Piper Weylen
Piper Weylen, picture taken during acceptance interview

Basic Info:

Player: Jessica_T

Position: Support Squaddie

Demeanor: Upbeat and cheerful, sometimes almost manic.

Nature: Piper's never happier than if she's at the controls of some sort of big gun. Fiddling with them works too, though. Keep your equipment happy, and it'll keep you happy.

Description: Piper's a redhead, with rather striking green eyes. She's clearly spent a good amount of time out in the sun, as freckles across her nose and a tan will attest. Her hair is cut fairly short, something like a pixie cut. No time for beauty in the jungle. Her right ear has a chunk taken out of the lobe, a souvenir from a sniper. She's a bit short, but clearly can hold her own when it comes to gear. She's usually dressed in khaki fatigues and webbing, with combat boots. In the summer, those can be shorts.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 5
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Perception: 3
  • Agility: 4
  • Strength: 4
  • Intimidate: 3
  • Melee: 4 (2 base +2 STR bonus)
  • Ranged: 5
  • Survival: 3
  • Engineering: 4
  • 'Straya Rules!: When the enemy doesn't fight fair, you've got to fight dirty if you want to win. Piper has perfected the art of fighting with large knoives, and honed her bullwhip skills from her youth. +3 MEL
  • If that don't work, use more gun.: Piper believes in peace through superior firepower, and gets bonuses to ranged with heavy squad level weapons. (LMG's, Anti-Tank weaponry, etc.) +3 RNG
  • Seen some Shit: Fighting a war in the jungle where the enemy could be anywhere gives one a certain perspective on life. Piper is less susceptible to fear based MDEF rolls. +3 MDEF
  • Aussie Armorer: Piper's time in the military has given her a lot of experience modifying, repairing, and building weapons. As such, she gets a bonus to ENG rolls involving weaponry.+3 ENG


  • Mk 3 Bren LMG with 'Betsy' scratched into the stock
  • Lancaster .577
  • .455 Webley Revolver
  • Kukri
  • Basic First-Aid Kit
  • Canteen
  • Rations
  • Spare magazines/clips
  • Small survival kit
  • Flashlight
  • Dogtags
  • Radio
  • Helmet
  • Combat Webbing
  • Satchel
  • Battered Leather Jacket
  • Bullwhip
  • Slouch Hat
  • Twin long-blade Fighting Knives (custom made from Laughing Court swords)

Ghillie Cloak: +1 SUR in Forest Environments (Timeshare with Evan)
Basic Electrical Engineering: +2 to engineering checks involving electrical systems.
Lancaster .577: Heavy double barrel pistol, does 1 damage when DC is met instead of 0


  • Toolbox and Weapon Cleaning Kit
  • Boomerang
  • Various pictures
  • Sketch of a Kangaroo
  • Extra clothes
  • Stuffed Koala
  • Various parts and ammunition
  • Entrenching tool
  • A locked trunk
  • Polaroid Land Camera w/ Film
  • Cougar Skin Rug
  • Modified Boys AT Rifle (Heavy Weapons runs only)
  • Two Laughing Court Swords (Hung on a wall)

Personal History:

Born in 1932, Piper grew up on a cattle station in Western Australia, 150 miles from the nearest town. A rancher's life isn't easy, so she learned to work with her hands fairly early on. With supplies not easily available, jury rigging and maintenance were standard procedures. Her father often took her hunting and camping, to help supplement supplies bought from Kalgoorlie. WWII passed her by, with relatively little impact on her daily life except for the rationing. Her father wasn't called up due to a farm exemption, but her brother served. Piper read his every letter with keen interest.
By the time the Korean war rolled around, Piper had seen enough cows to last her the rest of her life, and enlisted in the WRAAC to continue the family tradition. Due to the personnel demands on the Australian Army, Piper was part of a small test deployment of WRAAC forces in combat. Eager to prove herself, she quickly became an adept machine gunner, and cross-trained in other heavy weapons as well. Piper's true trial by fire came during the battle of Kapyong, with the defense of Hill 504 with the 3 RAR. At this point, it was decided that Piper couldn't be removed from her unit without damaging morale, so she was allowed to remain, and served throughout the rest of the war.
Returning home in 1953, Piper wasn't content with cattle ranching, but jobs for women with military service were scarce. Using her backpay, she was able to 'waltz matilda' herself, traveling the outback and camping like she did as a child. After an encounter with an anomalous koala, she was recruited by the Foundation, and served in MTF Gamma 5 'Wombat Warfare'. In early 1957 she was transferred to the American branch.


  • Australian English
  • HORRIBLE Italian


XP: 13

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Pretty Faces on Parade +2 2/11/16
Rebuilding Bowman +1 2/16
Temple Run +2 2/16
An Audience with the Drowned +2 2/16
Gatecrashers +2 3/19
Basic Electrical Engineering -8 3/24
Sweet Tweets +6 3/25
Written on the Walls +2 3/26
City of Love +3 4/3
Lancaster .577 -8 4/4
Like a Broken Record +4 4/16
Scales of Truth +2 4/18
Welcome Back +3 4/22
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