Pelagio Avogadro

Basic Info:

Player: Zartam

Position: Field Medic

Demeanor: Pelagio stands stiff like a bourgeois and speaks loud and lordly, with an obvious Italian accent accompanied with a typical, local, natural, musical tone from the province of Veneto. Very energetic despite his tall stature, he often uses hand gesture to accompany his speech, sometimes drawing ridiculous shapes in the air, quirk he seems not to be aware of.

Despite a strong aristocratic flavor, Pelagio is sealed in an almost-constant use of sarcasm, unable to take anything seriously during the daily life. This behavior could upset more than one person, but when a professionnal is needed, Pelagio is perfectly able to respond to this need, in this case, you will find nothing but a dedicated -and silent- human being, who happens to be a rather effective medic (and would-be surgeon).

Nature: Changed by the chaos of his era, the man has built around him a carapace of second (or third) degree and is slightly disconnected from reality. Helpful for a field medic, it is however a negatory for daily social interactions. Pelagio is not bothered being surrounded with people, which is nice, but what is not nice is that he isn't bothered either if these people are dying. "Ma ! Aren't we all going to die someday, good sir ?" This however, allows him to react quickly in the middle of any urgent situation. Pelagio is less subject to anger and panic, also less subject to excitment and knows not much rejoicing.

Description: A tall and thin brown-eyed man who looks at the world from above. His face is decorated with an elegant moustache curvy on both edges. A goatee beard comes last and gives him the allure of a famous painter or writer. He wears a grey beret that is hiding black mid-lenght hair. He likes to wear high quality and elegant clothes -even at home- white gloves and tall boots, but any uniform, armor or disguise apparel could fit him as well.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:3
  • Mental Defense:5
  • Perception:3
  • Agility:2
  • Strength:1
  • Persuasion:2
  • Intimidation:4
  • Bluff:3
  • Sneak:4
  • Academics:4
  • Medical:5
  • Get to the carello!:5. Ability to grasp someone and get him outta here, while twenty people from three different factions are shooting each other. (+5 to agility if retreating from combat with an injured person. Shall be used to get behind an obstacle and perform healing or surgery. Shall not be used for dodging an attack.)
  • 'tis but a scratch:4. Ability to forget empathy and focus on healing or surgery task in stressful situations, ignoring surrounding dangers and irrational behavior from the patient. (+4 to medical. Can only be used on patients with mhealth damage.)
  • Step aside, coltivatore!:3. Social intimidation/bluff, ability to not-so-kindly remind someone that he is from a lower social class, and that he shall proceed with what he was asked to perform. (+3 to indimidation or bluff. Might not work well with direct hierarchy, communists, and cats. Actually might only work in specific situations, such as a field operation, where people are impressable by individuals from noble lineage.)


  • A grey beret
  • An elegant suit
  • A Venician dagger with family engraving
  • An expensive silver ring
  • A doctor's bag
  • A lighter, for no reason, because he doesn't smoke
  • A notebook and a pen


  • More suits
  • Medical books and filled notebooks with notes and strange schematics in it (inventions and Da Vinci-like stuff)
  • Nothing else, because he's broke

Personal History:

Pelagio Avogadro was born on December 1915, in Venice, and was raised in a rich family that partially owned the town. He succeeded in medical studies at a school owned by great uncle and became head surgeon in the local main hospital thanks to family pressure over the director. However, he had a fight with the strong fascist Director and quit. He then tried to start his own natural rubber importation business with his disapproving father's financial support, but it failed because of Germany and USA developing synthetic rubber. He was then rejected by his heavily disappointed father. Then the war broke out.

Pelagio then changed his identity to "Nauja de Vandenskai", Latvian immigrant, to avoid military service. After that, he joined a powerful mafia-like family, with questionable methods and objectives, for money. He became a very good Soldato. The family being politically against the fascist regime, he worked as liaison agent between regional mafias such as the Sicilian mafia, partisan cells, and indirectly, Allied Coalition. He learned several abilities that a man would need to perform various tasks such as bribery, persuasion, environment infiltration and personnel extraction. He also ran his own clandestine resistance clinic where he took care of injured members of the resistance. The clinic was burnt by the regime, with people in it. Pelagio "Nauja" arrived too late, which saved him, but he saw his clinic burn. Not too long after, he assisted with the death of Mussolini, with a big smile. Eventually, the war ended.

Pelagio continued acting as different persons in infiltration mafia jobs. Got personally in trouble with powerful rival families because of his double caps missions that sometimes didn't end well. To the man in black who told him that the web of reality was not what he thought it would be, Pelagio answered "I knew it, why so dramatic ?". he joined Foundation, selected to promote local recruitment in Italy and lower anti-American sentiments in Site-77 and neighboring administrations. His medical and disguise skills were adequate for the job, anyways. This new career was indeed a good opportunity for him to disappear from the records and get rid of piling troubles.


  • Italian (Official, Venician, and Sicilian dialects)
  • Itafrench
  • Italenglish


Was once romantically involved with a nice resistance girl from the clinic. Wasn't anymore romantically involved with her when the clinic burnt.
Pelagio hates capes, guns, fishes, fascists and is only able to eat italian food without complaining.

XP: 0

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