they had enough of the horrible mistreatment and conditions and set out on escaping. Her father deciding to warn them that it would end horribly followed them and yelled at them to come back. Figuring that he was trying to escape as well, the sentries shot him down along with the others. He was killed instantly. A few months after the relocation camps were destroyed as the order was recalled. The family was broken. As Sophia's mother struggled to support the family, Sophia ignored her grief and began to put the effort in working towards becoming a nurse not only because it paid well, but because it was an interest she had for a long while. Although she was unable to pay money to go to a college and medical school to teach her the necessary skills, a college decided to give her a scholarship after seeing her work and deciding to have that skill to be honed. Finally, in 1950, she was able to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Since the family had no money to move back home, they stayed put in Idaho and Sophia went to work at a nearby hospital. Immediately she felt like this was her calling although she felt as if she could be more than just a nurse who helped the doctor with surgery.It was easy to see that she could be better fit as a emergency technician and it was apparent. As an EMT and one of the only one with a bachelor's degree, she was quickly known inside the hospital as one of the best there. As she found herself happy with the circumstances, she also grew an interest in mechanics and building machines. It was something she did in her spare time. She helped fix and make a few machines around the house and life was good. Then the Foundation appeared. And her life was taken on a spin into the paranormal.


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Slightly Higher Than Average Latin


Sophia is very inexperienced in any sort of romance or romantic situations. In addition to being a pacifist, she is at times, naive which relates to her not thinking of anyone as an actual bad person, which appears in her well-meaning, but misguided attempts to do the right the thing in her opinion.1 The only outlet she has for expressing this part of her is to draw in her sketchbook, which allows her to express her mood in the fullest with thing such as colorful and bright drawings, or drawing of nature meaning she is somewhat okay up to the point of pure bliss. The rest can be deciphered from the drawing itself. Drawing also helps her calm down, acting as a sort of therapist/psychologist. However, she is very susceptible to being traumatized, not dealing well at all with certain situations.

XP: 23

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Father Nature +2XP Unknown
Equation +2XP Unknown
The Rest of You +2XP 11/14/15
Sealed In Blood +3XP 11/15/15
A Red Menace + 2XP Unknown
Refinement +2XP Unknown
Sandheart +2XP 11/22/15
Battle Of The Scholars + 2XP Unknown
Equivalency +2XP Unknown
Elora +2XP 12/8/15
Ten Run Mark 21XP 12/8/15
Mayflies +4XP Unknown
Relevations +4XP Unknown
A Dance With The Prince Of Death +2XP 12/18/15
Power Hungry +3XP 12/28/15
A Bloody Retort +5XP 1/1/16
Silly Psi-7! _ are for kids! +2XP 1/6/16
The Panacea +2XP Unknown
Something Wicked This Way Comes +4XP 1/9/16
Gears in the Dark +2XP 1/12/16
Mother Knows Best +2XP Unknown
Twenty Run Mark 51XP 1/1?/16
The Turkish Candidate +3XP 1/18/16
Close Encounters of the Cold Kind +3XP 1/19/16
Burning Bridges +3XP 1/23/16
Rogue System Retrieval +2XP Unknown
Marriage Counseling +2XP 1/30/16
Lucky Charm +2XP 1/31/16
Double Vision +2XP Unknown
Tattered Fates +4XP 2/5/16
Shanty to Sharks +2XP 2/13/16
Temple Run +2XP 2/16/16
Thirty Run Mark 76XP 2/16/16
Walking The Eightfold Path +3XP 2/17/16
An Audience with the Drowned +2XP 2/20/16
Prepare to be Boarded +4XP 2/23/16
The No World Order +2XP 2/25/16
For Science +2XP 3/6/16
Knights of Knu +2XP 3/10/16
Timeless +2XP 3/12/16
The Voice +2XP 3/16/16
Gatecrasher +2XP 3/19/16
Premonitions of Rage +2XP 3/20/16
Forty Run Mark 99XP 3/19/16
Return to Troy +4XP 3/21/16
A World Of Slumber +2XP 3/24/16
Sweet Tweets +6XP 3/25/16
Written on the Walls +2XP 3/26/16
Like A Broken Record +4XP 4/16/16
The Scales of Truth +2XP 4/19/16
Run Count: 46 120XP 4/23/16
Ranged Skill Upgrade -8XP Unknown
Perception Skill Upgrade -8XP Unknown
The Investigator's Cookbook -8XP 12/30/15
Five-Minute Camera -12XP 3/26/16
Academics Skill Upgrade -8XP Unknown
Academics Skill Upgrade -8XP Unknown
Engineering Skill Upgrade -12XP Unknown
Perception Skill Upgrade -8XP Unknown
Perception Skill Upgrade -12XP 3/6/16
Academics Skill Upgrade -13XP 3/8/16
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