Sarah Fischer

Name: Sarah Hunnigan Fischer
Purpose: MTF member
Nature: Polite, calm, patient, somewhat cold
Description/History: Sarah stands at 5'8", with light skin and golden blonde hair. She has blues eyes, as well. Sarah is the birth mother of Vivian Morodecci, though was forced to give her up for adoption after Vivian showed no signs of anomalous traits at birth. Fischer is a senior member of MTF Theta-2.

Sarah has four long, spider-like limbs protruding from her back, as well as an additional pair of eyes above her normal set. Her eyes are somewhat more slanted than mundane human eyes.

Physical Health: 6
Mental Health: 8

Physical Defense: 4
Mental Defense: 4
Perception: 8
Agility: 6
Strength: 4

Persuasion: 4
Intimidation: 5
Bluff: 2

Melee: 3
Ranged: 5
Survival: 4

Sneak: 6
Academics: 5


  • Arachnomorph: Sarah's dorsal limbs are extremely strong, and allow her to scale vertical and difficult surfaces with little difficulty.
  • Perfect Eyesight: Sarah has four extremely powerful eyes, her upper eyes having an increased level of magnification. Sarah is capable of seeing in the dark easily, and never suffers PERCEPTION penalties from distance.
  • Blue-Eyed Maskman: Sarah is a professional marksman, and surpasses any mundane sniper in skill, thanks to her superhuman perception. +3 when using a marksman rifle at extreme ranges.

Engagement Style: Sarah hardly ever engages in close combat, even though the claws on her dorsal limbs can pierce flesh with ease. She often climbs tall structures and engages in long-ranged combat with scoped rifles.

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