Randall Clymer

Basic Info:

Player: DrSavage

Position: Doctor, Virologist, anomalous and otherwise.

Demeanor: A cold and often rude-appearing individual, he simply is trying to do his job.

Nature: While he is cold and "mean", Randall does want everyone to survive, and to do what he can to keep things running smoothly. He simply has problems dealing with people at times.

Description: Current appearance: Randall is now about 30-40 and has absolutely no body hair, though has kept his same proportions. His hair is coming back as fuzz on his head and eyebrow area, and his voice is still very deep, but less gravely. Height has increased to well over 8 feet. Randall possesses an anomalous biology, having long limbs and fingers as well as possessing 6 inch long tentacles that emerge from slits on his palms and wrists, red and white in color with some possessing sharp tips. He also possesses an aberrant organ that can store and be used to inject medical substances via his tentacles. It is very apparent Randall is not human but something altogether parallel and separate.

Former appearance: A 6'4" tall man, Randall has an average build, none too wirey, but not especially stocky either, simply a tall, well proportioned man. His hair is black, streaks of grey in it, usually well combed, despite how short it is. His voice is quite deep, and it seems to resonate rather strongly. In his 60's.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Strength: 5
  • Intimidation: 4
  • Ranged: 4
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 5
  • Medical: 6
  • Medical Mastery: 3. Having studied viruses and disease since he was rather young, Randall has a rather acute understanding of viruses and their effects on human bodies. This gives him a rather large edge when dealing with viral based analyses and knowledge but will not help with non-viral diseases or parasites.
  • Endurance: 3. Randall has persevered through the hard conditions of war through both the first and second world conflicts. As such he has become rather accustomed to and relatively unhindered by hard weather conditions such as extreme cold or heat or low air, giving him the ability to withstand them.
  • Acute Senses: 3. Rather focused when it comes to his work, Randall is excellent at visually analysing and seeing the physical symptoms of those suffering from disease. However this does not apply to anomalous diseases excepting by discretion nor for injuries.
  • Tentegumentary System: 3. Randall, following a series of biological transformations incited by an extra-dimensional space-jerk, has developed an additional organ system within his body. This consists of small (about 1/2 foot) tendril-like extensions from his wrists and lower palms, a connecting tube system in his arms and torso, and a pair of storage organs in his torso. The tendrils are capable of, in direct contact with the area of an organ on a subject's body, provide him with an idea of the function of the organ and it's current status, similar in level of detail to what could be found with 50's era general diagnostic equipment., Additionally, the tendrils possesses small, microinjection needle-like pores which allow Randall to uptake up to three different medicinal compounds and store them within his body, and at a later date inject them into subjects. The difficulty of injection is comparable to that of a person using as extremely flexible syringe, and the medicinal compounds can be stored for about a week before they begin to degrade, after which they may not function properly. Used for scanning a subject or injecting as a separate +3 roll.
  • Anomalous Disadvantage - Anomalous Biology: Due to Randall’s anomaly, his body has become rather large decidedly inhuman looking, with his height, long limbs, tentacles and unique organs, making him decidedly inhuman looking. As such he is more difficult to treat medically and is very recognizable and odd looking, making those not used to him uneasy or unsure of his humanity.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Small notebook
  • White leather gloves
  • Standard issue Foundation sidearm


  • Sketches of visible symptoms of various illnesses
  • Pictures of doctors through the ages (including plague doctors in their regalia)
  • A picture of his younger brother, Franklin.
  • A few formal suits of various colors (pinstripe, black, navy blue, brown, etc.)
  • Numerous biology and medical textbooks
  • Various occult research tomes
  • Outdoor wear
  • Lab coat
  • Photos and sketches of many of the personnel Randall has come to know (the Moodies, Olga, Kevin, etc.)

Personal History:

Randall was born in rural New York, with a single brother. When they were children, Randall and his brother suffered a rather severe infection from which his brother never fully recovered, leaving him deaf. Learning sign language helped Randall and his brother deal with the loss, but it was at this early age that Randall resolved to stop any illness he could. The illness had never harmed Randall long term, and in fact, his perception seems at its natural best. When called for it, Randall fought in the First Great War (though he saw nothing "Great" about it), and then spent quite the the considerable effort researching the Spanish Flu epidemic, and scrabbling to find a cure. When it claimed his brother, Randall found this to be his biggest failing, as the flu disappeared soon after. Thus, he was a changed man, while not the beacon of joy and cheerfulness, he was still outgoing. However, this turned him into a rather cold, distant, and even outwardly mean individual. For Randall, a lifelong war had begun. Devoting most of his work toward researching illnesses, Randall did his part by joining the fight in the Second Great War, becoming rather skilled with a firearm, as well as gaining more insight on the human body and viruses. He gathered what he could from rumors of German experiments, as well as some knowledge that he could wrangle from the Pacific Theater. While delving into this, the Foundation snatched Randall up to work on SCP strains as well, at a site none too far from his home. Site 19.

Randall later met what may have been his brother, or an anomaly posing as him. Whatever the case may have been, the entity forgave him for not being able to save his brother and fused his medical equipment with him. Though taken as a curse at first, Randall adapted to the superhuman senses and abilities he has been granted and has since come to accept his place as an anomaly, even after his body regenerated and shed itself into his current younger form.


  • English
  • German
  • American Sign Language


Enjoys taffy.
Tolerates children more than adults.
Married to Elanor Thorne
Opposes GOC and their policies
Healer for Leviathan (Known as an Athiak)
Convinced his anomaly will develop

XP: 1

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Site-19 Transfer 11 3/5/2016
Premonitions of Rage 2 3/20/2016
An Exchange 2 4/12/2016
Operation: Birdman 4 5/12/2017
The Woe Demon 4 7/26/2017
Increasing strength 4>5 and agility 4>5 -22 7/26/2017
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