Scott Harpur (deceased)
Dr. Harpur, Boston, 1943.

Basic Info:

Player: War/Kath

Position: Forensic Pathologist/Mortician

Demeanor: Wavers unpredictably between outgoing and aloof; spontaneous; offputting. Friendly enough if it suits him, but when he smiles he tends to smile just a bit too broadly. Prone to quick jumps in thought with his mile-a-minute mindset. Gets bored easily, and isn't afraid to vocalise it.

Nature: Hard to surprise, even harder to get him to empathise- while undoubtedly clever (as his profession would indicate), he has a startling lack of smarts in understanding how others can feel. Often crude, and to the point, he’s seldom the sort to pull a verbal punch- however he is also not without a soft-spot for particular people.

Description: Standing at 6’2” in height, Scott is strong-built, but not muscular or particularly heavy. He has the traditional Irish skin complexion of being extremely pale and extremely freckled, combined with fiery red, wavy hair that’s cropped short with a longer fringe1. His eyes are a very pale grey-blue, which is offset greatly by the dark circles under his eyes. Besides the fact of looking perpetually exhausted, he’s generally perceived as being younger than he actually is.
His left arm and lower right leg are motorised prosthesis, though these are not often seen due to choices in attire- sweaters, long-sleeved dress-shirts and slacks of varying colours. Some days he may elect to cover the forearm of his prosthesis in bandages.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 2
  • Strength: 4
  • Survival: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Melee: 4 (2+2 from STR)
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 6
  • Stitch, sew, cut, pull…: 4. Due to his intimate knowledge of the human body, Scott has developed advanced tactics of self preservation in the face of danger. While this does nothing to prevent him from actually getting hurt, he knows appropriate action to take to stop it from becoming life-threatening and can apply this knowledge quickly and effectively. +4 to MED while trying to stop continuous damage, such as poison or bleeding out.
  • Avada-Cadaver: 4. Being a proud pioneer in the forensic sciences, Scott is capable of delivering an accurate synopsis on how someone died and, more importantly, if it's anything to worry about. Can be used to identify potentially deadly diseases or death by anomalous causes (if there are no witnesses to the death). +4 to MED in examinations, autopsies, and forensics.
  • Pneumatic Resistance: 4. Scott's prosthetic arm, when utilising a pneumatic exoskeletal modification, can be used in offensive and defensive melee combat manoeuvres. Use: Allows for a +4 to MEL when striking unarmed, OR a +4 to PDEF when defending from conventional MELEE attacks. The arm can only be utilised for these actions a total of 3 times per run, regardless of which manoeuvres are used. Rolls for this function cannot be made successively.


  • Notepad and pen
  • Small box of medical supplies
  • Pocket watch
  • Small mirror, un-decorated.
  • Utility knife
  • A handgun
  • Kinsfolk Fixed Blade
  • Anderson Robotics Prosthetic Arm
    • Pneumatic exoskeletal modification that makes the arm suitable for combat
  • Motorised Mechanical Leg (constructed by Vivian)



  • Leather-bound journals (five in total, one of which is incomplete)
  • A well-worn copy of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
  • A well-kept calligraphy set (black ink)
  • Medical textbooks
  • An old radio (rarely used, but still functional)
  • A handful of Irish coins
  • A sewing kit
  • Spare padding
  • His cap from army service
  • A set of crutches
  • For some reason, a set of plastic fangs from a vampire costume
  • A small dreamcatcher, handcrafted by Chimalis. It hangs on his bedpost.
  • His old prosthetic leg
  • A walking cane, ash
  • Hair ribbons, in the following colours:
    • Red
    • Candy-cane stripe
  • A handful of sweaters, the colours being:
    • Beige
    • Dark blue, with cream patterning made to look like snow
    • Wilted rose
    • Lime green, is also very poofy
  • Book titled 'Song of Veldt'
  • A human(?) thumb, belonging to Michael
  • A jewel of the Verdant
  • Box of Lipton tea
  • Book containing colourised sketches of North American birds
  • An engraved fiddle, dark brown lacquer, in a black velvet case
  • A 'Good Dream' candle
  • A well-tailored suit, given by Alaric
  • A pet rock
    • The pet rock is capable of movement (and cute noises), and does not need to eat or drink.
  • Acid knuckledusters

Personal History:

A native to Ireland - or more specifically, Drogheda - Aidan Scott Harpur was born to a bookkeeper and a former WWI soldier. He lived a fairly normal life, or so he’d tell you at least- often passing off his younger years as ‘dull’, ‘uneventful’ and ‘uninteresting’.

In 1931, when Scott was just aged 10, he and his mother emigrated to the United States and settled in a community populated by other Irish emigrants. The decision made by Scott’s mother was an attempt to escape what life they had in Ireland, which had been made less-than-ideal dealing with the unpredictable and increasingly harsh man that was Scott’s father.

Landing in the States in itself lead to a rocky start as the economic depression throttled the country, but the two eventually settled in Massachusetts, where a community of their own took them in. Raised well by their newfound ‘family’ and eventually provided with ample opportunity for education, Scott spent his adolescent years immersed in academics and manual work for his community.

Eventually a call to war was given and Scott, having turned 18 just a few months prior to its declaration, left his community to fight.
He fought, and fell- two years after joining he lost his end of the fight, taken down by a grenade amid smoke-filled trenches. Somehow - against stacked odds - he survived this ordeal with just the loss of his lower right leg, and was deemed unfit for combat and subsequently discharged from service.

Fresh from the field, weakened by illness and crippled by his injuries, he was forced to seek out refuge and headed for Boston back in his home state of Massachusetts.
It was here he met and became acquaintances with Dr. Arthur Brookes — a man who, at the time, was pioneering in prosthetic development and rehabilitation for war-wounded soldiers.

In an exchange that involved lending himself to science, Scott was able to study in the medical field despite his lack of extensive education, and maintain a respectable living while also learning to cope with and recover from his extensive injuries as much as possible.

By 1949, he was working alongside Dr. Brookes at Weymouth Hospital as a fellow colleague in science, and had rigorously studied biology and chemistry. His interests had since turned to the concept of forensic pathology — a relatively new and unexplored field in science that he was more than prepared to tackle head-on.

His work consisted mostly of a follow-up on Walter Specht's Luminol blood-test developments, aiming to apply chemiluminescence tests to other bodily fluids. He has since led various experiments to detect elevated levels of hormones and chemicals in the bloodstream, as well as toxins and diseases. While not all of these were successful, some lead to more pioneering research in disease identification and causes of death in patients.

It was this research that led to him being noticed by the Foundation — his work had proven effective at identification of causes of death as well as the development of preventative measures, and was deemed useful enough to be employed.


  • Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic, native)
  • English


  • Employed circa Jun. 27th, 1958
  • Lost his arm on the mission Bloody Brush- traumatic amputation resulting from pissing off a blood-monster, essentially. Oct. 8th, 1958
  • Is becoming increasingly robophobic2
  • Has a small number of nicknames apparently, which include:
    • Red
    • Scoot
    • Iron Man
    • Cripple
    • Brother
  • Died Jan. 16th, 1984

Current XP: 38 | Total XP: 105

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date (MM/DD/YY)
Maybe in Monte Carlo +2 XP 8/8/17
Eat the Lich +3 XP 8/10/17
Blade of Binding (Participation) +2 XP 8/13/17
DSJungeons and DSJragons +3 XP 8/14/17
Mirror, Mirrors, In the Hall +3 XP 8/15/17
Backwater Gospel +3 XP 8/16/17
Melee 0-1 -7 XP 8/16/17
Keep Things Brief +2 XP 8/24/17
Strength 3-4 -11 XP 9/3/17
Bloody Brush +6 XP 10/8/17
Ein Hölzernes Haus ist die Wälder +2 XP 11/11/17
Propaganda Panic! +8 XP 11/26/17
(Belated) Birthday XP +6 XP 12/7/17
PDEF 3-4, AGI 1-2 -16 XP 12/7/17
Where You Rest The Heads of Your Family N/A 12/16/17
Where You Reap Nothing And Grow Everything +2 XP 12/24/17
Christmas XP! +7 XP 12/25/17
Living Nightmares +4 XP 1/6/18
Where Nobody Comes From +4 XP 1/20/18
Uprooting +3 XP 2/18/18
Missing Link +3 XP 2/23/18
The 1959 Anderson Robotics Expo +4 XP 2/24/18
Before The Roller Coaster Takes Its First Dive +2 XP 3/18/18
The Sounds of Silence +3 XP 3/25/18
Misled and Hurt +3 XP 3/30/18
They're Clever Girls, Brent +4 XP 4/3/18
A Little Change Never Hurt Anyone +2 XP 4/15/18
One Step Closer +4 XP 4/28/18
MED 5-6, MEL 1-2, RNG 3-4 -33 XP 4/29/18
Two Back +4 XP 5/12/18
Sangue di Fata +4 XP 05/19/18
What's Mine Is Yours +3 XP 6/1/18
Six Ways From Sunday +3 XP 6/23/18
I Love You, Dad. N/A 6/30/18
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