Opaline Thompson
Opaline Thompson

Basic Info:

Player: Odocoileus

Position: Forensic specialist

Demeanor: Opaline is a quiet, nervous, and shy individual. She mainly keeps to herself unless she is approached. However, if she is in a lab she is a happy clam who can really talk up a storm.

Nature: She can be quite jaded when it comes to death and morbid realities. She has a morbid sense of humor about most things, but she can open up and show she isn't that different from most.

Description:Opaline is a average height standing at about 5’4” with a normal build. She has light olive skin tone that is spotted with freckles. She has soft features, and round, dark brown eyes. Opaline keeps her wavy, dark brown hair at shoulder length.


  • Physical Health: 7
  • Mental Health: 7
  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Perception: 5
  • Agility: 3
  • Strength: 5
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Ranged: 3
  • Melee:1
  • Science:5
  • Medical:5
  • Reconstruct: 4 Opaline can quickly reconstruct parts of bodies, and preserve evidence through embalming or other various ways to aid in forensic evaluations. (+4 to finding evidence and clues at a crime scene or on a corpse).
  • First Responder: 3. After being trained in a hospital she is certified in emergency response and resuscitation. She is able to perform CPR, transfusions, and minor surgery quickly and calmly. (+3 medical to characters that are either unconscious, or are at or below 3 HP)
  • Little test tube: 2 . She is vastly knowledgeable of many diseases and can identify many. She can synthesize suppressants and cures for some, but if she can't find a cure it's a new test subject. (+2 to attempting to create a counteragent for toxins and diseases in a laboratory setting).
  • Rebuff: 3. While she'd much prefer the sanitary conditions of her workstation to find ways around what ails you, sometimes she just has to make due with what she has on hand in the field. (Opaline expends her turn to remove one minor debuff (e.g. unconsciousness, a mild poison) or delay a more serious one (e.g. zombification). Usable thrice per run.)


  • One pair of rubber gloves
  • One surgical mask
  • A small portable case of surgical knives
  • Silver watch
  • A pair of reading glasses
  • A small roll of bandages

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  • A set of embalming tools
  • A set of stainless steel surgical knives
  • One black formal dress
  • A large collection of medical textbooks
  • Several preserved jelly fish in jars
  • Medkit
  • Several text books on biology
  • A small pearl necklace
  • A box of rubber gloves
  • Surgical mask
  • White lab coat
  • romance novels
  • A roll of bandages that never ends

Personal History:

Opaline was born in late April 1932. She grew up in Virginia, where her father and mother ran a funeral home. She had become quite accustomed to the sights and smells at a young age. Opaline grew up fascinated with funeral sciences, starting in high school she began her apprenticeship with her father. While working at the morgue made it difficult at school for her to make friends and, was continually teased. She managed to graduate a little worse for wear mentally, so she became a bit of a recluse. She spent most of her time studying and assisting in the morgue. Worried, her father noticed her change in her once cheery behavior had become more ominous and secretive. A Year after she graduated high school, her father gave her the option of going to college to further her studies at a university hospital, and in hopes that she would come out of her shell. She was accepted shortly after she put her application in. Opaline continued her studies, however, in her final year at school she began to become more reclusive. She spent many hours in the morgue or in her room working on new techniques. In her last semester of school she was suspended for taking school property without authorization. After Opaline graduated, she returned home and continued to work as a mortician in her family's funeral home. She managed to write several thesis papers, and conduct her studies which caught the eye of the foundation.


  • English


  • Opaline is a fan of drinking and tends to be quite bold when she does.
  • She is a fan of romance novels, but as of late not so much
  • Opaline can fall asleep almost anywhere.
  • She is great at making creme brulee.
  • she has a pet rock named Gully.

XP: 3

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Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
A Little Change Never Hurt Anyone 2 4-15-2018
A Time to Remember 3 4-21-2018
Birthday xp!!! 3 5-9-2018
Two Back 4 5-12-2018
Ground Zero 3 5-25-2018
Rays of Hope 4 5-27-2018
Perception 4 to 5 -11 5-30-2018
What's mine is Yours 3 6-1-2018
Coldest Winter 2 6-10-2018
Strength 4 to 5 -10 6-10-2018
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