Ryan Taklor

Basic Info:

Player: Chicken

Position: Ryan Taklor is an Australian who moved to Britain before the Second world war. Joining the army, he became a SAS corporal. He was stationed in Torbruk in the Second World War. He specialised in demolition, sabotage, assassination and other special operations. After the war, he continued to pursue his military career in the British Military. The foundation invited him as an agent in the security department. After intense training, mentally and physically, Ryan was officially accepted and signed a form of secrecy.

Demeanor: A serious male who is strict. Gives off a vibe of responsibility and seems like someone to follow. Also seems calm in many situations.

Nature: Someone who is jolly and happy. He is also serious, but is cheerful when the time is needed, trying to "lighten" the mood.

Description: A 6 foot tall male with black hair and brown eyes. He has a slight chubby appearance, but is well built, mostly around the legs and arms. His hair is short on the sides and curves out a little bit at the front. Has tanned skin and has a slight moustache under his nose.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidation:2
  • Melee:3
  • Ranged:3
  • Survival:4
  • Sneak:2
  • Engineering:2
  • Get it Moving: Engineering +5. When character is working on any vehicle of sorts, it increases engineering (+5) and decreases back to normal after work is done. Regular breakdowns happened to his car. Fixing them on his own, and his skill extended in the SAS.
  • Hold the Line: Intimidation +3. When specifically on Guard duty with other personnel, intimidation is increase by 3. The increase of armed personnel will intimidate any trespassers. Also ever since his brother protected him from bullies, he was more confident in groups.
  • Adaptable Armoury: Melee/Range +4. Ryan will have an increase in melee or range by 4 points when no weapon is available to him in situations of captivity, or having lost a weapon. Weapons supplied by the foundation will not boost the skills. Rocks, pipes or any other potential weapon will boost this in situations of extreme need. Fists will not count.


  • M1 Carbine
  • x3 M26 Grenades
  • Baton Stick
  • Radio
  • Handcuffs
  • M1911 Colt
  • 5 Additional Clips for M1 Carbine
  • 4 Additional Clips for Colt
  • Torch


  • Camera
  • Photo of Family
  • Record Player
  • Casual Clothes
  • Picture of Kangaroo
  • Medals
  • Books on Lord of the Rings

Personal History:

Ryan Taklor was born in 1919. His mother died during birth and so his father and brother took care of him. He was curious as a child, eating things not edible, or walking over to strangers to talk. His early school life was at first normal. Bullies started to tease him during his late primary school years and Ryan felt solitary, but once the bullies had started inflicting physical harm. His brother defended him and he became less "by himself". After moving, he made more friends and passed school. He started working in a petrol station as an assistant engineer. His family car kept breaking down and so he started fixing it as a project. After some months, the car was in a great working condition.
At the age of 21, he moved to Britain with his brother to visit their Uncle. In 1942, he and his brother joined the British army to fight in the Second world war. After a year in the war, he was put in the SAS for his excellent performance, with his brother as well. After multiple special operations, he was captured and tortured. He eventually escaped with the assistance of other POWs. He was able to make it back across the desert on his own to HQ. He found that his brother was killed during an operation. After the war, he continued his career until the invitation to the foundation's security.


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian


XP: 0

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