Ria "Hun" Klotild Kato

Basic Info:

Player: ZedTheBarbarian

Position: Infiltration Reconnaissance

Demeanor: Ria Kato is a friendly, yet generally quiet person, who likes to make friends. She also comes off as passionate and focused.

Nature: Deep down, Ria is a friendly and generally quiet person who likes to make friends. However; in stressful situations, Ria becomes more reserved. She's a hard worker who hates being handed anything that she hasn't worked for (Except gifts of course). Ria also is very protective of her friends, and considers her friends her "extended family".

Description: Ria Kato is a 29 year old Hungarian woman who stands at 168.2cm and weighs 70.1kg. She has lightly tanned skin, short brown hair, and green eyes. She has a small Koala tattoo on her right shoulder. Her frame is pretty slim, but not from hunger.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Bluff: 2
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 3
  • Survival: 3
  • Sneak: 5
  • This Isn't Even the Worse I've Seen: (3). Due to her less than well history, Ria has seen terrible atrocities committed on people, dulling her feeling of fear. Ria gains a bonus against fear rolls
  • The Earlier Worm, Evades the Bird: (5). Ria has made it a point in her life to avoid being caught while delivering information by keeping it hidden, as life in Nazi Europe and then the USSR made being caught equate execution. Gain bonus to SNK rolls when concealing small items (e.g. pistols, messages, keys, etc.)
  • Calm Speech: (4). Ria's natural friendly demeanor has been of great asset to her, as she is able to help pacify aggressive people. Bonus to Persuasion against angry human NPCs


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  • Her personal AK-47
  • Colt M1911A1
  • Notebook and pencil
  • First-aid kit
  • Short-range radio
  • Canteen
  • A small backpack to fit most items



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  • Picture of her family
  • Sword from a slain Nazi officer
  • Russian Ushanka
  • A letter from her deceased brother
  • Her diary

Personal History:

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1928, Ria Klotild Kato was born to two well-off parents in the city. She was happy with her life, even after the Nazi's made deals with Hungarian officials, as she was very oblivious to how here life was going to be changed. In 1940, when Hungary joined the Axis, they enacted many anti-Jewish laws, and with Ria's family having Jewish lineage, they were discriminated on heavily, even losing most of their wealth. Eventually, in 1944, when Germany occupied Hungary and sent Jews to Auschwitz, Ria was given fake identification and was sent to Poland to "stay with family" at a friend of the person who hid her and her family back in Hungary. While in Poland, she survived a house raid as the friend claimed that
Ria was a cousin of his, visiting from Hungary while her parents where in search of work due to being laid off. In that raid was Hans, who with his squad unofficially began quartering in the house. Throughout the quartering, Ria offered to feed and assist the squad at the house, to appear less suspicious. She got to know them, but never really got close to them as she disliked the Nazis. She stayed at the house until 1945, when Nazi Germany was defeated, and she returned to her family in Budapest. There she lived, again, under the rule of a tyrannical foreign power. This time it was the Soviet Union under the rule of Josef Stalin. There she joined the underground Hungarian resistance as a messenger between resistance cells. She had to become more and more skilled at stealth to avoid capture by the Soviet police, then the KGB in 1954. She also learned Russian in case of capture by Soviet police, she could act like she was just delivering letters to friends, which thankfully she never had to do. She was nearly caught when KGB agents raided the resistance outpost, but she was still using her fake identification from 1944, so she was able to return to being Ria again. Then in 1956, when the Hungarian Revolution occurred, she wanted to join the fight, but she was injured a week beforehand and was asked to not participate. She was however asked to go get support, and was sent to Italy to garnish support for the revolution. She never came back, as the revolution failed and she didn't want to risk her life. So she instead stayed in Italy for a year, finding work around the country, until she was approached by members of the SCP Foundation. They wished to recruit her as she was known for being very good at moving around quietly, and without drawing attention to herself. She accepted, as she had no other plans to stay in Italy as a factory worker.


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • (A little) German


Diary Entry Excerpt; 8/12/1944: "Ma kaptam, hogy hallgatni egy katona elmondani egy történetet arról, hogy egy német nő, akit szeretett egyszer véletlenül megvette a rossz méretű cipőt. A többiek nevettek, de én didnt viccesnek találom. Lehet, hogy egy német dolog? Azt is remélem, hogy a mama és papa biztonságosak Budapesten. Hiányzik nekik annyira, remélem, hogy hiányzik nekem is. Ha ez az átkozott háborúnak vége, én azonnal hazamegyek, és soha nem hagyja újra. Ezek a rohadt nácik. A fenébe ezt a háborút. A fenébe ezt az életet. Isten óvja a családom, és Isten megvéd."

Translated: "Today I got to listen to a soldier tell a story about how a German woman he loved once accidently bought the wrong size of shoe. The others laughed, but I didnt find it funny. Maybe it's a German thing? I also hope mama and papa are safe in Budapest. I miss them so much, I hope they miss me too. When this damn war is over, I'm immediatly going home and never leaving again. Damn these Nazis. Damn this war. Damn this life. God protect my family, and God protect me."

XP: 0

Start 0 8/22/16
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