Patrick Tell

Basic Info:

Player: Alchemistre

Position: Containment and Contingency Specialist.

Demeanor: Patrick is an incredibly curious man, often sacrificing a mite of polity and relatability for it. Always well meaning and frequently apologetic often puts him at odds with those offput by his high level of extroversion. Something of a jokester he see's poor reactions to his lightheartedness as a an opportunity to see that person's authentic self and find ways to bond with them, valuing many good friendships as a virtue.

Nature: In reality quite little differs between what he shows the world and what he is inside. Very forthright about his own emotions and desires. His desire to accumulate knowledge is no barrier to his own mental wellbeing, in fact he himself might argue that having been tasked with obligations that might test the human psyche and its durability has only galvanized his will do the work others cannot. Inquisitive by nature, he has a tough time turning down the opportunity to learn or expand his knowledge base and find new applications for its contents. Dedicated to the wellbeing of his countryman and all of humanity Patrick is a devoted and compassionate man that rarely finds anger or enemies.

Description: Male, 5'11”, 36, Caucasian, Black beard and hair, receding hairline, broad shouldered and generally more fit than not, a hint of a beer gut that he fancies as he thinks it makes him approachable, always seen in the exact same outfit as he owns a week's worth,


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense:
  • Mental Defense: 5
  • Perception: 4
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Ranged 3
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 5
  • Engineering: 3
  • Medical 3
  • Stare it Down: 4. After making a Ranged attack at a target, hit or miss, he adds 4 to his next Mental Defense roll against the target. Each time he hits that same target with a Ranged attack he may add another 4 to his next Mental Defense roll.
  • Bleeding Edge: 4. When dealing with a subject of inquiry that he has never encountered before he adds 4 to his first science roll to investigate that subject. (Multiple additions may be made to the same obect or entity, but the subject of his inquiry must be of an entirely different discipline e.g. An insectoid's organ structure versus social behaviours.)
  • The Worst Fight is the One You're Not Ready For: 4 . When developing or enacting containment or contingency measures he adds 4 to his Engineering roll.


  • A fountain pen of reliable make given to him by his brother. 
  • A leatherbound notebooks that closes waterproof in its cover.
  • A brand new Walther P38 he has shot one magazine through, he is fairly confident he knows how it works now.
  • A zippo lighter always filled
  • Cigarettes that he doesn't smoke, only to give to others that do.
  • A flask filled with water. He likes to offer it to people to see their reactions.
  • A swiss army knife.
  • A hand microscope.


  • A small suitcase science kit.
  • A Joke book he bought at an American flea market. He often does not finish the jokes as he finds himself laughing too hard at his own jokes.
  • Seven identical outfits consisting of jeans (a style he picked up after spending time in the states), a brown-red flannel, and thick black socks. In addition he has two pairs of longjohns he alternates during washes, a pair of suspenders, as well as a pair of brown leather boots and a large engineer's jacket. He also has a baseball cap he wears on sad occasions.
  • A set of Tarot cards he finds hilarious to pretend he knows how to use.
  • A cookbook his mother made for him with the family recipes in it.

Personal History:

Born to Londoners Eldred (b. 1896) and Camilla Tell (b. 1900) on December 24th, 1923, Patrick's father was a baker who entered World War 1 as an infantryman, was promoted in the field to officership and was discharged honorably after war's end. His mother, a librarian at the University of Cambridge, married his father in 1919. His father later served in the Second War retiring a Colonel.

Patrick, having received his undergraduate from Cambridge a month before his 18th birthday, Patrick was recruited by the British government to work on a top secret project known as Project Oak in 1941, a strategic contingency detail tasked with providing national countermeasures to German bombings and later superweapons. After leaving the project upon the war's conclusion Patrick pursued a continued contract with the British government and later NATO in similar lines of work. Upon being contacted by the Foundation he felt his talents would be best utilized there.


  • English (Native)
  • German (Learned in Wartime)
  • French (Learned at Cambridge)
  • Italian (Learned in Wartime)


An avid runner and lifter, he nullifies much of his progress with large hearty meals and beer. He likes to lie that he knows the queen.

XP: 0

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