Rivka Yarkoni (and Sara!)

Basic Info:

Player: gumbal1

Position: Field nurse and "analyst". Sara fields the "kid who doesn't go on missions because holy shit why would she" role.

Demeanor: Rivka is softspoken, friendly, positive. Sara is rambunctious and mischievous.

Nature: Rivka is, well, kinda tired of the constant failures in her life, to be honest. But she's hopeful that the past is behind her. Hopefully. Sara is typically 'what you see is what you get' but she's a bit more perceptive than she lets on.

Description: At 5'6'', 120 lbs, Rivka Yarkoni is your typical thirty-five year old mother/field nurse/vigilante demon hunter/negotiator. Dark brown hair is cut to shoulder length. Her tawny skin is somewhat scarred, perhaps as expected from her profession. Her left eye, a dark brown, is lucky it didn't end up like her right, which is gone, covered with an eyepatch.

Sara, at 4'6'' and 65 lbs, is your typical kid. Black hair is long and typically braided by Rivka. Her own ochre skin isn't as scarred as her mother's, or at all, even. Her eyes are a bit of a lighter brown.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 6
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 5
  • Ranged: 4
  • Sneak: 2
  • Medical: 4

Sara doesn't have stats! She's a child!

  • "This is a bit of a, er, Private Practice": 4. MEDI. Rivka is trained in…general field aid! Which means she's good at things like patching up wounds and setting broken bones!
  • "You'll Want This": 2. RANG. When you're in a (technically) less than legal profession, you gotta learn to defend yourself! Rivka's trained with a handgun for just that reason.
  • "I mean, I wouldn't do it That Way, but alright?": 3. PERS …she prefers pacifism, of course. After all, why does anyone (or anything) need to die when she can talk her way out of a fight?
  • "Probably Should't Have Done That, Yarkoni." (ANOMALOUS): 3. Rivka has the potential to, given an object, decipher what it is, its properties, and its own personal history, simply by touching it for an extended period. Thanks, mysterious artifact!
  • "As I Suspected. Sorry":…unfortunately, she's also sensitive to possession as such, taking a -2 to willpower rolls against possession/suggestion. Thanks, mysterious artifact!


  • Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless
  • Medical supplies
  • Small flashlight
  • Small knife
  • Eyepatch
  • hahaha what's that (none yet)


  • Photographs of various people
  • An old, incredibly ragged doll
  • A few papers, written about various cryptids
  • A few letters
  • A few assorted items in a box she keeps in the corner of her room, mostly junk

Personal History:

Rivka Yarkoni was born to a Persian Jewish family on September 9th, 1922, in the city of Arak, Iran, and life didn't get much better after that.

Well, that's not exactly fair to say. The first 18 and a half years of her life or so were relatively pleasant, if a bit quiet. She spent much of her time reading, or hanging around her grandpa while he worked (he was a physician, which probably influenced the trade she wished to pick up). She was arranged to marry one Yussef Nasser, a wedding that took place on October 25th, 1940, after which she moved to Baghdad with him. Life was, overall, happy.

And then the Farhud happened, and life didn't get much better after that.

With the assistance of a friend, Rivka ended up fleeing to Diane, Florida, mostly because she was pretty sure she could see the writing on the wall when it came to power vacuums and pogroms. Yussef didn't follow, and America was pretty expensive. As such, Rivka found herself in need of some good work.

While she did have some knowledge in the field, Rivka had not necessarily been taught formally, so nursing was out of the question. Face-to-face jobs were also out of the question, considering that, at the time she moved, she could barely speak a word of English. So, for her, it was down to cleaning the local pizza place on Fifth Street.

Then she met Thomas Wolfe.

Wolfe was, well, eccentric, but charming. He and Rivka found themselves getting along rather well, even with the language barrier. Indeed, Rivka, when thinking back on it, would often pinpoint Wolfe as the person who truly helped inspire her to learn the language.

Around the beginning of 1947, Yussef came over to visit, briefly. Very briefly.

Sara Yarkoni was born on October 26th, 1947, and life didn't get much better after that.

One problem with children was that they were rather expensive, in many ways. Clothes, food, a decent living, all rose in cost when you took into account a child. Rivka had managed to get by on her job for now, sure, but with a child, she needed to look for something else, while at the same time finding enough time for her child.

It was around this time that Wolfe told Rivka about his profession: cult-busting. Right now, his team needed a medic, after the last one got decapitated by a Thresher Demon. Rivka had her doubts, right up until the point when payment was discussed (though talk of nonviolent alternatives certainly helped, too).

And life didn't get much better after that.

A bit of rudimentary training later, and everything went well for the first few years. Finding a surprising way with words, Rivka managed to cut down on the group's violence, though not entirely eliminating it. Rivka met a few more friends of Wolfe's. Wolfe learned a bit of blood magic, and realized 'he' was more comfortable as 'she'. The work could be hellish, but the pay to hour ratio left time for Rivka to actually raise Sara.

Quite unfortunately, the group was a bit…unprofessional. Which lead to a few mishaps. Reynard Fitzgerald almost lost his face, sure, Levi nearly got his ear shot off at one point, and Abraham could count the times he almost lost a finger on one hand (but only the left hand). And then, on July 7th, 1952, Rivka happened to touch something she shouldn't have.

It was, well, probably obvious. A small, metal cylinder, painted yellow and inscribed with text in a language associated with a rather powerful demon. I mean, come on, it was just begging to be touched!

And Rivka just so happened to touch it, and life didn't get much better after that.

Course, thing fucked up her soul good. Sure, it gave her analysis powers, but it made her soul defenses far less stable. The job was a bit harder, now, but that merely meant that she had to rely more on convincing the others to lay down their arms.

Everything went well, until May 16th, 1956.

See, the cultbusters had gotten big at that point. Several years of experience and contracts will do that. At this point, having taken down several targets, set their eyes on the seemingly dormant entity known as Iro the False, rumored to be sleeping right under the catacombs of Diane.

Rivka wasn't quite where it went wrong. Maybe it was the argument with Wolfe she had the day earlier, about Rivka's concerns about her violent tendencies. Maybe it was those weird people who blew up the diner. Maybe they were just in over their heads.

Iro woke up halfway through their frankly pitiful attempt on its life.

Afterwards, Rivka found herself crawling out of the wreckage of the factory they entered the catacombs from a few days later, missing her right eye, missing her supplies, and missing her friends.

Only logical thing to do next was to take some time to recuperate before finding more work. The Foundation seemed like nice work.

And life, for once, might have gotten a bit better after that.


  • English
  • Farsi


  • Rivka and Sara are allergic to sesame
  • Has come to despise any thick, black liquids, due her line of work seeing much of said liquids bleed from monstrous entities.
  • Sings as a hobby, and teaches Sara as well.
  • Sara will eat anything if you dare her to. Rivka's trying to get her to stop drinking expired milk for her fellow childrens' money.

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