Snorri Stefansson
Agent Stefansson, MTF Sigma-84, upon being asked to stand for a photo by agent [REDACTED], ca.1982.

Player: TeslaTornado

Position: Threat Elimination Specialist

Demeanor: Calm, polite, and happy. Sometimes seems lackadaisical and almost childish, though this is possibly due to his background and language barrier. When given a task, however, he is focused and straightforward, losing his unfocused, happy-go-lucky attitude.

Nature: He is penitent and and cautious, spending a great deal of time in meditative focus on whatever small task(s) he's busied himself with. Avoids socializing when necessary, but does not dislike people - has a perpetual feeling of otherness, or separation, that leads to occasional bouts of social anxiety. Possesses an affinity for mathematics and logic problems, enjoys bonsai, traditional dances, and woodcarving.

Description: Tall and athletic, Snorri possesses hawkish features - small, narrow eyes, sharp cheekbones, a narrow jawline - and black-brown hair that hangs just below the nape of his neck. Typically eschews facial hair aside from well-kept sideburns, and dresses in baggy clothing: knit sweaters or hoodies, cargo pants, and linen worker's caps.

He has lost the ring and pinky fingers on his left hand.


  • Physical Health: 10+5
  • Mental Health: 10+2
  • Strength: 3
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 1
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 0
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 1
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 0
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Sympathetic Hormonal Stimulants: 3, ANOMALOUS. Snorri's body produces an anomalous hormone which, as part of his body's sympathetic nervous responses, is released during physically strenuous activities. This hormone increases Snorri's physical strength, reaction time, and cognitive processing speed for short periods of time, and has been described as a "trance-like" state to outside observers. Real-time physical assessments have established a positive correlation between causing notable physical harm to opponents in close combat and subsequent hormonal releases, and a negative correlation between receiving critical injuries to his person up to and including loss of consciousness.
Activation Condition(s) Snorri can only activate this ability in the first round of combat, and can only use it three times per run.
Effects This skill initially grants Snorri +1 STR. Successful melee attacks dealing greater than 1/2 of the dice total (ex: 4 or greater on 1d6, 6 or greater on 1d10, etc) grant an additional +1 STR bonus, up to a maximum possible STR bonus of +3. Missing an attack or dealing 1/2 or less of the dice total (ex: 3 or less on 1d6, 5 or less on 1d10, etc) resets the bonus to +1. Receiving 5 or greater damage in a single turn, or being knocked unconscious, ends this skill, resetting all bonuses to normal.
Consequences (Hard RP) Snorri cannot receive healing from Medical rolls, instead regenerating 1 PHealth per turn, or 1d3 PHealth every half-hour when not in combat. Regaining health in this way does not revive Snorri from unconsciousness. Additionally, allied buffs have no effect on Snorri.
  • Die Hard Man 3. Snorri's extensive training in close-quarters combat, combined with other side-effects of the anomalous condition that he was afflicted with (increased muscle/bone density, reduced pain sensitivity, increased skin resilience, etc.), have resulted in Agent Stefansson developing a unique approach to mitigating potential injuries when engaged with opponents at close range. Through a combination of physical manipulation and personal intimidation factor, Snorri can place his opponents onto the back foot while also reducing the potential for severe personal injury to both himself and others nearby
Activation Condition(s) This ability can only be activated if an enemy makes a successful melee attack on Snorri. Snorri must be aware of the enemy's presence. This ability has no effect on non-physical attacks.
Effects Spec is rolled as a bonus to Intimidation versus attacker's Attack roll. If Snorri succeeds, attacker damage is automatically reduced by half OR the attacker suffers disadvantage on their next attack roll.
Consequences If Snorri does not succeed, he suffers disadvantage on his next roll. Critical Failures result in Snorri suffering disadvantage on all further Resilience rolls, and taking additional damage on the next successful attack made against him (additional damage equal to 1/2 of the damage dice total; ex +3 DAM from 1d6).
  • Rage Of Winter: 2. As a close combat specialist, Snorri isn't afraid to use any advantage he can get his hands on when in melee range of an opponent. Combat is kill or be killed, after all, and he'd expect the same from his enemy.
Activation Condition(s) Snorri must be within melee range of his opponent, and make a successful Ranged attack against his opponent before engaging this spec.
Effects Successfully attacking an enemy at melee distance using a Ranged weapon allows Snorri to make a follow-up Melee attack on that enemy, with a +2 bonus.
Consequences Cannot be used outside melee range. Cannot be used if Ranged attack misses. Enemies attacking Snorri after he uses this spec gain +1 to their attack roll. Critical Failures reduce Snorri's RES and ACRO versus all attacks by 1.


  • RK-62 (Assault Rifle, Normal (Improved Weapon), 2d3 Damage)
    • Unmodified, standard-issue
    • Sling
    • Includes bayonet/puukko
  • PB 6P9 (Handgun, Light, 1d4 Damage, +2 RNG)
    • Integrated suppressor
    • Worn in chest holster on personal armor vest
  • Gränsfors Bruks hand hatchet (Hatchet, Normal, 1d6 Damage)
    • Shortened handle
    • 550 cord lanyard
  • Fairbarn-Sykes Fighting Knife (Knife, Light, 1d4 Damage)
  • Personal Armor
    • 12 layers of 3000-denier Kevlar backing
    • 5/16" steel outer plate, angled
    • Covers upper and lower torso, groin, and portion of shoulders
    • Designed to assist in deflection of ballistics/shrapnel/melee attacks
    • Integrated chest rig with 6P9 holster, 6P9 magazine pouches, holster for F-S Fighting Knife
  • Web Belt
    • RK-62 magazine pouches
    • Radio pouch
    • Magazine dump pouch
    • First aid kit
    • Axe holder
    • Grenade pouches
  • Veshmeshok rucksack
    • Foundation field kit containing shelter halves, water purification supplies, rope, matches, fire starter, flares, rations, batteries, flashlight, and a folding knife
    • Thermal base layer
    • Change of clothes
    • Zip-cuffs, bundle of 200 individual units
    • 550-cord, 60 feet
    • Rk-62 bayonet/puukko (Knife, Light, 1d4 Damage) attached externally
  • Foundation BDUs


  • Foundation-approved reading material
  • Cassette player and tapes
  • Wood-carving tools
  • Small personal bottle of akvavit
  • Several houseplants, each one meticulously groomed and maintained

Personal History:

DATE: 1983-12-11


Happy to announce, BLOOM, that your MTF just acquired its newest specialist. CANDIDATE has cleared psychiatric and medical evaluations and will be transferred to SIGNPOST pending completion of his current assignment. Included in this dispatch is a brief summary of all extant historic, psychiatric, and medical data regarding CANDIDATE, in addition to other relevant miscellanea.

As confirmed by his personnel file, CANDIDATE was initially acquired 1974 and classified as A/H(M)(s)-2051. Acquisition was performed during a raid on GRU-P blacksite [REDACTED], MTFs Theta-29 "Radar Lovers" and Psi-88 "Cold Cuts" spearheading2. [REDACTED] was apparently performing human experimentation on detained individuals between ages 5-13 using anomalous mutagenic agents derived from [DATA EXPUNGED], neutralized during blacksite operation. CANDIDATE complied to verbal requests to stand when placed in Russian, and was transported along with [REDACTED] test subjects to BROADCHURCH for medical evaluation and containment.

During the course of detention from 1974-1976, partial records for CANDIDATE were recovered from GRU-P research archives, confirming CANDIDATE's identity and place of birth in Lapland in 1962. CANDIDATE was made a ward of the state at approximately eighteen months of age after the death of his mother, and adopted in 1967 by Olavi Stefansson, outdoorsman and Winter War/Continuation War veteran. Unknown how CANDIDATE ended up in GRU-P possession, but leading theory3 points to CANDIDATE's separation from his father during a hunting trip.

Obtaining personal history firsthand from CANDIDATE has proven to be difficult; memories prior to Foundation acquisition are fragmentary and difficult to interpret, CAT scans and other medical examinations have produced results analogous to unsuccessful amnesticization in Foundation personnel - leading theory is GRU-P attempted to test amnestics on CANDIDATE in addition to other tests, leading to current state of CANDIDATE's memories.

From date of detention to present, CANDIDATE has undergone multiple evaluations to determine psychological and medical stability, and in 1981 was confirmed as a prospect for integration into active Foundation personnel under protocol outlined in the Bluebird Initiative4 CANDIDATE was accepted into MTF Sigma-84 "Pickpocket" with the provisional title of Junior Field Agent. Service with Sigma-84 was deemed 'exemplary' and promotion to Field Agent was granted 1982-05-25. Transfer to Psi-7 was requested 1983-06-30, reviewed 1983-08-02, and confirmed as of the dispatch of this message.

CANDIDATE's arrival on SIGNPOST premises is projected to be some time within first quarter 1984, BLOOM.



Snorri's altered physiology has manifested itself in several quirks that may appear in soft RP, such as:

  • His increased muscle and bone density resulted in a deceptively heavy weight for his frame; despite appearing to be around 180 pounds, he actually weighs closer to 240-250.
    • This has also resulted in a mild fear of large bodies of water. He doesn't swim, he sinks.
  • He has a much faster metabolism than baseline humans, and requires around 9,500-10,000kcal of food per day to function.
  • His body temperature is higher than average, at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • He is required to maintain a physical fitness regimen to prevent medical issues, and must exercise moderately at least once per day.
  • In order to ensure that he does not unintentionally activate his anomaly during exercise or under emotional duress, Snorri is required to adhere to the Grindsler Routine, a series of mindfulness exercises, unguided meditations, and other self-regulatory practices designed to moderate emotional outbursts in field agents with histories of emotional instability, or anomalous individuals whose anomalies manifest when under emotional duress. Additionally, he must meet with a psychiatrist or licensed mental health professional once per week for counseling and psychological evaluation.



  • Kid: Chicago Spirit operative, child soldier, reverse-adopted child


Missions | Equip Points: 3.75

Run Name Points Given/Loot Gained Date
OPERATION: PUNCH DOWN 2 EP (+1 run completion/+1 for planning) 15 Feb 2019
Higher Education 2 EP 22 Feb 2019
Ashes To Ashes 1 EP 24 Feb 2019
Draugen: Foundry of Nightmares 1.75 EP 2 Mar 2019
OPERATION 02: RED LINE 1 EP 8 Mar 2019
The Scent Of The Old Ocean 1 EP 9 Mar 2019
'Til We're In The Sea 1 EP 13 Mar 2019
Song's Final Assignment 1.75 EP 18 Mar 2019
Hand Grenades Approved -6 EP see equipment page
Striking Gauntlets Approved -4 EP see equipment page
Striking Gauntlets Expedited -2 EP 29 Mar 2019
Brotherly 1.25 EP 28 Apr 2019
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