Robert Maddox

Basic Info:

Player: Foxtrot552

Position: Ex-Military Sniper

Demeanor: Robert is a bit cold at first glance but he tends to warm to people. He never has his guard down. He is a bit socially awkward, and takes almost everything seriously. He tends to be unemotional about most things, though most can tell that it is a mask rather than a genuine lack of emotion. He also has an abundance of patience.

Nature: He is at his core a gentle man, but over the years he has spent at war has dampened that somewhat. He tends to trust very few people even if he outwardly shows open friendliness. He tends to be protective of those he perceives as weak even if he distrusts them. While he hasn’t had much chance to display this trait during the war; he has an acute sense of curiosity.

Description: Robert is 5’8” (or 172.7cm), Well built and lean. He weighs in at 173.2 pounds (or 78.1kg). When he is not on a mission he always wears military fatigues and a green cap and is never seen without his colt 1911 at his waist. He is a bit stiff as if he doesn’t know how to handle himself outside of the military.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 6
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength:4
  • Melee:2
  • Ranged:6
  • Survival:2
  • Sneak:4
  • Unaware: 4. Any experienced Sniper knows that if you miss your first shot, you have missed the best shot you’ll get.

When the target is unaware of Roberts presence he gets a +4 for the ranged roll to his first shot

  • Death wish: 2. “The way he handles that knife makes you thing he has a death wish.”

When activated Robert gains +2 Melee But the attack is reckless and leaves him tired. It has a two turn cool during which he has -1 Agility

  • Patience: 3. Most snipers learn the hard lesson of waiting for the right moment to strike and that those who move too soon are more often found and killed than succeeding.

+3 to sneak when he sets up a sniping position and waits there for a while.

  • Airborne: 3. Paratroopers are trained for combat behind enemy lines for extended periods of time without reinforcement or resupply.

+3 to a survival roll if while in a forest


  • His father’s Colt M1911 (he is literally never without it)

*A M1C Garand (the M1C is a sniper’s variant)

  • The M1 US army helmet. (Newer strap design)
  • US Army Tactical Rig for ammunition. (Early Vietnam era design)
  • A US Army with backpack standard supplies. (Such as a compass, Rations, Drink)
  • A watch.
  • Marksman gloves.
  • US Army Rubber soled boots, with the key to his diary inside (commonly used in 1958)
  • Black bandanna.
  • Cigars and a lighter (in his tactical vest)
  • A combat knife hidden (in a sheath) on one shoulder.



  • A few photographs of his family.
  • Diary. (Locked)
  • A world map across one wall.
  • An audio bug hidden under the map.
  • A radio.
  • A collection of notes and letters from lost friends.
  • A list of known former Chicago Spirit members.
  • A family photo of him with Lisa and their parents

Personal History:

Robert Maddox was born in Chicago on February, 15th 1918 to a very poor family (during the height of the Chicago Spirit) while his father was away fighting in Europe. During his youth he juggled going to school with doing favors for various shady individuals just to get along. During the summer of 1928 his little sister Lisa was born though only having been conceived six months earlier in a surprisingly painless operation. It was made very clear by her first birthday that she was possessed of anomalous healing ability and an unnatural connection with nature, and the decision was made to keep this a secret.

By 1933 his father was teaching him how to defend himself and how to use a rifle. This kept up until Robert accidentally his sister’s secret slip when talking to one of his shady friends in early the spring 1935, only 4 days after his birthday. The day after, thugs from the Chicago Spirit came and tried to take away his sister, Robert managed to get away with his sister but he never saw his parents again. They spent the next two years running and hiding from the Spirit until one day he overheard one of the Spirit’s men talking about a Foundation that was trying to bring them down. Assuming that this Foundation was with the feds he called the FBI and asked for the Foundation, he was linked up with someone in the UIU and before the month was out Lisa was in MTF Iota-10’s custody.

After a week he joined the army and stewed until the US entered the Second World War. He did not see real use until the preparations for D-Day when he volunteered for the 101st airborne division and served as a fire team leader in Operation Overlord (D-day), Operation Market Garden, in the Battle of The Bulge and finally in the Liberation of Kaufering. After the war he was granted an honorable discharge from the army, and having nowhere else to go he stayed in American occupied Germany employing himself as a construction worker because that was the only kind of work available (that he could do at least).

He stayed in Germany until 1950, when he rejoined the army to fight in Korea as a sharpshooter, where he was known as Dead-eye. He fought there until the ceasefire was called in the summer of 1953 where he served the rest of his time in the army and left for more fruitful ventures.

He next employed himself as a mercenary Sniper in South Africa for two years until one of his employers tied him to a post and tortured him, asking about his sister (they were from the Chaos Insurgency). After that he decided to retire in Italy where he kept in shape, learned Italian then worked as a cop in a small town for the next four years. Then in December of 1958 The SCP Foundation came offering employment and a chance to see his sister again.


  • English
  • Acceptable German
  • Formal Italian


-Robert’s sister has been in a coma for 21 years since she was taken in by the Foundation. It is assumed that this was self-induced and she has aged at a rate of 25% while in the coma. Making her present biological age 15 even though her chronological age is 30

- This poem echos through Roberts dreams:

Questions, questions everywhere but not an answer found.
Have you ever seen such, conundrums so profound?
Like gems or pretty stones hidden underground.
See answers flicker but none are sound.

Just assume anomaly.
Don’t presume posthumously.
See that clears cleverly.
Oh, but we carry on foolishly.

XP: 0

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