Saffo Paladino
Saffo and his father. Saffo is on the left.

Basic Info:
Player: LegRoom

Position: Aquatic Recovery

Demeanor: Boastful and Belligerent.

Nature: On the outside, he may be loud and proud, but on the inside he has deep seated confidence issues. It's not a rare sight to see him in a rage after someone comments on his masculinity. Many a bar fight have started in this fashion.
Loyalty to friends and family are important to him. When he calls you friend, while it is surrounded by bravado and rhetoric, it's the wholehearted truth.

Description: Saffo is the fisherman on the left. Always has his hat on, due to a bald spot. Even while sleeping.

  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Intimidation:4
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee:4
  • Ranged:3
  • Survival:1
  • Engineering: 2
  • To The Last; I Grapple with Thee: 5. Having a short fuse has led to many a brawl for Saffo. When in unarmed combat, add +5 to Melee while unarmed.(Applies when first punch is thrown by Saffo) Leaves him winded afterwards, however. -2 to dodging due to being lightheaded . (Debuff ends when combat ends)
  • It Is Not Down On Any Map: 3. His time on the sea has sharpened his eyes. +3 to survival when tracking aquatic-based entities. Requires complete concentration.
  • For Hate's Sake: 4. Injure his pride enough, and Saffo will explode into a blind rage. Add +4 to intimidation while livid. Prone to reckless decisions while under the effects, and requires help to calm down. Works only on other humans.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • .410 bore Double-Barreled Shotgun (Tally scratched into stock, fish with x's for eyes) w/ strap.
  • Small pouch containing 7 spare shells.
  • Fishing rod w/ spare reel of fishing line
  • 9.5 inch fish scaling knife
  • Backpack ("Fishin' Stuff" stitched on the side)
  • Worn picture of a man hugging a fishing boat ("My one and only~" written on the bottom")
  • 1 Three-pronged fishing spear (metal tip, wooden handle)
  • 1 Pack of WinstonTM cigarettes
  • 1 matchbox (15 matches)
  • Flask (grain alcohol~Inscribed with his name)


List everything your character keeps in their room at Site-77. Anything that's not listed here or in the sections above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Worn fisher's net, draped across the ceiling
  • Taxidermied Marlin (faded "Made in-" on the back, signs of scrubbing)
  • Work table covered in fishing supplies (Bait, lines, poles, nets, several tackle boxes, and for some reason, a vase with dried seaweed inside.)
  • Small aquarium filled with dirt and compost. Source of his bait.
  • Framed picture of his mother and father
  • Bottled Salt water
  • Fish bowl with a single (fake) goldfish.
  • Several empty beer bottles strewn about the floor
  • Broken mirror (Glass glued back into place, Note on the side. ("Got worked up and punched it. ~Paladino")
  • Sea Charts pinned to the walls
  • A radio on the work desk.
  • Stuffed bear with the name "Ahab" stitched on the bottom right leg.
  • Welcome mat. ("Captain's Quarters")
  • Faded pamphlet on Italian tourism

Personal History:

Born in the fishing village of Atrani on January 9th, 1924, to fisherman Donato Voscovi and seamstress Messalina Paladino. Saffo was the youngest of 4 brothers, Arialdo, Fuscolo, and Uranio. At age five, he started schooling with his mother, without much success. That same year, he began an apprenticeship underneath his father.

While his brothers pursued other forms of entertainment (forming a gang, chasing women, general delinquencies), Saffo took up the family business, helping his father on the family trawler, "Lady Red". He quickly surpassed his father's expectations after catching a Gilt-head on his first day.

As the youngest, Saffo was subjected to the usual sibling rivalry, being made fun of on a daily basis based on his size. This caused Saffo to have reduced confidence, in time, turning into genuine depression. Eventually, this escalated to physical abuse as well, once coming home with a broken arm after Arialdo pushed him off the dock during low tide. His parents never found out how it happened as, out of fear, Saffo remained quiet.

At age fifteen, Saffo heard news of the new World War. Dreading the day that he be called upon to serve, he decided to take the Lady out to sea. He attempted to convince his brothers and father to leave with him, as any day they could be taken away from him. This was met with limited success. The last words he heard from his brothers were of how he was a coward and a traitor to the Italian nation. His father, however, elected to join him, as in his old age he would be of no use on the war front. He later learned that two of his brothers perished within the first four weeks of their service. The other, Arialdo, was left in a comatose state after a serious head wound. (Later died of suffocation, due to his bandages being wrapped tightly around his neck)

At age seventeen, he witnessed Donato being struck down by heart disease. This was especially upsetting, as he knew in his heart that it would kill his mother to learn of his demise. He returned to Atrani, in order to prepare and bury his father. What awaited him there was more bad news. His mother had committed suicide after learning of her son's deaths. Now-orphaned, he slipped into a deep depression, regretting everything left unsaid.

He turned to drinking to soften the pain, often lashing out to any conceived threat to his pride. Eventually, he was banned from all the taverns in Atrani due to his near constant belligerence.

Now twenty years old, Saffo returned to the sea, visiting every coastal city, town, and village, causing fights and bragging rights. He worked freelance, signing up with any vessel that would take him, as the Lady had been lost in a gambling bet.

Fifteen years passed.

On one job, however, he made the mistake of striking the captain. It was decided that, as punishment, he would be restricted below deck for the rest of the trip. Several days passed after the decision, until finally, the cook failed to show up with his dinner. Concerned, Saffo returned to the deck of the ship to find it empty. Not a trace of any of his fellow shipmates was to be found. Now fearing for his life, he fled to the bridge and attempted to hail passing ships on the radio.


After five hours of little success, he decided to turn the ship around and return to port. It was then that he encountered the entity that had taken his colleagues. (what was later discovered to be a specimen of SCP-███) He was found by the foundation having captured it, thinking it was simply a large fish. Several broken spears jutted out of the side of it. Impressed by his ability at neutralizing something without succumbing to the memetic effects of said entity, he was offered a job at the foundation.

He now helps capture aquatic-based SCPs using his know-how of the ocean to track them.


  • English
  • Italian (Native Speaker)


  • Has a scar on his left foot from stepping on his own spear. Does not like to bring it up.
  • Was pulled off his ship after his line snagged on some rocks. Continually exclaimed, "Almost got it!".
  • Has a gold molar.
  • Once lived off of only fish and bottled water for several weeks after losing his crewmates. Secretly enjoyed the experience.

XP: 0

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