Ruben Pelletier

Player: TeslaTornado

Position: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research

Demeanor: Lazy, acerbic, and either fed up with the people around him or searching for a reason to be fed up with the people around him.

Nature: Everything is effort. If you don't prioritize what's important and allocate all of your energy into that, you may as well have wasted your day - and enough wasted days is a wasted life. Ruben doesn't believe in wasting energy on unnecessary frivolities, and so he doesn't. Socializing is time-consuming and complicated and the payout is often less satisfying than what he would have been doing otherwise (who needs friends when you can program them yourself, after all?). So, for Ruben, this translates to being as callous, snarky, blunt, and rude as possible in order to get people to leave him the hell alone and let him focus on what he's doing. Which works out really well for his performance evaluations, but often leaves him to work on his largest projects alone - which suits him just fine; in fact, it's more common to see him doing upwards of five peoples' jobs at once all on his own than it is to see him in the company of others.

He prefers the quiet of his own work environment to the public spaces shared by Epsilon-9 and the other MTFs, as it helps him focus, and he prefers interacting with his beloved computer programs because "at the very least their behaviour is predictable." Though it isn't unheard of for his neighbors' workspaces to occasionally manifest small gifts of snacks, drinks, or bootlegged VHS copies of sought-after films or TV shows after someone gives Ruben their (usually unsolicited) assistance.

Description: Tall, lanky, and with a frizzy mop of bright-blonde hair, Ruben is the model of functional dishevelment - he completely eschews any Foundation dress codes in favor of wearing patterned t-shirts and jeans, and boots or office footwear have long been abandoned for a pair of worn-out beige Converse. He wears a lab coat despite not particularly needing to, and is almost-always seen with a Sony Walkman clipped to his belt.


  • Physical Health: 12
  • Mental Health: 15
  • Strength:
    • Athletics
    • Melee
    • Ranged (heavy)
  • Toughness: 2
    • Resilience
    • Determination
    • Antipsychic
  • Speed:
    • Acrobatics
    • Stealth
    • Ranged
  • Charm: 1
    • Persuasion
    • Bluff
    • Intimidation
  • Intelligence: 3
    • Perception
    • Insight
    • Logic
  • Education: 3
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • History
    • Survival
    • Medicine
  • The Rube(n) Goldberg Machine: 3. You don't get by as a member of a hacker group without being able to pull your own weight skill-wise. Ruben might have gone semi-legit now with his Foundation-backed research projects into artificial intelligence and robotics, but he's not stupid enough to assume that being part of a globally-active shadow organization means he's safe and out of harm's way. With little in the way of practical self-defense skills beyond basic Foundation training and an aversion to the loudness and stink that firearms produce that borders on the pathological, Ruben is left to defend himself with only his wits, his technical prowess, and his background in the Merry Band. These three factors combined to produce an arsenal of computer programs that are intended to keep the enemy confused and in disarray, his friends in control, and him very, very far from the gunshots and the punching.
  • All My Friends Are Written In C++: 3. People, they're complex machines. Full of needs, emotions, neuroses, and other things that Ruben doesn't want to deal with. Computer programs, though - you can get them to do whatever you want, if you tweak them just so. And when they break, you can just rewrite them again. Simple. Easy. Straightforward. Ruben gains a bonus to Science when writing, modifying, or researching computer programs or artificial intelligences. Does not apply to hardware.
  • No Nope Hell No: 2. Socializing? Avoid, avoid, avoid. Interactions are just a bother, and Ruben employs any excuse he can to get out of them. Most people realize this pretty quickly and are willing to give him a pass - and he's more than willing to leverage this whenever he can. Ruben gains a bonus to Charm when attempting to break off a social interaction with someone.


Sub-bullets indicate item is contained by parent bullet.

Everyday Wear

  • Lab Coat
    • Yellow smiley-face pin (on lapel)
    • Foundation ID (on lapel)
    • Mars Bar
    • Pocket notebook
    • Pencil
    • Bic lighter, red
    • Camel cigarettes, 1 pack
    • Screws, washers, motherboard standoffs, heat-shrink tube, various other small computer parts
    • Pen light
  • US Army surplus map case
    • Wirebound office notepad
    • Two Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils
    • Two Bic ball-point pens; one black, one red
    • Copy of VALIS by Phillip K. Dick
    • Sony TPS-L2 "Walkman" (with MDR-3L2 headphones)
      • Currently Playing: Kurtis Blow, Kurtis Blow
    • Miniature computer repair kit
      • Heat-shrink tube
      • Screws
      • Washers
      • Motherboard standoffs
      • Terminal connectors
      • Cables
      • Resistors, capacitors, fuses
      • Miniature screwdriver set
      • Miniature multimeter
      • Butane pen torch
      • Needle-nose pliers
      • Wire strippers
      • Side cutters
    • Two Mars Bars


  • More clothes, some for every season
  • Cassette tape collection
    • Kurtis Blow, Kurtis Blow
    • Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, The Message
    • Sugarhill Gang, Rapper's Delight single
    • Kraftwerk, Autobahn
    • Golden Earring, Moontan
    • Golden Earring, Cut
    • Foreigner, Head Games
    • Foreigner, 4
    • Men at Work, Business as Usual
    • Men at Work, Cargo
    • Black Flag, Damaged
    • Judas Priest, Killing Machine
    • Judas Priest, British Steel
    • Quiet Riot, Metal Health
    • Sweet, Desolation Boulevard
    • Duran Duran, Rio
    • Oingo Boingo, Good For Your Soul
    • David Bowie, Heroes
    • David Bowie, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
    • David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
    • David Bowie, Station To Station
    • Wall of Voodoo, Call of the West
  • Bookshelf containing numerous sci-fi novels, biographies, history books, and essays on software architecture, programming languages, and other theoretical and practical works about computer programming
  • His own project notes on AI design, as well as previous completed projects and experiments
  • Desk organizer containing a case of pens and pencils
  • Small stuffed dog

Personal History:

Ruben Oswald "Ben" Pelletier was born to a family of well-off doctors in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1955. Three years later, the Sharpeville massacre took place, and the Pelletiers decided that it was time to use their money to build walls. Their home slowly turned into a secure compound, rarely allowing visits from outside and only releasing one of the elder Pelletiers when duty called for them to move from their home to the clinics where they practiced. Young Ruben, as such, grew up almost entirely removed from the outside world. If his parents were slightly better people, this might have been fine.

They weren't.

Ruben doesn't talk about them.

As far as he's concerned, he only started existing at eighteen, when he stepped off an airplane in University of Manchester with a duffel bag full of clothes and an envelope of what he called "trust fund money," which he used to set himself up in a flat and enroll in the University of Manchester's computer science program. It was there that he fell in with a group of 'esoteric programmers' that he would later find out were affiliated with the anart organization, Are We Cool Yet?. Ruben excelled in his programming courses while working with these 'programmers,' who simply referred to themselves as the "Merry Band," in his (ample) spare time. They appreciated his programming expertise and curiosity, and he appreciated that they wouldn't bother him if he didn't want to be bothered.

Ruben was approximately one month from completing his doctorate in computer science, in late 1982, when he and the Merry Band released their "masterpiece" - ██████. Despite appearances to the contrary, the Merry Band (with the collaboration of several other programming teams, hackers, and other figures) managed to program what was, effectively, artificial intelligence - a very dumb and single-minded intelligence, but definitively an artificial intelligence, with the limited ability to reason, problem-solve, and (most alarmingly) navigate local area networks, disarm security protocols, and manipulate data stored on any terminal connected to the network in question. And when confronted with this power, the brainchild of all of their hard work and effort, the Merry Band taught it to pursue one goal, and one goal alone:

Convince as many people as possible to [REDACTED] Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Shortly after all members of the Merry Band dispersed, various instances of ██████ began appearing on LANS across London, and at least three cases of public indecency were reported in the presence of PM Thatcher; all of which admitted to the intention of [REDACTED]. The cases slowly began to connect as copies of ██████ were introduced to more and more networks, at first restricted only to the city of London but spreading as far as Southampton and Ipswich by Christmas 1982, distributed via AWCY? members and independent hackers and dissidents alike.

It so happened that Ruben Pelletier happened to insert a copy of ██████ into the local network of Foundation Site-25, which resulted in his rapidly being detained and interrogated. After some "negotiations," Ruben's status as a Merry Band member was confirmed by both him and several Foundation investigators, and the obtained copy of ██████ was studied, contained, and destroyed.

Ruben was then "convinced" to assist in tracking down and destroying the remaining instances of ██████ currently running amok in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately (to Ruben,) by March of 1983 all remaining active ██████ instances were quarantined and decommissioned, and five other members of the Merry Band had been detained either by MI5 or the Foundation. Ruben was, at this point, offered a choice - either submit himself to MI5 and hope that he wasn't detained for acts of espionage, or join the Foundation.

Not wanting to spend the rest of his life in a hole in a bog somewhere in the north country, Ruben accepted a position within Epsilon-9, at Site-19.



  • Tracking Beacon: A small, button-sized device that adheres to almost any surface and is very difficult to detect. Can be discreetly applied to any item without needing an action as part of an Engineering roll on that item. Battery life of 8 hours once activated. No maximum range, but can be blocked by things like lead or a Faraday cage. (1/run)
  • Two clown masks and a bicycle horn
  • Evil Eye Pendant: A traditional evil-eye pendant. No anomalous effects.
  • AWCY? Computer Worm: Source code for a computer worm acquired from a Foundation research site's server network. Possibly a precursor to the anomaly that affected the site. Effect: [???]



Missions | Equip Points: 9

Run Name Points Given/Loot Gained Date
Keeping The Blade 1 Equipment Point 30th July 2018 / 2nd August 2018
Welcome To The Inner Circle 1 Equipment Point 10th August 2018
The Ring In Return 2 Equipment Points 14th August 2018 / 17th August 2018
Long Way Back From Here 1 Equipment Point 12th October 2018 / 15 October 2018
The Black Pig 1 Equipment Point 18th January 2019 / 19th January 2019
Theta-57 "Muffin Makers" 1.75 Equipment Points 16th/17th February
n/a -7.75 EP/Permission granted to make Fido See discussion post
Crooked Bow +2 EP 9 Mar 2019
Now You See Me +2 EP 10-11 Mar 2019
Operation Precognition +1 EP 6-7 Apr 2019
OPERATION: WHITE COLLAR +1 EP, Two Clown Masks, Bike Horn 6 Jul 2019
Eye Will Survive +3 EP, Evil Eye Pendant, AWCY? Computer Worm 11 July 2019
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