Silas Pace

Basic Info:

Silas, All thanks to War!

Player: Varren_Erelim

Position: Security

Demeanor: Loud and friendly. Silas is a social butterfly in the sense that he is a an eagle screeching happy at other birds. He is a highly vocal individual who enjoys telling stories and talking to people over drinks. He has a taste for doing things with flair. The only time this changes is on mission where his habit of joking is pulled back tightly and he is a more serious person.

Nature: Silas uses his natural upbeat attitude to deal with his woes. He often deflects stress or sadness with humor to keep people from wondering about him. He prefers to not be in the spotlight in a negative sense. Because of this he keeps the few inner turmoils that linger within until they reach a breaking point.

Silas is 6’4” tall and broad shouldered with olive skin and almost black brown hair. His eyes are green/blue hazel and tend to look friendly. He is well muscled but not so well toned so it can be hard to tell just how fit he is. His hair is long to short from front to back and always slicked back. He has a trimmed beard and mustache that has styled, curled ends. Laugh lines and a single scar on his are his main easily identifying features.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 6
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation: 3
  • Melee: 5 (2+3 Str)
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 3

You have twelve points to distribute among as many or as few specialty skills as you see fit (but at least three is almost always warranted). Remember to explain what each specialty entails.

  • I Am Not the Good Cop: (2) Silas was in the war and he was a detective, he is well versed in both looking tough and interrogations. He is more than happy to put the skills to use. [ Silas gains a +2 to intimidate when alone with the target and has the goal of seeking information. ]
  • Just Like in the Movies: (4) Silas’ time in America endeared him to the cowboys and old west so much that he learned to quick draw his pistol just like them and is the reason he carries a revolver. He is surprisingly good with it as well. [ Twice per run Silas can employ an additional +4 Ranged attack in one move when drawing his pistol from its holster. For this spec to work there must be at least two targets, two of which are in front of Silas at the same time, and he passes an Agility check (DC at gm discretion) to do so. Attacks cannot target the same enemy. ]
  • It’s Kind of My Job: (4) Silas has been trained by both the police and the Foundation to subdue people for reasons of security and safety of himself and others. So long as he gets to them before violence starts he would rather not have things get out of hand. [ Silas gains a +4 to physical rolls when subduing a target non lethally ]
  • Quick Hands: (2) Silas’ history of sleight of hand and magic tricks have given him an uncanny ability to pull tricks away even right in front of people. From magic tricks like a disappearing item to nabbing something right out of someone's pocket, Silas has the hand to do it [ Silas gains a +2 to sneak when performing an action that focuses on sleight of hand. Bonus is reduced to +1 if more than two non allied individuals are present ]


  • Smith & Wesson Model 3 revolver (black, wood grips)
    • Additional shells
  • M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
    • Additional magazines/ammo
  • Kukri knife
  • Small survival knife
  • Handcuffs (2 sets)
  • Cigarette pack and lighter
  • Water canteen
  • 75-foot 550 para-cord bundle
  • Flashlight
  • a few disarmed shells for Model 3
  • Black leather belt/thigh holster



  • Small piece of jagged metal in a glass jar
  • Various books on guns, the old west, and western history
  • Extra clothing
  • Grooming kit
  • A TKB-408, gifted by a friend in the war
  • Family photo
  • Photo of him with a group of mixed nationality men alongside Americans and British men in soldier uniforms
  • A silver, odd looking revolver. Christmas gift from Chimalis
  • A beige down coat with hood and many pockets - Christmas gift from Ainsley
  • One pendant of verdant, which grants vision through thick underbrush (Where You Reap Nothing And Grow Everything)
  • One ruby of verdant, which grants inner warmth in cold weather (Where You Reap Nothing And Grow Everything)
  • Veldt's Claws: Daggers made from bone. They're crimson, save for the edges, which are razor sharp and white and gleaming. The blades are curved forward like claws.

Personal History:

Silas was born in southern Italy during the early 1920s. He lived with his parents and two younger siblings. He grew up on a farm with a physically active life. It was a fairly average childhood with farm work and school for the most part. He learned to do simple magic tricks with sleight of hand from a school friend at the time. Those skills came in handy when he had a rebellious streak for a few months and learned to pick pocket from a small gang of boys. He was a natural with conversation and would often be the distraction. Almost getting caught once was enough for him to drop at least the bad habits of his quick hands.

When the war began Silas joined up with the volunteer Blackshirts by choice. This choice was not because he supported the Fascists but out of a sense of duty to his country, his grandfather having fought in the Arditi in the first world war. Silas was sent into combat alongside Germany in Europe instead of with the main forces in northern Africa. During his time on the lines he was injured during an artillery shelling that put shrapnel in his left leg. He surrendered to the Allies after being left behind and exchanged all the information he knew to them along with a request to side with them so long as he didn’t have to directly go against Italy.

As one of the allies Silas fought alongside the Americans outside a few other defectors including a Russian named Yuri who he became fast friends with. Silas fought with Yuri and the allies until the end of the war and returned home to his family. Unfortunately for Silas his wife had died during the war when she went home from her parents to fetch items of value and got caught in a skirmish. One of the last things keeping Silas in Italy was gone. He recalled the tales of America from his friends in the war and sent a few letters, he would take his family there.

Once in America Silas took a job as a police officer and integrated as best he could, doing magic tricks for kids at barbecues with friends, watching and reading about the old west and cowboys. Even with the job and friends he found it hard to live such a calm life after what had got him there. He ended up paying more attention to his work than his family. A strain began to develop between him and his two teenage children.

During his time as an officer Silas was obviously in the line of danger, it came with the job. One instance in particular when he was surprised by a suspect stuck with him. He couldn't get his gun out in time and even dropped it once he did. He blamed the war for it but he knew he had just been caught off guard. Silas decided to never be caught off guard like that again as it could be his last mistake. He settled on learning to quick draw, like in his western movies. He had the quick hands already thank to his magic practice. With just the form to learn and a mirror to practice with he had it down in no time. Being accurate with the action to months longer..more time away from his children.

His fervor earned him the role of detective and a few commendations along the way but also a snap within his family. The children wanted little to do with him anymore because of his accidental neglect. His children wanted little to do with him anymore and despite Silas trying his best to convince them he could change they wanted to stay with their mother's grandparents that had come over with them and nothing to do with him anymore. During this transition Silas’ record got him caught up in Foundation recruitment files. He accepted hesitantly for a chance to let his children be happy and for himself to make up for turning against his country in the war.


  • English
  • Italian


  • Silas practices his quick draw in front of his mirror everyday.
  • Silas can appear to be a borderline functioning alcoholic at times. He doesn't drink often but when he does he lacks the ability to stop until he is good and wasted. This problem has lessened a great deal since loosing the memory of his children.
  • Silas no longer has any memory of his children, just that he had them. He was told that while he cared their relationship was not a good one.
  • Silas still has the scars on his left leg from his war wound. Cold sometimes cause it to ache. The wound was deep but mostly superficial, no broken bones or long term damage.

XP: 9

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Where You Reap Nothing And Grow Everything +2 XP 12/24/17
Christmas XP +8 XP 12/25/17
Blood-Soaked Earth +4 XP 1/12/17
Where Nobody Comes From +4 XP 1/20/17
The Sight From Atop An Impossibly High Mountain +6 XP 1/28/17
STR 5->6 -22 XP 12/28/17
Misled and Hurt +3 XP 3/30/18
Sangue di Fata +4 XP 05/19/18
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