Sandra Emmerich

Player: LadyKatie

Position: Socialite

Demeanor: Outgoing and generally nice. She can be a little whiny, but all in all not a bad person.

Nature: Cares deeply for those close to her, but not the type to sacrifice everything. Deep down, she's scared of most of the anomalies she encounters, especially humanoid ones with the potential for causing a lot of damage.

Description: Sandra is what people would describe as pretty, and she makes sure she stays that way by dressing up when she gets the opportunity, which might as well be every day as far as she's concerned. She's 4'11, and 28 years old.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 3
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Bluff: 5
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • Academics: 4
  • Make it Stop: (4) A crisis is not the time to lose your mind and forget about everything going on around you. Sandra is good at breaking down a stressful situation into smaller parts with the goal of finding something useful. (Bonus to Perception when in a stressful situation)
  • You Haven't Noticed Me Yet: (4) She's pretty good at sneaking around, but she's even better at it when nobody knows she's sneaking around. She can take advantage of the situation, whether its acting natural or somebody not knowing to look for her. (Bonus to sneak)
  • Socialite: (4) Generally, people believe someone who acts like they belong here and know what they're doing. Sandra is well aware of this, and will take advantage of it when she can. And after years of parties, social functions, and most recently negotiations, she's had plenty of time to perfect the image of someone who people can trust. (Bluff/Persuasion when in a formal situation)


  • Requisitioned pistol
  • Notepad and pen

Mythology, +4 acad to Greek, Roman, Norse, and Ancient Egyptian Mythologies
Runemaster's Fieldbook, +2 acad to understanding runes


  • Scout!
  • Fashionable clothes
  • So much makeup!
  • Jewelry

Personal History:

Sandra Peterson grew up attending private schools, debutante classes, and high society events… which is weird because her parents were broke. Daddy's business never took off, and left them in a lot of debt. To combat the massive amounts of debt, which her grandparents weren't even able to help with, try as they might, her parents took out a few loans, one of which was from Marshall, Carter, and Dark. She grew up with trucks arriving at weird hours, and wasn't allowed in most of the house. Sandra ended up taking a job with MCD to pay off a debt, but due to her innate curiosity she learned too much about the inner workings of the group- and the plan to kill her off as soon as she outlived her usefulness. She offered up all of what she knows to the Foundation in return for a place to hide from MCD, and most importantly the social fallout of her family's fall from grace, and the subsequent breaking off of her engagement.


  • English
  • ASL
  • Italian
  • Japanese (Passable on the 29th)


Birthday: March 25th

XP: 24

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
All American Intro +2 ???
Foundation of Mental Health +4 ???
Equation +2 ???
Watcher in the Night +4 ???
That Thimble Thing +2 ???
Sealed in Blood +3 ???
Refinement +2 ???
Sign Language -20 ???
Equivalency +2 ???
Mystery of the Navajholes pt. 2 +3 ???
Show of Arms +3 ???
Dance With the Prince of Death +2 ???
Farm Fresh +2 ???
Objectives +2 ???
Silly Psi-7, _ is for Kids +2 ???
The Panacea +2 ???
Something Wicked This Way Comes +4 ???
Gears in the Dark +3 (One of these is a bonus point for playing dead) ???
The Turkish Candidate +2 ???
Tattered Fates +4 ???
+3 Ranged -22 2/22
An Audience With the Drowned +2 2/20
Prepare to be Boarded +4 Is it bad I already forgot?
The Hero and the Flowers +2 3/18
That Time +2 3/19
Advanced Vulcanology +4 3/23
Mythology and Rune Handbook -16 3/23
An Exchange +2 4/12
Like a Broken Record +4 4/16
Missing Persons Case +3 6/9
The Dreams of the Dreams +2 8/13
A Blunt Tool +3 8/24
Kaltos' Folly pt 1 +4 9/3
Kaltos' Folly pt 2 +2 9/4
Holiday XP! +6 12/24
Awaken! +2 12/27
Language: Japanese -12 1/1
Evan's Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (ghost train) +2 1/6
Watchdogs +4 6/26
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