Sasha Solokov

Player: ricebowl

Position: Thaumaturgic Specialist

Demeanor: Uptight, professional, and a master of the resting bitch face, Sasha radiates a chill as cold as the Russian winter, although not opposed to the occasional humorous quip.

Nature: Hardy and independent, Sasha strives to rely on nobody but herself. Her gruff exterior is more or less a facade, being used to alienate herself from her peers while she adjusts to western life.

Description: Lithe and of middling height, Sasha has a rather unassuming figure given her experience with combat and unique skillset. Her hair is a dirty blonde, not an uncommon sight in her home country of Russia. Her eyes are a dark brown, and always seem to stare too deeply at anything she is looking at. Around the Site, she usually wears a plain t-shirt or tank-top, stark of any decoration and either military fatigues or plain blue jeans. If the situation permits, she wears her high neck peacoat and scarf, but almost never does in the hot climate of Nevada.


  • Physical Health: 14
  • Mental Health: 11
  • Strength: 3
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 1
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed: 3
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 1
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: -
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: -
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • Camouflaged: 2 (requires Camouflage Kit). A hunter’s best weapon is their wits and their environment. While not in combat, Sasha can target an environment to replicate. She can apply camouflage to her clothing and to her skin. For the rest of the session, she gains a +2 bonus to stealth checks when in that environment. This concealment also applies to her weapons. She cannot use this to make holdout weapons and also cannot be used in urban environments.
  • Witchery!: 3. Sasha is more than experienced in dealing with type blues, thaumic entities, and otherwise magical anomalies. Sasha can “sample” a physical component of a thaumic or magical anomaly, and gain a +3 bonus to checks made to track, identify, or deduce knowledge about the entity. Sasha must have access to a physical component of the target anomaly in order to use this ability, such as a piece of fur, a severed horn, a chunk of clay, or metal plate.
  • Flying Steel: 3. A master of throwing weapons, Sasha can easily chuck her armaments with deadly accuracy, targeting crucial areas of the body. When throwing a light melee weapon, she uses her ranged modifier for her attack roll and has the option to reduce the damage by 1 to procure one of the following effects by rolling a D3 on a hit from a thrown weapon. The debuffs only apply to humanoid targets that have joints, veins, and arteries. The ability has as many uses as she has throwable weapons, and uses can be regained if she reclaims weapons after combat.

Roll is 1: The weapon hits a joint. The next 2 acrobatics rolls have a -2 detriment imposed on them.
Roll is 2: The weapon hits a vein/artery. The target takes an extra 2 damage the following turn.
Roll is 3: The weapon lands a critical hit. The damage die for the attack now rolls as a d6.


SVD Dragunov Rifle (heavy)

  • 10 round box magazine and extras
  • Adjustable 4x24 scope.
  • Collapsible bipod
  • Rangefinder
  • Collapsible, easily concealed
  • Handle engraved with the title “Rusalka”

Ots-02 Kiparis SMG (normal)

  • Foldable stock-compact size
  • 30 round box magazine and extras
  • Laser pointer
  • Red dot sight

Combat Knife (x6) (light, throwable)
Camouflage Kit
Gorka jacket
Bulletproof vest, utilizing steel armor plating and multiple layers of Kevlar
Military-grade fatigues
Military boots
Handheld Radio

(optional for prolonged missions)
Rucksack, containing:
Water canteen and filter
F1 frag grenades (x3)
Sleeping bag
Night vision goggles
Extra ammunition for both weapons

When not directly on a mission, she carries a makarov pistol (light) tucked into her waistline, two extra mags, and a knife.


A spent bullet casing fashioned into a necklace.
A single black and white photo of her mother and father.
A picture of her and her squadmates from the GRU-P.
A cracked GRU-P badge (hidden, usually under her pillow or in a drawer).
An ungodly amount of winter clothing, all rendered useless from the hot climate of Nevada.
A wooden puzzle box, which she has never managed to solve.

Personal History:

GRU Division-P Personnel File: #4456870

Raised in a farming community bordering proto-Sarkic lands in Russia, Sasha had a fair share of anomalies rather early in her childhood. Her mother was a Sarkic priest at one point but later left the local commune, due to falling in love with her father, much to the outrage of the group. Along with being knowledgeable in the Sarkic religion, her mother was also a gifted thaumaturge, but her ability was not passed down to the young Sasha. Instead, she taught her about the Sarkic way of life and the concepts of thaumaturgical casting and constructs, despite her inability to use them. However, she also warned her young daughter of the dangers that lurked just beyond the forest’s edge and dissuaded her from practicing the religion and abandoned it herself. Her father was a paratrooper who fought in the latter parts of the Lli rebellion in China, before settling down in the farming community where he met Sasha’s mother. He went on to train Sasha in hunting and basic gunplay, before abruptly passing away in the sixties after an accident involving heavy-duty farming equipment. Soon after, her mother fell ill with a sickness that left her bed-ridden. Despite initial thoughts that the illness was an infection, given the wretched standards of hygiene in the farming commune, it was, in fact, a Sarkic curse, given to her by the priests of the settlement soon after she left, only starting to take effect years after her departure.

Tensions with the local Sarkic settlement boiled over in the late sixties, when a rogue monster of Sarkic origin roamed loose in the forests, feeding off deer and the livestock of the farm. Eventually, a mob of farmers was sent off into the woods to stop the animal but had no luck in finding it. Sightings of a beast, a conglomeration of flesh and eyes and teeth wound its way around the commune until it made its way to Sasha and her then-sickly mother. One night, when the beast had taken a few more of the commune’s livestock, Sasha apparently decided it was her responsibility to end the pestilence. During the middle of the winter season, she disappeared from the farming commune with her father’s carbine for a full week, and then returned with the head of the monster slung over her shoulder.

Her incident with the Sarkic creation eventually found its way to our lobbies a few months after the event. We swiftly took action, identifying the creature as a variant of an SK-BIO Type 002, closely monitoring the commune and marking Sasha for recruitment. Soon after we began our monitoring, her mother succumbed to the illness, leaving Sasha relatively alone in the commune. Once she was deemed mature enough to be accepted into the force, Sasha was approached by GRU-P agents and was offered a place as an operative, given her deep understanding of thaumaturgy and Sarkic culture. Seeing as she no longer had anything binding her to the farming commune, Sasha graciously accepted their proposal and left a few days after to begin her initial training with the group. She excelled in marksmanship and melee combat, quickly rising to the top of her class in combat capabilities, but her lack of formal education proved to be problematic, due to the rigid requirements needed to join. However, her sheer aptitude for combat and understanding of thaumic workings proved enough for her to begin active missions.

Sasha’s first mission involved her capturing a well-known thaumaturge and dissident to the state, Alexei Petrovich, and regaining vital documents he stole from our archives. Alexei hid in an old Chechen fort in the mountains along with a force of fellow insurgents, further complicating the situation. Sasha and her team (consisting of personnel 4456863-4456871) were inserted on skis to execute the operation. They successfully infiltrated the compound, disabling opposition where necessary, and advanced largely unimpeded. Eventually, they made their way to Alexei’s bunker and successfully apprehended him with little to no struggle. However, acquiring the documents was a far harder task, requiring the team to bypass numerous thaumic traps, which, thanks to Sasha’s expertise, were disabled without incident.

Other notable missions include:
Termination of the Moscow Psychic, Olga Popov.
Requisition of anomalous resources from a terrorist organization in Arabia.
Intel-gathering on potential anomalous resources in Siberia.
Infiltration of a Neo-Sarkic cult.

Sasha has been a loyal and capable agent until her disappearance on September 3, 1983, when she failed to check in with command after 3 months in deep cover over the Berlin Wall, investigating a potential resource for the GRU-P. She is presumed KIA by western security or an unknown force. Покойся с миром.


  • Sasha absolutely despises the hot climate of Nevada, and will leap at any opportunity to get out of it.
  • Despite her upbringing in a Sarkic-influenced household, Sasha is a steadfast East Orthodox Christian.







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