Rev. Carter Hawes

Basic Info:

Player: Proto_Lost

Position: Former "Reverend"/Site Chaplain

Demeanor: Calm, Wise, Always in control of the situation, Smooth Talker, Humble

Nature: An inveterate liar, his first option under duress is to lie to get pressure off him, and then attempt to fulfill the lie with whatever time he's wheedled out. Likes money, the finer things in life, duping people and getting off scot free. Cowardly, avoids confrontation and tries to talk his way out of any that show up. Generally a nice guy who just wants to live the good life with minimal effort.

Description: With shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and a scraggly chinstrap, it's hard to call Carter a reverend of anything, his preference for wearing his priestly attire under a jacket only makes it so much worse. Carter is built fairly average, a little toned and tanned from his stay out in Palm Springs. Likes to wear aviator shades. 30 years of age and stands at 6'2", looks like Jesus' biker cousin.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Persuasion: 2
  • Bluff: 6
  • Melee: 2
  • Ranged: 3
  • Sneak: 3
  • Religious Bluff: 4. Carter's long-term con as the minister of his own church has gifted him with the exact balance of brow-beating and ball-tickling he needed to dupe anyone who buys into his priestly get up. Allows him access to places wherein a man of the cloth is allowed in, regardless of religious denomination.
  • Common Crook: 4. Carter got his start, and near finish, being a common burglar, which gives him an edge when quick hands are needed for snatching and taking things with or without people's knowledge.
  • Priestly Wisdom: 4. Carter's experience on the other side of the looking glass of being in church has taught him which little tricks the man in front uses to get the crowd feeling the message, and this grants him some protection from similar forms of mental attack.


  • Aviator Shades
  • Leather Jacket
  • Gold Rosary
  • Gold Rings of varying quality



  • Bible
  • Leaflets for the Church of The Favored Pauper
  • Clothing of expensive quality, hand-tailored to him
  • Several pieces of gold necklaces
  • Lockpicking set
  • Snub-nosed revolver
  • Several pairs of aviator shades
  • Several articles of tropical wears
  • Boxes of cuban cigars

Personal History:

Carter Hawes was born into a hard life, taking up burglary and pickpocketing to keep himself alive. His father had been absent from minute one, and his mother took to losing herself in several other partners to cope, leaving Carter to fend for himself. He'd taken to ransacking homes, often with other kids trying to make their way through life in Detroit.

It was a good while before Carter made a mistake, getting arrested and sent to the slammer at age 20. In there, he saw the potential of an easy way out in becoming prison chaplain, and Carter took to "finding God" and made every effort to make a show out of becoming a man of God. In time, his sentence was lightened to allow for good behavior, and he was sent to other prisons as an example and to share his doctrine with other inmates, which he and several other inmates he'd gotten in on the act and/or had found out on their own planned to make full use of.

In between prisons, Carter and co. took out their own transport, leaving their guards for dead and setting out to seek a better fortune as free men, more or less.

Calling in any favors they all still had, they bought a few new names, and with their new lease on life, they decided to push their hustle out onto the city of Detroit, preying on the wealthy and starting the Church of the Favored Pauper. They preached to the bored and vapid rich, that the emptiness they felt as filthy rich magnates was brought on by their love of money, speaking just enough scripture to sound as though they knew exactly what they were talking about.

They never asked for too much, but they made a point to ask a great number of the wealthy living in Detroit, those taking full advantage of the city's booming automotive industry which ensured that even if the cash donated was an insignificant amount from their sponsors, the number of people donating just about that much made the sum just as impressive over simply burglarizing homes.

That didn't mean it was all easy street from there on out, for every sucker they had to be at least one skeptic, and those they dealt with via blackmail, though Carter himself let his fellow inmates handle the intricacies of that little tactic.

This went on for a few years, with Carter and his crew amassing a great deal of wealth from the gullible rich of Detroit, letting them afford extravagant trips and properties all over the country, all while reaching more and more people eager for a taste of that religious high, gathering them all in an impressively designed building that bore his name in large print, right underneath the name of his Church.

As the Church grew and more members took to running parts of it, Carter had taken to staying longer and longer at Palm Springs come his 30th birthday, and he'd been training some of the younger members into taking over for him as Reverend, mostly so he could "retire" and live comfortably for the rest of his days in sunny Palm Springs.

It was during one such vacation trip that he'd been tracked down by the Foundation, right in the middle of sunbathing by the pool wherein he'd mistaken them for the IRS and spent a good minute or so underwater before surfacing out of necessity.

They informed him that one of his flock had somehow gotten the entire church killed, the entire congregation eating each other which was brought on by the use of a powder that contained instances of what would now be known as SCP-008. They had tracked him down as the so-called minister of the church, and brought Carter in for questioning.

Once it was clear that he -might've- had a hand in purchasing the powder, on the grounds that it was some new kind of cocaine, he quickly thought of any means to appease the mildly threatening government men that had been interviewing him for the past hour and a half.

He made the snap decision to offer his services as chaplain to the site they had brought him to, hoping to buy himself some time to work out a better escape plan, only to be hired after extensive questioning on his background as both a burglar and a conman, much to his displeasure at having to confess to practically everything and giving the Foundation some leverage over him.


  • English


- Reference pic
-The items he has packed are the things he had packed for Palm Springs
-Generally forgets what name goes where in his stories, prone to forgetting his cover the moment he thinks he's off the hook.
-Fond of larger women
-Doesn't smoke but does enjoy the smell of cuban cigars.
-Dislikes violence but doesn't hesitate to threaten violence when he has sufficient backup
-Ironically finds religious texts interesting
-Fears the possibility that there is a very real God out there, and that He's got a very real ass-kicking in store for his immortal soul once he departs his mortal coil.

XP: 0

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