Raymond Martel

Basic Info:

Player: lizardmeme

Position: Engineering/Maintenance

Demeanor: Never one to turn away a possible friend, Raymond makes an effort to be affable with any and all new faces. This cordial attitude remains present in Raymond during most of his social moments. When interacting with his superiors, however, his gregarious disposition typically solidifies into one of rigid formality.

Nature: Due to his years as a member of the Church of the Broken God, Raymond often finds himself agitated by things that seem particularly inefficient or consistently inconsistent. This dislike of inefficiency has also led to a very "C'est la vie," attitude in Raymond. He believes that there is no point wasting energy on being mad over things that have already happened and cannot be changed, and would rather spend said energy on righting whatever might have gone wrong, whether it be a broken machine, social conflict, or whatever else.

Description: Raymond stands at 5'9" and weighs roughly 160 pounds, most of which are muscle earned from a life of farm and mechanic work. White skin, dirty-blonde hair, and blue eyes adorn his head, typically being accompanied by smudges of oil from his routine checks on Site 77's automobiles and other machinery. His typical outfit consists of a simple white t-shirt and jeans.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 5
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Melee: 4 (2+2STR)
  • Ranged: 2
  • Survival: 2
  • Engineering: 5
  • Cogwork Education: 5. Raymond's time as a member of a Cogwork Orthodoxy chapter has given him a particular familiarity with the Church's favored type of technology. Bonus to Engineering checks when dealing with machinery similar to that of the Late Industrial Revolution.
  • Hillbilly Healthcare: 4. Life on the farm is a life of bruises and broken bones. Mitigating the effects of these injuries is an essential skill for people growing up in rural country, and thus Raymond learned how to deal with minor injuries at an early age. Bonus to medical for shallow cuts and medical checks that require the application of a splint.
  • Mechanical Murderer: 3. Due to his knowledge of what makes machines tick (heh), Raymond can spot certain vulnerable areas on robotic enemies. After passing an Engineering check, the player can choose to take a penalty (decided by the GM) to an attack role in exchange for a damage bonus on his next attack against the enemy.


  • Satchel
    • Toolkit
      • Wrench
      • Nuts, bolts, nails, and screws
      • Duct tape
      • Various screwdrivers
    • Book
    • Bottle of water
  • Small wallet-esque photo book


  • Small potted plant & miniature watering can
  • Map of the Champagne-Ardenne region
  • Books (Fiction & History)
  • Unloaded Beretta 1951
  • Two eight-round 9×19mm magazines

Personal History:


Raymond was born in 1931 on a French farm and was raised with the hopes that he would one day inherit that farm. When his father died due to the Nazi occupation in 1940 and Raymond's uncle was given the property rights, any chance of the farm being passed onto Raymond was taken away. After losing both his father and his future, he began to grow disillusioned with life on the farm.

Raymond became affiliated with a nearby chapter of the Church of the Broken God in 1945. Because Raymond was, at the time, an impulsive young adult holding a dissatisfaction with his current life, he ran from his family to become a fully-fledged member of the Church upon reaching the age of 18 in 1949.

Alongside his religious education, Raymond began learning how to take apart, modify, and create various types of machinery. This mechanical know-how would play a very important role in Raymond's life later on.

Starting in the early months of 1950, the Church chapter Raymond had joined began to drift towards Cogwork Orthodoxy. The Church's transformation from a friendly community to a secretive cult would, when combined with a growing maturity in Raymond, result in Raymond departing from the Church and returning to his family in 1958. After returning, Raymond began building numerous machines for use around the farm.

The Church chapter's now-secretive nature caused them to view Raymond's knowledge of the Church and independence from it as a threat. Church members began to harass Raymond, his family, and the other workers on the farm later that year.

This violence from the Church led to reports reaching the Foundation. The Foundation sent a team of operatives to investigate these reports early in 1959. Starting at the farm where the violence seemed to occur most, the team encountered Raymond, who informed them of his history with the Church chapter and eagerly told them all he knew of the Church, including where the majority of their gatherings and activities took place.

After Raymond's information was confirmed to be true, he requested to join the Foundation and pointed out to the operatives that he was a capable mechanic. Although he did not know anything about the Foundation, including that it is called the Foundation, Raymond was eager after witnessing the violence inflicted against his family to join any organization that would oppose the Church. Raymond's request was granted, but the secrecy threat posed by his knowledge of and about the Church of the Broken God was likely a greater influence than his engineering prowess.


Raymond was born in 1931 as the eldest son of a family living in one of the many rural areas of northern France. He was brought up to be a simple farmer, one that would inherit his family's property and the responsibility that came with it once his father was unable or unwilling to carry the lead role within the family.

The Nazi occupation of France and the fighting that came with it resulted in the death of Raymond's father in 1940. The family's farm came under the management of Raymond's uncle. After losing both father and inheritance, Raymond spent his next several years becoming increasingly disillusioned with life on the farm.

Roughly one year after the end of the European theater of World War Two, Raymond became affiliated with a cell of the Church of the Broken God located several miles from the farm. Having experienced a turbulent life since the age of nine, the order and stability that was preached by the Church carried great appeal for Raymond.

Raymond continued growing increasingly close to the Church. It became his respite, and several of its members became his close friends and confidants. Four years passed and, in 1949, Raymond left his home to begin a new life as a member of the Church of the Broken God.

His life remained fairly constant for the next several years. He did what he had to survive, and most of the rest of his time was spent participating in the activities of the Church. On the uncommon occasion that Raymond wasn't listening to a sermon or discussing the Writ, he was learning how to take apart, put together, and modify various forms of machinery.

Starting in the early months of 1950, the Church chapter Raymond was affiliated with had begun to drift towards the beliefs of the Cogwork Orthodoxy. This immediately began to bother Raymond, but he did not speak out against it. He instead watched as his beloved Church became ever more cloistered year after year, eventually reaching the point in 1957 where it refused to take in new members and punished those who disseminated knowledge to outsiders.

Occurring alongside, but perhaps conflicting with, this drift towards Cogwork Orthodoxy was a growing maturity in Raymond. He was no longer a rebellious young adult who had had his future ripped away from him. He was nearing 30 years, and had possessed a stable, social, and purposeful life for quite some time. This peaceful lifestyle allowed Raymond to truly think out where he was in his life, as well as how he had reached that point.

Raymond began to feel remorse for running away from his old life, particularly due to how little he thought of the effect it would have on his family. He knew that his mother missed him, based on how she acted during their occasional meetings, but until this point he had entirely disregarded her feelings and focused on his own. This remorse fed the growth of a new resentment of the Church, pushed forward by its transformation from a warm and welcoming organization to a closed-off group of cultists.

Raymond became angry with himself and the Church, blaming it for stealing him away from his family and blaming himself for being foolish enough to go along blindly. In the early months of 1958, Raymond decided to officially leave the Church. He left a note telling his closer friends that he would not be coming back, and that he hoped they could see the error of their ways soon enough.

Raymond returned to the farm, unsure of whether or not his family would take him back after leaving them for so many years. When he arrived, he found a welcome far more friendly than he would have expected. His mother was glad to have him back at home, and his siblings would at least tolerate the extra helping hand.

Raymond began making good use of his mechanical knowledge soon after returning to the farm. Finding it almost entirely devoid of machinery that would be useful in the maintenance of crops and animals, this sore lack of technological application motivated Raymond to begin building makeshift tractors, sprayers, and reapers.

The Church was unhappy with Raymond's departure. Having become far more reclusive since its transition to Cogwork Orthodoxy, Raymond's knowledge of the Church's inner workings was deemed an unacceptable liability if Raymond would not stay loyal to the Church. In the first month of 1959, members of the Church began harassing Raymond, his family, and the other workers on the farm. The standardization that many of the Church members had undergone in the name of Cogwork Orthodoxy caused reports of the violence to include mention of unusual prostheses, such as robotic arms and legs. These reports drew the attention of the Foundation in early March.

A team of MTF operatives was sent under the guise of law enforcement to investigate these reports. Starting at the farm where most of the aggression had been taking place, the team began their questioning and were quickly approached by Raymond. Raymond informed the team of his history with the Church chapter and, among other things, gave them the location that most Church activities in the area were held at. After members of the team returned with confirmation of what Raymond spoke of, they demanded he tell them anything else that might be useful. Raymond, who was eager to end the Church presence in this area after witnessing the harm they would do to his family, complied without hesitation.

Raymond was not satisfied with being a mere information broker. He figured that these men who called themselves law enforcement had to be something more, because a group of people he had never seen before that acted in the place of the already established law enforcement to dismantle a group of violent cultists wasn't an everyday sight in rural France. All Raymond knew was that they were in opposition to the Church, and that was enough for him to make up his mind about joining them. Raymond approached the team and requested to join whatever organization they were a part of. He said that the mechanical knowledge he gained while he was a member of the Church could be useful to them, pointing out that he had built the vast majority of the different machines being used by the farm workers in the fields. Perhaps more influential was his knowledge of the Church chapter they were trying to suppress, which posed a threat to the secrecy promoted by the Foundation. Before leaving, the operatives agreed to relay Raymond's request upon their return to the Site.

A week passed before another team of operatives, smaller this time, returned to the farm to retrieve Raymond. He left without saying goodbye to his family, deciding that he might not have allowed himself to leave if he told them he was going away again. Raymond, after arriving at the Site with the escort, received basic orientation and assessment. It was decided that Raymond would be transferred to Site-77 where he would begin his work for the Foundation as an engineer.


  • English
  • French


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